Sunday, November 20, 2022

November Grocery Shopping - Part 2

I ordered groceries online, last night, and picked up my groceries, today.  

I called the store in the morning (in plenty of time to bake a pan of brownies before my scheduled pick up time) to find out if Jennifer was there today.  Her coworker, Eric, said Jennifer was off today.  So, I didn't bake the brownies.  I'll have to call and find out from Jennifer when she'll be there next and see how I can get the brownies to her.  

Eric brought the groceries to the car when I went to pick up my items and I received all the items I ordered and there were no substitutions.  

Today's groceries included one or two stock up items, but, mostly, Thanksgiving week splurges! 

I bought:

.74 lb. bananas @ $.68/lb. = $0.51
3 lb. bag mandarins = $2.99
2 bags cranberries (12 oz./bag; @ $1.49 with coupon) = $2.98
1 pineapple = $1.49
2 x 6 oz. containers raspberries, @ $1.50 = $3.00

.74 lb. broccoli @ $1.98/lb. = $1.47

10 lb. bag russet potatoes = $4.99 (5 lb. bag was $3.49)

1 bottle (64 fl. oz.) cranberry juice = $2.99

1 quart half&half = $3.49
1/2 gal. milk = $2.69
3 lb. butter @ $3.99/lb. with digital coupon = $11.97 (stock up item for baking season)

1 loaf multi-grain bread = $2.49

1.12 lb. salmon fillet @ $9.99/lb. (reg. price $13.99/lb.) = $11.20

2 cans SPAM canned meat, 12 oz. cans @ $4.29 = $8.58

1 whole turkey, frozen, 13.22 lb. @ $.79/lb. (with $25 minimum purchase) = $10.44

1 pecan pie (my daughter's favorite) = $8.99
1 pumpkin pie (my favorite) = $5.99

1 container (8 oz.) non-dairy whipped topping (with coupon) = $2.00
1 container (6.5 oz.) dairy whipped cream topping (in a spray can) = $3.50

2 brownie mixes @ $.99 with digital coupon = $1.98
2 yellow cake mixes @ $.99 with digital coupon = $1.98

Total spent (with sales, coupons, etc.) = $95.72

(Original order total was $140.38; I saved $44.66 with sales, coupons, etc.)

I bought the turkey mostly because it was cheaper, per pound, than chicken when it goes on sale (usually at $.99/lb. for me and $1.89/lb. for my daughter); I plan to roast it, then, freeze the majority of it for later.  Daughter will take some of the cooked frozen turkey back with her. 

November's monthly grocery budget = $100.00 (+ $93.75 carried over from October) = $193.75

Spent to date = $2.58 (on 2 brownie mixes at the drug store when I went for my Covid booster shot) plus $43.23 (for groceries earlier this month) plus $95.72 for today's groceries.

$2.58 + $43.23 + $95.72 = $141.53

Balance left in November's budget = $193.75 - $141.53 = $52.22

In a way, what I carried over from October paid for today's grocery shopping!  

I doubt very much if I'll need more groceries during the rest of this month.  Most probably, the balance will get carried over to December and will go towards holiday baking supplies!

As always, I am grateful that I can afford to buy the monthly groceries including a few seasonal splurges.  I feel truly blessed.

Updated to add "cranberries" to the 3rd item on the list of purchased groceries!


  1. Some of your prices are lower than here where I live, for example the raspberries are a great deal. Prices are going up up up so we do look for bargains, which you found.

    1. I think the raspberries were a loss leader. I bought them at Ralphs, which is our Kroger affiliated store.

  2. Even though I hate paying the prices for our food, I also can afford it, and my heart breaks for those who are struggling just to eat. Instead of one large holiday donation to the food bank I have decided I am going to start giving monthly.

    1. I like your plan to give monthly to the food bank, Anne. I'm sure it will help.

  3. I'd guessed that you'd get some salmon if your daughter was coming home and I was right! Do you have a meal plan in mind for all the things you've bought?

    1. Ha, ha, yes, you were right! I do have a meal plan - sauteed salmon for dinner, one night; turkey and sides for Thursday's Thanksgiving dinner, and leftovers the rest of the days! I'll send some of the leftovers back with my daughter. :)

  4. Jennifer doesn't know what she's missing by taking the day off. :) Maybe next time she will get her brownies.

    1. I might have to just make them and take them in on a day when she's at work; I just need to find out from her when she's planning to be there!

  5. You got some good deals and some tasty food!
    I got potatoes last week and they are the same price as yours.
    What is the second item? 2 bags for $1.49 with your coupon?
    I too love pumpkin pie. A friend of ours has a bakery and we always order ours from her bakery and it's delicious. I'm looking forward to it. Our cool whip was on sale for $1.66 so I got that. I laughed when I saw you bought both the cool whip and whipped cream as did I :)
    After much hemming and hawing, I finally decided on lasagna for Thanksgiving. The ingredients were on sale last week so I am all set and will make a big pot of meat sauce on Wednesday. Thursday morning I will cook the lasagna and make up the ricotta mixture and assemble it.
    I am thinking about getting a turkey for the freezer because the price
    (.49 lb with $25 purchase) is really good.
    Last year I made a turkey in between Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was a much more relaxing experience instead of making the big traditional meal on the holiday itself. Not sure why exactly but it was.
    My big "experiment" for Thanksgiving this year is making a homemade ice cream cake.
    I have an almost full container of coffee ice cream that has been languishing in the freezer for a while. I've decided to turn it into an ice cream cake for dessert on Thursday. (yes, along with the pie)
    I found a recipe for an Oreo ice cream cake and Oreos were on sale last week. I'm taking that as a sign that it was meant to be. :)

    1. Thank you, Debra. That should have been 2 bags of cranberries for $1.49 each with coupon. I added it and updated the post!
      I love lasagna so I fully approve of your decision to make that for Thanksgiving! Your turkey prices are great and I would definitely get one for the freezer.
      I hope your homemade ice cream cake works out great! You can't go wrong with coffee ice cream and Oreos! :D You'll have to let me know how it turns out! :)

  6. I hope Jennifer shows up soon so that you can bake her some brownies! I guess some of your produce prices reflect the fact that they don't have to travel vast distances to get to the store. DH came home with a 2 lb container of organic grapes for $9.99 the other day! Not the kind I would buy, but they are delicious. But so many people struggle to afford even apples, and I know our food bank is well used and needs our donations.
    We Face-timed with the family yesterday evening which was good.
    I made some cream of broccoli soup this morning, just the pick-me-up on a grey November day.

    1. I will call and find out when Jennifer will be there, next! It might have to be after Thanksgiving, though!
      This week's grapes are priced from $2.99/lb. for the regular, seedless grapes to $4.99/lb. for seedless "cotton candy" grapes which is similar to what your husband paid!
      Glad you were able to Face-time with the family, Bushlady, and hope that all are well.
      I don't think I've ever had cream of broccoli soup! Sounds like a good meal for a cold day. :)

  7. Love it.

  8. I'm glad the grocery shopping went well and you were able to get everything that you needed.


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