Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Sunny on Wednesday

Rescued Chrysanthemum Plants

M planted the rescued chrysanthemum plants for me, this morning.  There were six plants (two purple, two yellow, and two bronze) and he decided that they didn't need to have the flowers cut off, yet.  I chose to have them planted in the back garden, next to the one chrysanthemum plant I currently have, in front of the lemon tree we pruned back, earlier.  This planting area is by the side of the garage:

Chrysanthemum Planting Area

It was a sunny, clear day, today, with an afternoon high of 63F.  It was 60F inside the house when I woke up and not much warmer outside!  I switched the heater on with the thermostat set at 70F and once it switched itself off, I turned the heater off.  Then, I kept it off until the evening and switched it back on.

M planted the mums and tidied up the garden a little bit.  He didn't have to water the garden today, thanks to all the rain we had yesterday!  LOL.

My daughter called me in the afternoon to say she was at the airport and while she was on the phone with me, an alarm went off in the airport and they made an announcement that the fire department has been called out, but, everything seemed to be OK and they didn't need to evacuate, but, they'll let people know if anything changes.  We got off the phone, so she could better hear what they were saying.  Then, she texted me that the alarm went on and off a couple of times but had been turned off, eventually and she saw some fire fighters walking by rather casually, so it might have been a false alarm.  Anyway, she boarded her flight without any problem and has just arrived at the San Francisco airport (around 9:15 p.m., Pacific Standard Time).  She still has to get herself back to her apartment in Berkeley; she asked me if she should take public transit (subway and bus) or call for a ride and I told her to take a ride share, which she did.

I did some paperwork, today, finished mending the grey sweater (hands didn't cramp, this time!) and walked in the driveway for a few minutes.  Chatted with friend R in the evening and watched news.  Tonight's low is going to be 43F, they said, but, tomorrow's high will be 68F.  

I had leftover fried rice from yesterday for my brunch, today.  Dinner was more of the frozen potstickers/gyoza!  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter had a safe flight back
- M bringing me the rescued mums and planting them
- A working heater
- Warm clothes and blankets (I'm still wearing layers, even with the heater set at 70F)
- All the rain we received and a sunny day, today

Today's joyful activity was being in the garden and supervising the planting of the new plants!

Plans for tomorrow include doing some laundry and vacuuming.  

How was your Wednesday?  What are your plans for Thursday?



  1. Chrysanthamums always remind me of my grandmother, who loved them. They are great this time of year.

    It must have been scary for your daughter. I'm glad that it didn't turn out to be serious.

    1. Yes, this is the season for chrysanthemums, isn't it? They are November's flower of the month. :)
      My daughter was concerned when they made the public announcement asking everyone to stand by as there had been some incident and the fire department has been notified. She was hoping they wouldn't have to evacuate the building. She said she looked around at the other passengers and no one seemed at all concerned, but, she was a bit on edge until they announced that everything was OK! Thank you, Lyssa; I, too, am glad that it wasn't serious!

  2. Sounds like you daughter had a successful trip with getting to see friends and give her talk. I'm glad she made it home okay.

    1. Thank you, June. She said she really enjoyed this conference as it was a nice mixture of professional development and personal fun. :)

  3. I'm sure you are happy that your daughter is back on this side of the country! The chrysanthemums will look pretty together if they do their best to grow. DH took me to the drug store and I stocked up on some acetaminophen and ibroprofen and some supplements as well as some more antibiotic ointment which I hope we will not need. I need the pain meds for sleeping, in the daytime I need to make sure I don't overdo things like a sports player going back on the field injured!

    1. Yes, I am, Bushlady, and she's happy to be back in her apartment, although she had a good time in Boston. :) I checked on the chrysanthemums, today, and they seem to have perked up a bit (M gave them a good drink of water after they were planted). I do hope they will revive and grow well.

      That's good that you were able to stock up on essential items at the drug store. It's good to be prepared, especially with winter approaching. I'm sorry to hear that you need the pain killers to help you sleep; please take it easy and try not to overdo things during the day.

    2. I meant to tell you that the Vitamin C that I bought had a scratch card on it and I won $5 off the bottle!

    3. Yay! Glad you got $5 off the bottle! :D

  4. Hello Bless, I am always faithful to your blog and i do not forget to come as every year to wish you a very happy birthday. I hope we can celebrate this birthday that we have in common for a long time.

    1. Hi Vegevi, so glad to hear from you, again! Happy birthday to you! I wish you all the best and hope you are celebrating our special day with a piece of cake and something nice to drink. :) Here's to us!

  5. That must've been a bit unnerving for your daughter with the fire alarm going off in the airport. I'm glad it did not turn out to be an emergency. I'm sure you're glad to have her back in California.
    That's a really nice spot for your chrysanthemums. I can just see them next fall filling up that bed and blooming their little heads off :)
    I have a problem with rabbits in my yard - and squirrels! and they will eat chrysanthemums so I can't plant mine in the ground.
    At my other house I had a nice deep maroon colored one that I planted and it came back every year. I always looked forward to it.
    I had a gift certificate for a garden center that is going out of business so I stopped in there this week and got some tulip and daffodil bulbs.
    We also had a gift card from Home Depot with a small balance that I used to buy a bag of tulip bulbs that were half-priced.
    No money out of pocket, just the way I like it.
    I planted them all together in a big pot making 3 layers and putting the daffodils bulbs on the top just like the internet told me to do.
    I should have a real show-stopper of a pot next spring. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

    1. Yes, it was a bit worrying when the alarm went off, but, fortunately, there was no emergency.
      The chrysanthemums had perked up by the next day, after being given a nice drink of water after being planted. M watered them, again, today, too. I hope they will grow well; if not, at least we tried!
      Ooh, you did well getting your spring bulbs using gift cards! I hope the pot of bulbs will grow really well and you'll have a lovely display of flowers, next year! You'll have to share photos when they bloom!

  6. The Chrysanthemums look lovely. A nice pop of colour. Xx

    1. Thank you, Jules. They've perked up since we planted and watered them. Only one plant looks like it might not make it, but, I'm hopeful!


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