Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Bunnies in Canoes and Other Tuesday Happenings

Ceramic Bunny in a Broken Canoe Under the Lantana Bushes

I was walking up and down the sidewalk (pavement) in front of my house when I noticed something white under one of the lantana bushes!  What on earth?  A ceramic bunny, in a canoe!  Not sure who put it there or why (it's a long way from a river for him to have washed ashore!), but, the bottom of the canoe was broken and I tossed the figurine in the trash bin.  It's better than the half empty beer bottles, cans, and fast food containers I sometimes find tucked into these plants along the front of my garden!  M usually wants to put the beer bottles, etc. on top of the neighbor's wall, but, I just tell him to put them in the recycling or trash bins.  I have my suspicions who puts those items in my yard, but, I've no proof!

I went to bed relatively early, at 1:30 a.m., last night/this morning, but, then, I couldn't fall asleep and tossed and turned until well past 3:30 a.m.  Even when I fell asleep, it was a rather disturbed sleep and I got up a couple of times, turned off the porch lights, and fell into a deeper sleep after 8:00 a.m., only to wake up when the alarm went off at 9:00 a.m.

I had my lab work scheduled for 10:30 a.m.  I brought in the two trash cans that were emptied early in the morning (they were blocking my driveway) and moved aside the recycling bin that had not been collected yet.  Then, went to the clinic to have my lab work done.  They had put all the chairs back around the waiting room (earlier, all but six chairs had been stacked in a corner of the room).  There weren't a lot of people in the waiting room, however; but, three people were without masks, even though there are signs posted throughout the building stating masks are required as it is a medical building.  Finally, one of the lab technicians who came into the waiting room to call in one of the patients noticed that there were some people without masks and told them they needed to wear masks; she brought out a box of masks and handed one to each one without a mask.  I was glad that she made them put on masks.

The lab work proceeded smoothly, except the lab tech had a question about one of the tests the doctor had ordered.  Apparently, the computer required additional information when she entered the test code.  She tried to call the doctor's office, but, only received a recording asking the caller to leave a message and she didn't have time to wait until they called back.  So, she made a photo copy of the lab requisition and highlighted the test in question and gave the copy to me; I need to call the doctor's office for clarification and then, go back to the lab.  I also have to do one additional test at home and mail in the specimen sample directly to the lab.  Parking rates at this clinic are more reasonable at $1/20 minutes; $9 maximum for the day.  I had to pay $3 for today's parking. 

I felt a little low in energy when I came back home after the lab work.  I guess because I went fasting for the blood tests and I missed having my morning cup of tea.  I rested on the sofa for a bit and then, ate a cup noodle soup for brunch.  

In the afternoon, I walked again for 20 minutes and that's when I discovered the ceramic bunny.  Later, I called my insurance company to clarify something about my coverage.  The blue recycling bin wasn't emptied until after 4:30 p.m., today, but, I brought the bin in as soon as it was emptied and checked the mail, too.  

In the evening, I replied to blog comments, watched the evening news, had a cup of tea, and chatted with friend R.  

Later, I video chatted with my daughter.  Apparently, she received an email notification from the organizers of the conference she attended stating that some people who attended the conference had reported they had tested positive for Covid-19 post-conference.  Sigh.  Daughter had worn her mask for the vast majority of the time, but, she had gone out to eat a few times and, of course, she didn't wear a mask when she was in the hotel room which she shared with her supervisor.  We are hoping that she will not get Covid, herself.  She is isolating herself, anyway, this week, because she is planning to come home for Thanksgiving, next week and wants to minimize any risks to me.  She will test herself for a couple of days before she comes down.  We can only hope for the best. 

Dinner was rice with the last of the Thai pepper beef.  

We are having a high wind warning and I can hear the wind gusting, outside.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- Medical insurance
- Being able to receive health care
- A safe drive to the clinic and back
- Friendly staff at the clinic
- Weekly trash collections

Today's joyful activity was video chatting with my daughter.

 Plans for tomorrow include M tending to the garden in the morning.  I put the snow peas to soak as we are planning to plant them, tomorrow.  

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?


  1. I do hope your daughter is going to be okay. It's worrying to have received the news that people are positive for Covid post-conference but at least your daughter did her best to protect herself by wearing a mask. It still annoys me that other people don't bother to wear them. Is her supervisor still Covid free do you know? Anyway, I hope she is still able to come home for Thanksgiving.

    I hope your test results are good and that you are able to sort out the additional information needed for the remaining one.

    It's annoying that someone is leaving rubbish on your garden. With the ceramic bunny it must be a deliberate act as why would anyone be carrying that around with them. Hopefully you'll catch him/her in the act and see if your suspicion is correct!

    1. Thank you, Eileen; my daughter has been isolating herself this week, anyway, because she didn't want to get exposed to anything and bring it home to me. She will also test herself a couple of times towards the end of the week, up until the day she leaves to come down home. I don't know if her supervisor is Covid free, but, she had Covid, earlier in the year and so, she probably has her immunity from that! Yes, we are hoping my daughter will be able to come home for Thanksgiving.

      Well, the doctor's office is closed today (she works from a different location on Wednesdays) but, I'll call her tomorrow.

      Maybe whoever left the ceramic bunny was trying to beautify my garden! At first, I thought it was one of those garden gnomes or something! LOL.

  2. That bunny in a canoe was so wonderfully random!

    I can't believe that people aren't wearing masks in a health centre. Of all the places you should still wear a mask, that should be one of the top ones on the list! I'm glad that you and your daughter are taking care. Sending hugs.

