Thursday, January 19, 2023

Sunny Wednesday

"Oh, did you leave some kibble for me, Mama Cat?
What's that?  Help myself?"

"Don't mind if I do!"

Chicken Little and Mama Cat on the back steps this morning.  

It was a sunny day, today.  M was here in the morning to tend to the garden and he brought me three celery seedlings - apparently, he had grown some celery, last year, which had self-seeded!  He planted the seedlings for me, did some weeding, and fertilized the fruit trees.

I told him about the leaky trash bins and he asked if putting a large bin liner would help (we'd pour the water into the bin liner), but, I didn't think that would work and decided to recycle the trash bins.  We put them one into the other and placed both in the big recycling bin to be collected, next week.  I am going to count them as two of my decluttered items for this month!

I started on the shelving unit in the dining room, today.  I gave my daughter one of the packets of chili powder and one of the packets of crushed dried chilies that I had been storing there and made room in one of the kitchen drawers for the other packets of chili powder and crushed chilies.  I think what I really need to do is organize the pantry shelves to make room there, but, for now, I will look for some decorative storage containers to hold some of the items I'm storing in this shelving unit.

Later, in the evening, I called neighbor T to check on her and friend R.

Today, I made American style pancakes for brunch.  I had mine with dhal and chicken curry gravy; daughter had hers with pancake syrup. For dinner, I made a keema curry with ground turkey, adding onion, celery, carrot, a little bit of bell pepper, the last bit of diced tomatoes from the can I opened earlier, and zucchini (yes, from that bumper crop of zucchinis from 2021 - I still have more in the freezer!)  We had that with leftover rice and there's more for tomorrow's dinner.  

I put in an order for groceries in the evening, after dinner.  I needed more milk, half and half, bread, and some produce, as well as some rubber gloves and a bottle of antacids.  I will pick up the groceries tomorrow afternoon.  

Today, I am grateful for:

- A sunny day
- M's help with the garden
- M sharing celery seedlings with me
- Chats with friends and neighbors
- Being able to order groceries online

Today's joyful activity was gardening with M.

Plans for tomorrow include picking up the groceries and continuing with sorting the dining room shelving unit.

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?


  1. Your photos made me smile this morning, well your captions did. It's rather sweet to see the cheeky chicken eating the food of a very tolerant pussy cat. I'm rather envious of your sunny weather as it's freezing here. I hope your celery seedlings do well.

    1. Mama Cat is very tolerant, isn't she? I guess she knows that no matter what, she will get fed at least twice a day! It's another sunny day, here, today, and 55F (12.77C). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the celery seedlings. :)

  2. I grew celery one year, but it turned out very bitter. Maybe it got too hot? I will be interested to see how yours does.

    1. M said his celery, too, turned out to be bitter! According to what I've read, celery becomes bitter if it doesn't get enough nutrients when growing, if it doesn't get enough water, if it gets too much sun or it is too hot (apparently, they do best in temps. under 70F) or the plant is too old at harvest time. Also, the greener the stalks, the more bitter due to the greater amount of chlorophyll; it was suggested that you blanch the stalks prior to harvesting by covering them with rolled up paper tubes or small cardboard boxes or mounding soil around them. Cooking the celery is supposed to reduce the bitterness and that works for me because I don't like raw celery.

  3. I like your fusion meal with American pancakes, dhal and chicken curry gravy! Certainly different but I bet it was tasty.

    I've caught up with a few tasks today but have spent most of my time practicing the piano. I realised I'd misread one of the chords, which appears more than once, so have to relearn the piece by Saturday. xx

    1. I treat American style pancakes as a thosai/dosa substitute. It doesn't have the same taste, but, I don't mind that. :)
      Good thing you realized that you had misread the chord now; you still have a little time to relearn the piece by Saturday! Have fun practicing!

  4. I love the photos of Mama cat looking quite indulgent while her feathered buddy eats the kibble. Your pancakes were a success being able to be adapted to your version as well as being eaten with syrup.
    I had a followup with the ophthalmologist today which went well as nothing has to change before I see him again at the end of August. DH has an appointment with him next week to see about cataract surgery. The weather was good, the highway was clear. The forecast for tonight is snow!

    1. They do look very companiable together, don't they?
      I like to have my pancakes with curry! But, the thin pancakes have to be eaten with something sweet like sugar and lemon juice.
      Glad your ophthalmologist visit went well and hope your DH's appointment goes well, too. Sounds like you had a good day for the drive. Hope it doesn't snow too much, tonight! We had sunshine in the morning, clouds in the afternoon, and light rain in the evening. Now they are saying that there is a frost warning for tonight!

  5. Momma Cat and Chicken L seem to have a nice detente going.
    The picture made me chuckle.
    How is neighbor T doing? Does she seem to be getting stronger? I wonder if she will ever come home.
    My next door neighbor died in July. He was 87 but active and we chatted daily when I would see him outside. It was very sad and sudden -at least to me.
    We have an old cherry tree that had a huge branch gracefully hanging over his yard (by a lot - it was big!) and he always made sure I had no plans to cut down the old tree as he loved it.
    Yesterday the people that bought the house came in and cut everything down. Which of course is their right to cut off anything infringing on their property. But still it all made me sad thinking of him again.

    1. Mama Cat is very tolerant of Chicken Little and Chicken Little seems to know that Mama Cat won't hurt it. Maybe they both know that there will be food enough for them to share. I'm not sure if Black Jack will be quite as tolerant of Chicken Little, though. Black Jack is an all black male cat that comes calling and pays court to Mama Cat, from time to time. He's a beautiful cat with green eyes and he's still afraid of me, but, he'll help himself to some of the kibble I put out! LOL. By the way, Black Jack is my name for him; I'm not sure if he has another name or not.
      I saw neighbor T, yesterday, and, according to her daughter, they have decided that T will continue to live at the assisted living facility as she is unlikely to be able to live alone without that level of care. I'm not sure what they will do with the house, but, it is another change that we will all have to get used to.
      So sorry to hear about your neighbor's passing and the new owners cutting down the cherry tree branch. I do hope that they will be good, considerate neighbors.


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