Friday, November 4, 2022

November Grocery Shopping Part 1

Today, I picked up the groceries I ordered, yesterday.  

I bought:

4 bananas, 0.91lb. @ $.65/lb. (we are back to $.65/lb; last time it had gone up to $.69/lb.) = $1.32
2 pears, 0.95lb. @ $1.99/lb. = $1.89

4 x 8 oz. packets Cheetos @$1.99 if you buy 4 ($4.99 @ if less than 4) = $7.96
(to be shared with daughter)

.57 lb. shrimp @ $6.99/lb. with digital coupon = $4.00

.95 lb. asparagus @ $1.49/lb. with digital coupon = $1.42
(asparagus with the coupon was cheaper than green beans which were only available pre-trimmed in a 2 lb. bag for $5.99 or almost $3.00/lb!)

3 lb. bag yellow onions = $2.99

1 box 32 oz. pancake/waffle mix = $3.19 (gone up $0.20 since I last bought)

1 loaf 20 oz. sandwich bread = $1.50 (yay!  gone down $0.19 since I last bought!)

12 cup noodles soup, $.66@ = $7.99

1 bag, 20 oz. pork and vegetable dumplings/gyoza = $5.99

2 x 12 oz. packages chocolate chips @ $2.49 (with digital coupon) = $4.98

Total came to $43.23

November's monthly grocery budget = $100.00

Balance left in the budget = $100 - $2.58 (for the two brownie mixes from the drug store) - $43.23 =  $54.19

In addition, I have money leftover from the September/October budgets being carried over because I only did one grocery pick up in October, at the beginning of the month!  It's a good problem to have, isn't it?  

I will put in another grocery order in two weeks' time as I need to get a few things before my daughter visits (half and half for her coffee, for one thing) plus some items for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Jennifer wasn't there, today, so I couldn't give her the brownies I baked.  I will try to catch her on my next trip.  

Brunch was scrambled egg and toast.  I made shrimp curry and had it with rice and peach chutney for dinner, tonight.

Have you done any grocery shopping in November, yet?  


  1. Since Jennifer wasn't there, I guess you just had to eat the brownies yourself? :)

    1. LOL, yes, I did eat a piece or two! I also offered some of the brownies to neighbor S and to friend R and M enjoyed a couple of them when he was here to do the garden, yesterday. Brownies don't last long around here! :D

  2. You're doing well with your grocer budget. How long is your daughter spending at home with you?

    I have my list ready to go shopping but, now I've finished the freezer inventory, I can see that I don't need to shop for another week or so. There are some things I need to use up but know will just stay in the freezer if I restock now!

    1. Thank you, Eileen. My daughter will be home for one week (she won't finish all the bags of snacks I bought for her in that week - she'll take some back with her!)
      Good idea to finish up what's already in the freezer before you restock! Unless there is a good sale you want to take advantage of. :)

  3. You've done really well the last few months watching your spending and now you have a nice overage to use as needed.
    I did shop this week at both of our normal stores.
    I am doing "ok" with my budgeted amount. Still over in October but not too bad. I have a sort of spending account inside of my checking that I earmark for food, gas, etc. Things purchased aside from regular bills.
    There's always money left in that spending account but I do still like to keep close to what is budgeted in my mind even though more money may be available. I like the feeling of being in control of my money :)
    I would like to not go over this month at all so I will try again.
    A new month is a new opportunity to succeed, right?

    Your avocado tree is really growing. It's nice to see it looking so healthy.
    Speaking of avocados, they have been very affordable at our Aldi's at.69 each. I've been buying a couple each week.

    1. Thank you, Debra. After I went over the grocery budget in July, I've been good! I have almost a month's budget being carried over and I'll use it for stocking up and maybe buying a splurge item or two without feeling guilty!
      A new month is definitely a new opportunity to succeed! If I recall correctly, your grocery budget includes all household products and toiletries, etc. and it is not a big amount for two people. I think you are doing very well, if you have money leftover in the spending account, even if you go over slightly in the grocery portion of that account.
      I'm really pleased with my grown-from-seed avocado tree! I don't even care if it bears any fruit; it can be like an ornamental tree and I'd be happy. :) That was a good price on avocados - the Kroger affiliate store I order from has them for $1.50 each!

  4. Your prices don't look too horrendous on the whole, even when translated to Canadian dollars, but here they are really alarming when you consider people on low fixed incomes, and the working poor with hungry families to feed. DH drove me and we got groceries today, but I am careful that he doesn't lift any heavy bags as he still needs 4 weeks to be safe after the surgery. I did manage to find some excellent specials to stock up on.

    1. One definitely has to watch the sales and shop, especially these days, and incorporate lots of budget stretching meals in the meal plan, which is not easy to do.
      I'm glad your DH was able to drive you and help you with the grocery shopping, even if he needs to be careful not to overexert himself. Glad you found some good specials to stock up on. I know that not everyone is able to stock up, but, it really helps if one is able to do so. :)

  5. TheHub and I ran to two grocery stores this morning. I wanted to cherry pick this week's ad from both stores, He only goes recreational shopping, not for real foods and he could not believe how much prices have risen. I shop each week and I am still astounded at how fast they have increased.

    1. Glad you were able to cherry pick the specials, Anne. I can just imagine how surprised your husband must have been to see the prices!

  6. I don't know prices of everything off by heart, but because I have been shopping for my parents a lot over recent months I do know the prices of some things and I can see that those have risen, some by a little, some by a lot. I have also noticed that my final bill at the till is significantly more than it used to be. Milk has gone up a lot, so have flour, oil and baked goods (we know why that is). Other things have gone up by less, no doubt due to the cost of transportation. They highlighted on the news last week that with tea, milk and sugar all having risen in price, even a cup of tea is now much more expensive than it was. This week my donation to the food bank was a large box of teabags and a jar of coffee. I usually choose more substantial foodstuffs, but I just think a nice hot cuppa is such a comfort, most of all when it is cold and dark, so if I can help with that I am sure it will be appreciated further down the line.

    What a shame Jennifer was off. Lucky you have another box of brownie mix in stock!

    1. Prices are mostly on the rise due to a number of reasons, all converging and creating our current situation. I am blessed that I can afford to pay for my groceries and I am concerned about those who find it difficult. That was very kind of you to donate tea bags and a jar of coffee to the food bank. Yes, a hot drink is much appreciated when it is cold, isn't it?

      Yes, next time, I will call ahead and find out if Jennifer will be there on the day I plan to put in another grocery order for pick up! I will also ask if she has any nut allergies; I didn't add any nuts to the batch of brownies I made this time because I didn't know. I do have another brownie mix (or, I could make a batch from scratch - it's a bit more work, but, the end results are wonderful).


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