    1. It really was a very random thing for someone to leave, wasn't it? At first, I thought it might be a garden gnome! :D
      Our county lifted the mask mandate several months ago, but, masks are still required in certain places, including health care facilities. Maybe the people who went to the lab without masks didn't consider it to be a health center (not a clinic because there are no doctors); maybe they just didn't care. Which is probably why our new Covid numbers went up from 1,600+ yesterday to 2,200+ today. Test positivity rates and hospitalizations have been going up, too. No doubt the trend will continue up after next week's Thanksgiving get togethers! My daughter and I are staying home, for the most part! We wear our masks whenever we go out.

  3. I will keep your daughter in my prayers that she doesn't get COVID. I am sure who ever left the bunny in your garden thought they were being funny but I hope they see the error of that thinking. I'll say no more about that. I think we in Ontario are only a few weeks away from being mandated to put masks back on - the medical folks are hoping that people will do on their own accord, but we all know how that will go down. Tuesday was good, Wednesday, far too many meetings? :)

    1. Thank you, Mary-Lou; prayers are much appreciated.

      People have no respect for other people's property! Short of getting a security/surveillance camera set up in front of my house, I wouldn't be able to tell who puts stuff in my yard, but, then, again, the bunny did look cute! Too bad its canoe was broken and I had to throw it away.
      Our new Covid numbers are creeping up - nothing like how it was before, but, still, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, I expect we'll see some high numbers again, later this year.

  4. I do hope that your daughter doesn't get sick and have that ruin her Thanksgiving visit. However, there is enough time between now and then to know if she is going to get COVID from the conference. COVID is so widespread that there are probably people with it in any large group these days, unfortunately.

    1. Thank you, June (I am assuming it's you because I didn't think Ward reads my blog!) My daughter isn't too concerned on her own behalf, but, she doesn't want to bring anything home to me! She will test herself 2 or 3 days running, right up to the day of leaving to make sure that she is Covid free before coming down for Thanksgiving. That's the best we can do, I guess. I'm at peak immunity, right now, after my recent booster, too, so it should be fine. :)

  5. Fingers crossed that your daughter will not test positive!
    What a bummer to have to go back for testing.
    I would love to find a bunny in a canoe in one of my bushes just for the absurdity of it. It makes a great story.

    1. Thank you, Anne.
      Yes, I'm not looking forward to going back for that last test!
      At least the bunny in a canoe gave me a good post title and something to write about! :D

  6. Oh gosh - I hope your daughter stays healthy. She has been so careful. I'm crossing me fingers for her and for you.

    That's a disappointment that they couldn't complete your blood test and you have to go back. I'm sure you were low on energy, having to fast and not falling asleep well.
    Hopefully you rested well last night.
    And hopefully that bag of mulch is still up there to hold the panels down during your high wind. lol

    1. Thank you, Debra. Appreciate you keeping your fingers crossed for us! :)
      I am going to call the doctor, tomorrow (her office is closed, today) and ask if that one blood test is something that can be done later, for the next appointment, rather than the upcoming one on the 28th of this month. If not, I guess I'll have to go in again, before Thanksgiving.
      Last night wasn't all that restful, either, but, I'm doing OK, today.
      LOL, yes! The bags of mulch (there are 2 up on the patio roof) remained in place and held down the panels! :D According to M, the panels are so brittle that they shatter when you try to nail them down.

  7. Isn't it frustrating when you go to bed at a decent hour and then can't sleep? Happens here sometimes, too. I'm glad those people in the waiting room were made to wear masks. There's no excuse in a medical facility. We have been given a masking advisory but not a mandate, since there are 3 possible respiratory diseases that are really a risk for young children. I hope people will comply as it is sad to see exhausted little ones in the emergency waiting room. I do hope your daughter is Covid free. At least she took care most of the time and of course the organizers have a duty to inform everyone.
    As for your bunny in the broken canoe - whatever next? At least, as you say, it was better than the other trash that sometimes shows up in your front yard.
    Our roof is finished and in good time, as we had another small amount of snow and winter seems determined to come soon!

    1. Yes, it's frustrating, especially when you know you have to wake up at a certain time for a morning appointment!
      I, too, am glad that the maskless people were given masks to wear. People are just so thoughtless - there are signs all over the building stating that masks are required at the facility.
      Thank you, Bushlady; I, too, am hoping that my daughter is Covid free and will be come home for Thanksgiving. If she isn't, well, we'll deal with it. :)
      I knew I had to take a photo of the bunny in the broken canoe because it was just so random!
      Yay! Your roof is finished and just in time, too, it sounds like! I'm sure you are thankful to have a snug roof before winter arrives!

  8. I was intrigued by the title of your blog post! An interesting find to be sure. I hope you're feeling a little more rested now. I certainly hope your daughter will be okay. She's been so careful!

    1. Thank you, Sharon; I'm hoping my daughter will be fine and able to come home for Thanksgiving.
      Glad you liked the post title! That ceramic bunny was one of the stranger things I've found under the bushes in the garden! :D
      I took it easy today for the most part and relaxed. I have things I need to do tomorrow, though, so I hope I feel energetic!

  9. Oh, I do hope your daughter tests negative and can visit with you for Thanksgiving! And how annoying that you'll have to go back for that extra lab test. Hopefully all will go well for your daughter and for you. That bunny is very odd! It reminded me of when there were real bunnies visiting your gardens.

    1. Thank you, Celie; keeping my fingers crossed that my daughter will be OK and able to come down for Thanksgiving. :)
      I'm hoping the doctor will say we can postpone that additional lab test until the next time!
      I, too, was reminded of the real bunnies who visited my garden! That was something else, wasn't it?
      How are you doing? Feeling better? I was wondering if you have been going in to work or have you been resting at home?

  10. I am enjoying a good catch up with your news - finally!
    I hope your daughter will be okay. X


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