Friday, September 12, 2014

Bread and Honey

There is a weekly farmers market that is held every Thursday, near my office building.  Every so often, I go to check out the items being offered for sale and make a few purchases.  I have my favorite stalls: the French bakery stall with the chocolate croissants and crusty baguettes; the plant stall with orchids and anthuriums; the popcorn stall with the wonderful caramel corn; the Asian vegetables stand with bundles of water spinach and baby bok choy.   Some weeks, there are new stalls, like the stall which sold all kinds of sprouts - not just mung bean sprouts and alfalfa sprouts, but also sprouted garbanzo beans, lentils, wheat grass, etc.  Some stalls come back, week after week; others appear once or twice and are never seen again.

Today, there was a new plant stall (as well as the regular one), which was selling succulents planted in tea cups and tea pots.   I admired the planters, but didn't purchase any.

Today, I visited the French bakery stall and bought two small baguettes for $1.25 each.  Then, I walked over to the stall selling honey and sampled a couple of types of honey - buckwheat honey, which was dark in color and had a mellow taste; and wildflower honey, which was lighter in color and sweeter.  I chose to purchase the wildflower honey.  It was priced $4.75 for an eight ounce jar.

For breakfast, today, I had half a baguette, spread with some of the wildflower honey.  I felt like the queen in the nursery rhyme, who sat in the parlor, "eating bread and honey".  It was quite lovely.

Do you have any farmers markets in your area?  Do you go to them on a regular basis?  Do you have favorite stalls?  Would you buy bread and honey for your breakfast? 

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