Saturday, January 7, 2023

January Grocery Shopping - Part 1

 I did my first grocery pick up for the month, today.  I bought:

5 bananas (1.71 lb. @ $0.69/lb.) = $1.18
4 mangos @$1.00 = $4.00

Broccoli (0.94 lb. @ $2.48/lb.) = $2.34
2 cucumbers @ $0.99 = $1.98
Green beans (0.71 lb. @ $2.49/lb.) = $1.77
1 Lettuce = $2.49
Potatoes, 10 lb. bag = $4.99  (5 lb. bag was $3.49)

Frozen beef hamburger patties, 8 count; 2 lb., (reg. price $9.99) = $8.99
(1 lb. fresh ground beef was $5.49/lb.; the 10 count fresh hamburger patties, 32.5 oz., was $10.00)

1 doz. large eggs = $5.49
(brand name eggs as they were cheaper for some reason; store brand was $5.99/1 doz.; I've seen a big increase in the price of eggs)

Half & Half, 32 fl.oz. = $3.49

2 cans coconut milk @$2.49 (reg. price $4.29) = $4.98 

1 loaf multi grain bread (reg. price $3.49) = $2.49
1 doz. mini croissants (reg. price $4.99) = $3.99
6 plain bagels = $1.99

2 bags(@8oz) potato chips, @$1.99 (reg. price $4.59@) = $3.98

4 x 6 pack cola bottles, reg. price $5.49/6 pack; on sale for $3/6 pack IF you buy 4 = $12.00
California Redemption Value (CRV)/deposit on the bottles = $1.20
Plus sales tax = $1.14*

Total spent on groceries = $68.49

* There is no sales tax on food, but, there is a tax on soda/cola as it is (quite rightly) not considered a food item.  Sales tax in my county is 9.5%.

In addition, I bought 4 tubes of toothpaste, reg. price $2.49@, on sale with coupon for 4/$5 (or $1.25@) (+ $0.47 sales tax).  It was a stock up item.  I usually stock up when it goes on sale for $1.00 as it has done in the past, but, I was down to 2 tubes of toothpaste and I thought that this might be the best sales price I might get at this time.  If it does go on sale for $1, again, I will buy another 4 or 6 tubes to last me through the year.  It doesn't come out of my grocery budget, though.  

Finally, I also bought treats for Dancer on this shopping order.  I have a separate budget for pet food and supplies and I spent $10 on his treats, today.  

January Grocery Budget = $100
Spent to date = $68.49
Balance left = $31.51

I considered increasing the grocery budget for January because my daughter will be staying with me for most of January.  But, I have a full pantry and freezer so I've decided to try and keep to my usual $100/month budget.  If I do go over, then, I'll "borrow" from the February budget.  I'll probably need to borrow at least $5 from February's budget anyway, in order to qualify for free pick up next time I grocery shop (one needs to buy at least $35 worth of groceries to qualify for free pick up; otherwise, there is a $6.95 pick up fee).  

As always, I am grateful that I can order groceries online and do pick up rather than shop in person, that there are groceries available for purchase, and that I can afford to buy the items I want.  It is truly a blessing.

Have you gone grocery shopping in January, yet?  Are you finding good deals?  Or, at the very least, some reasonable deals?  Will you be keeping your grocery budget the same in 2023 or will you be changing it?  


  1. Eggs are in short supply here and really expensive now but I think it's to do with bird flu and I will only buy free-range eggs never from caged birds. The tax here on fizzy drinks is on those containing sugar, not so on diet drinks. Ha you're like me, treats for pets are a must buy :) That's nice that your daughter will be with you in January, sorry I've been missing from your blog but I'm back now and do let me know your email address as my blog will be made private soon, leave it in the comments box if you like as it won't be published.

    1. Yes, I think the egg prices have gone up due to the shortage caused by avian flu here, too. I, too, buy cage-free eggs (at least, that's what the egg cartons say). I don't buy organic eggs, though, as that's a bit too pricey for me.
      All sodas are taxed here, including the sugar-free ones.
      Yes, treats for pets are a must buy. :)
      Thank you, Eileen; my daughter and I are both happy that she can stay a bit longer!
      There is absolutely no need for you to apologize for being away from blogging and commenting on other blogs, although I have missed hearing from you. But, you needed some time to yourself and that's perfectly fine. I sent you my email address; it's the same as the one at the top of my blog. :)

  2. It's always interesting to see grocery prices in different parts of the country. Our eggs are about a dollar cheaper than yours but still 4x more expensive than they were a year ago. However, they are still a relatively good deal as a protein source.

