Friday, October 31, 2014

Farmers Market Thursday


The weekly farmers market held near my office on Thursdays is a fun place to visit during my lunch break.  I don't find it to be a cheaper alternative to the grocery stores I go  to (although a friend pointed out that the farmers market probably sells organic produce, in which case, if I compare with organic produce in the grocery store, then, the farmers market is cheaper).  But I treat myself to something or the other, almost every week.
Often, it is a pastry or a crusty baguette from the French bakery stall.  Occasionally, however, it is some vegetables or fruit.

Today, it was persimmons.  The regular persimmons, not Fuyu persimmons.  They were selling for $2.00/lb.  Which is a little pricey.  I know the grocery store will have them for $.79/lb., later in the season (Fuyu persimmons are selling for $.49/lb., this week).  I love persimmons, so I will be buying more later, when they go on sale.  But for now, I bought 3 persimmons for $2.00. They are ripening in the fruit bowl, right now.

Do you go to a farmers market, regularly?  Do you like persimmons?

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