Sunday, September 7, 2014

Today's Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping today, at one of the ethnic grocery stores in the neighborhood.  This store has great prices on fresh produce.   Even so, I followed my usual practice of buying only those items that are on sale this week - their advertised "weekly specials".

Since I am now buying for one person only, I purchased approx 1 lb. of each fruit and vegetable.  I spent a total of $10.14 and bought:

Fruits - banana (1.30 lbs. @ $.49/lb), apples (1.47 lbs. @ $.39/lb), nectarines (1.38 lb. @ $.49/lb), dried tamarind (0.19 lb. @ $1.79/lb; for use as a condiment in curries).
Vegetables - Okra (0.35 lbs. @ $.99/lb), onions (5.13 lbs. @ 6 lb/$1), tomato (.59 lb. @ $.79/lb), red potato (1.43 lb. @ $.29/lb), red lentils (1.74 lbs. @ $1.29/lb)
1 bottle mango juice ($1.29)
1 package amarretti cookies ($2.19)

Earlier this month (on Sept. 4), I had gone grocery shopping and spent $5.60 to buy milk ($3.49), soda ($.99), and bananas ($.69/lb). With today's grocery shopping, I have spent $5.60 + $10.14 = $15.74 on groceries, so far, this month.  Which is on target for the 1st week (a monthly budget of $75 works out to $18.75 per week).

This week's meal plan:
What I've listed are the dinners.  Breakfasts will be cereal and bananas; snacks/tea time treats will be cookies, crackers, spicy Indian snack mix; desserts will be fresh fruit and chocolate pudding; lunches will be mostly leftovers from the previous night's dinner.

Sunday:  smoked sausages, red potatoes, mixed veg; fresh guavas

Monday: Thai fried rice and red chicken curry, leftover from Sunday's lunch (a treat from my friend R.)

Tuesday: ground beef/veggie mixture, sauted okra, rice

Wednesday: smoked sausages, red potatoes, mixed veg

Thursday: omelette curry, lentils, okra, rice

Friday: fried rice?  Pasta?

Saturday: To be decided!

I'll most probably go grocery shopping again on Saturday, so Saturday's dinner will depend on what I will buy.

How is your September grocery budget coming along?  Are you staying on target for your spending?

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