    1. Yes, eggs are still a very good value as a protein source, aren't they?

  3. My groceries will be delivered this afternoon and I already know, via email confirmation, that there are no substitutions and everything I ordered is available. I didn't really need to order most of it until the end of Jan/beginning of Feb, but I am anticipating the return of the cold weather they are promising us, so have taken the opportunity to restock now.

    As Eileen has said in her comment (above), eggs are in short supply here which I'm assuming is down to avian flu and the ones that are available are expensive. Well, prices are creeping up on everything aren't they.

    1. I hope the groceries were delivered when expected, Eileen. Glad that everything you ordered was available and there were no substitutions. I think you were wise to get the delivery before you needed the items - better to have the items in early, before the cold weather comes, than wait and find that delivery might be delayed due to inclement weather.

      Yes, prices are creeping up on just about everything. I've received notification that my natural gas bill (I use gas for heating, for my hot water heater, for cooking, and for clothes drying) will be more than doubled this billing period because the rated have increased. As you know, I feel cold very easily and so does my daughter, so we will keep the heater on and I will pay the high bill; at least I'll be saving a bit on the water bill due to the rain we've been getting! :)

  4. Buying lettuces is a challenge in winter as they can be nearly $5 Canadian and yesterday there were none in one store and the iceberg lettuce in the other were so light in weight that it was obvious that there was nothing to them. But for another 50c there were some excellent leaf lettuce, worth buying. I ordered some dishwasher detergent powder yesterday from a store that is about 30 miles away. It is their brand, inexpensive and recommended by on-line comparisons, and I was happy with the first box. By ordering 5 boxes, plus 3 (on sale) bottles of Vitamin C, I spent enough for free delivery, avoiding a winter journey and traipsing through a giant store that I don't enjoy anyway!

    1. Lettuce is a cool weather plant over here as the summers get too hot and they bolt. I might ask M to buy me a packet of lettuce seeds to see if I can grow some. I am also thinking that the price of green beans have gone up enough to give growing them another try (the last time I planted green beans, I think I harvested about 2 dozen beans and that was all!)
      You planned your online shopping well to get the free delivery and avoid having to drive and spend time and energy shopping. Well done!

  5. I am going to try to shop from the things in my freezer and cupboard more this month. We have a lot of food and could do with some rotation.

    Eggs are pretty expensive here too. I think I paid about $5 for the last dozen. Ridiculous. It used to be they could make a cheap meal. Not so much anymore.

    1. It makes sense to eat from the freezer and pantry to rotate the food. I'll be doing some of that, myself, especially as some of the canned goods I stocked up on during the initial lockdown period need to be used up. But, replenishing the cupboards will cost more!
      I guess the price of eggs will continue to rise as the price of chicken feed has gone up and the cost of transportation has increased, too. It's still a relatively inexpensive source of animal protein, though.

  6. I always find it interesting to see what you bought and at what price.
    Eggs have increased so much haven't they? Last week I paid $4.49.

    I've shopped for only a few things so far this month. I'm trying to start the year off in a good position with grocery spending.
    Fingers crossed.
    I do like to keep my levels of certain things at a certain point and I will continue to do so.
    I have a full freezer and cupboards so it should be a light spend month for me.
    I think your plans to borrow from February to cover your January extra (for a good cause:) is a good idea.
    Reading through the comments, I see how all areas are experiencing the same increase in all areas of bills for our domestic lives.

    1. Grocery prices are going up and so are everything else!
      I think you will manage to keep your grocery spending well under your budget, this month, especially if you have a well stocked pantry and freezer. Like you, I like to keep a certain amount of items in stock at all times, but, I will use up some pantry items because they are at or nearing expiration dates (mostly items that were either given to me or I bought during the first lock down period). Although some items need to be used up, I am also very aware of the fact that it'll cost more to replace those items!
      But, at least the items are available and we are able to purchase them. There will be plenty of low-cost meals to balance everything out.


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