Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Week's Grocery Shopping

A week ago Thursday, I had stopped by the weekly farmers market near my office and bought 2 crusty bread rolls ($1.25@) and an 8 oz. jar of honey ($4.75). Total spent: $7.25.  That brought my grocery totals up to $22.99.
I considered going grocery shopping over the weekend, but I decided not to - there seemed to be so much food in the house, in the freezer and fridge and pantry cabinets, that I decided to make my meals from what I had on hand.

So, last week, I ate from the freezer, fridge and pantry cabinets: pasta with tomato sauce made from scratch one night, with enough leftovers for several lunches; scrambled eggs and fried potatoes another night as "breakfast for dinner"; leftover rice, lentils and okra from the previous week; tuna salad; etc.   I had cereal for breakfast on most days and doughnuts that a colleague brought to the office on Friday; nectarines, apples and guavas for fresh fruit and canned pears; lemon puff cookies, roasted cashew nuts, and a spicy Indian snack mix for snacks.
Then, today, I went grocery shopping.  Spent $24.99 and bought:

1 whole chicken, $.89/lb = $4.88
1 gal. milk = $3.49
1 large container of teriyaki sauce = $6.49
2 boxes cake mix, $.99@
2 boxes brownie mix, $.99@
1 ice cream = $2.99
broccoli, @$.99/lb = $.58
bananas, $.63/lb = $1.22
2 cans tuna, $.69@
My grocery totals for September, so far: $22.99 + $24.99 = $47.98
The boxes of cake and brownie mix will be for later in the year for upcoming events; they were on sale and I decided to take advantage of the fact.  Buying items when they are on sale is one way to keep the grocery budget low.
Today, I had pancakes and sausages for brunch; a banana for a snack, cheese and crackers for tea and tomato soup for dinner, with ice cream for dessert.

I have more pancakes and sausages leftover; perhaps for tomorrow's breakfast.  Lunch, tomorrow, will be at a relative's house.  Dinner will probably be rice, chicken curry, lentils and okra.  Or, maybe the leftover tomato soup from tonight's dinner.

I plan to make a curry with the chicken I bought today.  There will be plenty for meals during the week and I also plan to freeze some for future meals.  I don't mind eating the same thing for several meals during the week. 

I haven't made a detailed menu plan for next week, but there will be chicken curry and eggs for protein; cabbage, celery, carrots, beets, and broccoli for fresh vegetables (to be augmented by frozen bell peppers, eggplant, corn, green beans, etc.); apples, bananas, guavas and pomegranate for fresh fruit (plus canned fruit); cereal and cereal bars for breakfasts (as well as the makings of pancakes, etc.); and cookies and ice cream for dessert.  So, lots of options.

Have you a meal plan for the up-coming week?


  1. Hi... For someone on a budget, you are eating very well! Do you watch out for sales or use coupons?

  2. I always look for sales and I use coupons, too, to a certain extent (most coupons are for brand name products and very often the store brand is cheaper). There are only a few items I will buy even if they are not on sale (e.g., milk). Thank you so much for commenting.


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