Monday, January 9, 2023

The Weekend

"No, don't put away Christmas!"

I've had a productive weekend.  

On Saturday, I picked up the groceries and later in the afternoon, I took down the wreaths and put them away in the bin in the garage, along with a few other decorations.

Brunch had been croissants, sandwiched with ham.  For dinner, I cooked Italian sausages with bell peppers, a side dish of green beans with garlic, and a side dish of fried potatoes.  Afterwards, I ran the dishwasher.  

Sunday got off to a late start.  I had not been able to sleep, Saturday night, until past 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning!  I was having acid reflux and it took some time for the antacid tablets to work.  I woke up once around 11:00 a.m., fed the cats, etc., but, went back to bed and slept for another three hours!  It was 2:00 p.m. when I woke up!  

But, once I was up, I was productive.  I took the Winter Village down and packed it up in its bin.  Daughter took the bin with the Winter Village and the bin with the tree decorations to the garage for me.  Then, I began to pack away the holiday cushion covers, table linen, crocheted blanket, etc., which I store in a suitcase in my closet.  As you can see, Dancer was not very happy about it!  Usually, I am reluctant to take the decorations down as it makes me feel sad.  But, this year, I was very ready to take them down and tidy up the place!  Afterwards, I dusted the living room and put back the photographs and other items that I display on the mantel piece.  

In between, I chatted with neighbor T and with friend R.  I also called neighbor S to offer her some of the love cake we had made, but, she declined the offer saying she's trying to cut back on the sweets after indulging at Christmas.  It's probably what I should do, too! 

Daughter had croissant sandwiches for brunch and I had the last serving of the soup I had bought from the Italian restaurant.  For dinner, I cooked some of the frozen salmon I had bought back in July, 2022.  This was the first time I cooked it and my daughter and I thought it was quite good.  I sauteed the salmon fillets with onions and some canned diced tomatoes.  I made a cucumber salad to go with the salmon and we had it with leftover rice and peach chutney.  There are two more pieces of the salmon leftover for tomorrow.  

After dinner, I washed the dishes, cleared the kitchen counters, and did the litter box.  

This weekend, I was grateful for:
- Being able to order groceries online and pick up curbside
- Phone calls with family and friends
- A chance to dry out before the next band of rain arrives on Monday
- Daughter helping with taking the Christmas decorations bins to the garage
- Having a productive weekend

This weekend's joyful activities included chatting with cousin P and her daughter, and spending a little extra time with daughter as she didn't have to fly back up, on Sunday.

Plans for Monday include doing some paperwork, tidying the family room, and vacuuming.

By the way, if anyone is interested, Monday is the start of another 8-week cleaning cycle, where we take one room or area each week until the whole house is done.  Here is the 8-week cleaning cycle I am following:

Week 1 - Entryway and Living Room
Week 2 - Dining Room and Laundry Room
Week 3 - Bathrooms and Front Porch
Week 4 - Kitchen and Back Porch
Week 5 - Children's/Guest Rooms and Closets
Week 6 - Family Room and Room of Choice
Week 7 - Master Bedroom and Closet
Week 8 - All House Clean 

Since I don't have an entryway, I will concentrate on the living room.  

How was your weekend?  What are your plans for Monday?  


  1. It's awful when you wake up with acid reflux, it happens to me sometimes but like you I have Gaviscon tablets in my bedside drawer. The house always seem bare once the Christmas decorations are taken down and packed away. That's a good idea to have an eight week cycle for the cleaning, I try to do much in one day and tire myself out. Dancer looks very pleading for you to leave Christmas alone for a while longer. I'm meant to be cleaning today but putting off until tomorrow :)

    1. Yes, the antacid tablets are my friends! LOL. I, too, keep them in my bedside drawer!
      The house does look sparse after the decorations are taken down, but, I'm starting to like that look.
      I try to keep housework to a minimum - some days, I really enjoy cleaning (today was such a day), and other days, I really don't want to spend anytime on it. I try not to push myself too much on those days. Hope you are having a nice, relaxing day, today. :)

  2. Oh Dancer is SO adorable. I am glad to read that your daughter is staying on with you for a few extra weeks. Umm I like that 8 week cycle, I'll pass on to Mr Man (lol).

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou. There seems to be a lot of rain, floods, power outages, etc., up north and my daughter's office sent out a notification that the office building is closed, today due to a power outage. It seems better for her to be here, at home, and work remotely.
      The 8-week cleaning cycle works well, although, sometimes, I skip one or two of the areas!

  3. It sounds like your body needed that long sleep and I hope you are recovered from the reflux now.

    You did have a productive day. Packing Christmas away can be more tiring than you think sometimes and I always feel a sense of relief when it is done for the year ... not that I had to do it this year as I didn't put any decorations out this time!

