Sunday, September 14, 2014


Today, I put gas to the car.  I've gone back to needing a tank of gas once a week.  For the 4 years of my daughter's undergrad studies, I drove her to campus before I went to the office and then, picked her up on my way home; I'd drive almost 60 miles each day, and my old car didn't exactly have great gas mileage.  I would need to fill the car twice a week.   Those were the days when I'd drive 4 hours each day (longer, if there was an accident on the 405 freeway and when wasn't there an accident on the 405?)  These days, I am more likely to drive for 6 hours, one way, to visit daughter for the weekend.

I also had an on-board mileage tracker installed, today, to continue to obtain the mileage verification discount from my auto insurance company.  I was told, by the insurance agent, that the on-board mileage tracker would also enable them to locate me easily if I should experience any car trouble while on the road.  However, the mechanic who installed the device for me told me that most people choose not to install the device because that allows the insurance company to keep track of their driving habits (speeding, etc.,) as well as mileage, and some people have their insurance rates increased as a result!  I consider myself to be a fairly good driver, but now I am wondering if having the mileage tracker installed was a mistake and whether the mileage verification discount is worth it.  Something else to think about! 

Things are never quite as clear cut as they appear at first glance, are they?  Seems to me that I am always second guessing myself, these days.

What are your driving habits? Do you drive a lot?  Would you consent to have a mileage tracker installed?

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