    I've stayed at home today. They replaced my garage door this morning but finished too late for me to go the the monthly book group, which was a shame. I used the time wisely though and have made a batch of red lentil and vegetable soup, and have done some extra piano practice. xx

    1. Thank you, Eileen; the reflux has gone away for now! I really need to be careful about not eating oily foods at night!
      Taking down the decorations went well, this year. Some years, I feel sad when I do it, but, this year, I felt more than ready to take everything down and put away!
      I'm glad your garage door was installed, but, sorry you missed the monthly book group meeting. But, you made good use of the time. :)

  4. Dancer does "sad to see Christmas over" very well, doesn't he?
    I'm hoping that all will go well for a family visit at the weekend so the decorations will stay for now. I do enjoy sitting for a while in semi darkness before I go to bed, with the tree lights, the LED candles and the electric log stove glowing.
    I suspect your delicious food on Saturday was the problem at night. It isn't fair, is it?
    I use frozen salmon all the time and try to get it on special. Perhaps you will want to buy it again now that it is a success for you.

    1. He does, indeed! My daughter took the photo and I think she captured his look very well.
      Oh, I hope the family gathering will take place this weekend without any glitches! A good reason for keeping the decorations up for another week!
      Yes, too much of oily food at night plus bell peppers - that didn't sit well with my stomach. I will be buying that salmon again; it has gone up in price from $14.49 to $15.99 but, that is still a better price than fresh salmon. It's still a bit of a splurge item, though.

  5. Poor Dancer! He likes Christmas! It is miserable having heart burn anytime, but worse at night when needing sleep. I'm glad the antacid finally helped. I now take a nightly pill and it works well. I think I will join you with the house cleaning cycle. I might move the guest room to first, as I'm getting rid of the bed and replacing it with a work table for crafts and sewing. The bed was primarily for my sister who passed away, no one else comes enough to keep that now. I'll buy a good air mattress if needed . That room needs a deep clean. Porches will have to wait until spring here!

    1. Dancer looks very confused, doesn't he? First Mummy took away the tree and the tree skirt I like to sleep on, and now, she's removing the cushion covers...what's going on, here? :D
      I need to avoid oily foods at night, but, I tend to forget that and then, I pay the price!
      It definitely makes sense for you to start with the guest room, if you are doing the cleaning cycle. I tend to tweak the cycle to suit my purposes, too, from time to time. Your guest room makeover sounds like a "room of the month" project to me, and it reminds me that I need to get my guest room reorganized, too. I, too, no longer have regular house guests and I, too, have been considering getting rid of the bed in that room. Currently, the room has become my extended pantry/storage room!

  6. Interesting. I always think I will "play along" when you post the cleaning schedule you follow. And now, I find myself interested again.
    I will let you know!
    You had a productive weekend even with your late starting time Saturday. I hope your reflux has settled down.
    You had some good food this past weekend. I remember when you bought that salmon. I'm glad it turned out to be good.
    I cooked a bag of dried black beans in the crockpot and am now flavoring a small portion of them to go with our dinner tonight. The rest I will divide up and freeze them for future use.

    1. Well, you could always pick and choose a room to join in with, as I go through the house. :) I am just about done with the living room and it got done very quickly this time around!
      The salmon turned out well and there are three more pieces left. The price of the frozen salmon has gone up from $14.49 to $15.99 for the 2 lbs., but, it still comes out cheaper than the $9.99/lb. for fresh salmon that's on sale, this week. I thought of you when I opened the can of diced tomatoes to use for the salmon. :)
      I like the idea of cooking the dried beans in the crockpot! My daughter wanted me to make a chick pea/garbanzo beans curry to have for dinner, one day, this week. I need to make a meal plan!

  7. Great picture of Dancer and the Christmas linens. Cats need to "own" everything, and Dancer doesn't seem to be the exception. :)

    1. Thank you; daughter took the picture. Dancer was definitely claiming the pile of cushion covers, etc. as his own, wasn't he? :D

  8. It does sound like a really productive day! I love the photo of Dancer. He really is very photogenic. Never tire of seeing his photos.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. Dancer says thank you, too! :D I had another productive day, today, and it feels good to be able to say that! :)

  9. Poor Dancer! I know how he feels when the decorations have to come down. :o(

    1. He ignored the tree and the ornaments, this year, but, he loved to sit under it and nap! He seems to be saying he wants the decorations up a little longer, doesn't he?

  10. Dancer would have had to be very quick at my house, as I got those decorations down quite quickly this year.

    1. I usually keep them up till after Jan. 6, especially since I don't start decorating until mid December at the earliest. :)


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