Friday, June 17, 2022

June Grocery Shopping - Part 2

Today (Friday), I picked up the groceries I had ordered online and I'm happy to say that they had everything I ordered, there were no substitutions, and, what's more, I received all the items in one go!  LOL.  

I bought:

1 loaf (16 oz)  French bread = $1.99
1 loaf (20 oz) sandwich bread = $1.79
1 package/8 count (13 oz.) hamburger buns = $1.49
1 package/10 count (16 oz) flour tortillas; reg. price $3.49, on sale = $1.50

2.2 lb. bananas (6 bananas) @ $.65/lb. = $1.43 
2 mangoes, @ $1 = $2.00
1.88 lb. apples (5 apples) @ $1.48/lb. = $2.80
1.45 lb. nectarines (5 nectarines), reg. price $2.49, @ $1.48/lb. with digital coupon = $2.14

1 cucumber = $.99
1 container (16 oz.) organic baby spring greens mix, reg. price $4.99, on sale = $3.69

2 x 1 quart (32 fl. oz.@) containers half and half, @2.99 = $5.98
(1 half gallon container would have been $0.50 cheaper, but, we've had problems with the 1/2 gal. going off, sooner)

1 x 1/2 gal. milk = $2.69

1.18 lb. shrimp @ $5.97/lb. (reg. price $13.99, on sale = $7.05

1 package (35.2 oz. = 2.2 lb.) hamburger patties (10 patties); reg. price $12.99, on sale = $10.00
(1 lb. ground beef was priced $4.99; by buying the patties on sale, the price per lb. came to $4.54 according to my calculations)

1 container (48 fl. oz.) Ice cream (butter pecan), reg. price $5.99 on sale = $2.97

2 boxes (@18 oz.)*  cereal with almonds, reg. price $4.99@; on sale for $1.99  = $3.98
(only one box was 18 oz.; the second box was 24 oz.!)

2 boxes (@13 oz.) multigrain cereal with cinnamon; reg. price $3.99@, on sale for $1.99 = $3.98

1 jar (30 fl. oz.) Miracle Whip ("mayo-like dressing" according to the receipt); reg. price $5.79, on sale = $3.49

The cereal and Miracle Whip were part of a "buy 5 participating items and get $1 off each item" sale.  I stocked up on the cereal to share with my daughter; I have come to almost the end of my jar of MW and had been waiting for a sale.

According to the receipt, the original price for all the items I bought amounted to $92.59 and I saved $32.63 with coupons and sales.  As it was, my total, after coupons and discounts, came to nearly $60.

Total paid today = $59. 96.

Spent to date = $32.79 + $59.96 = $92.75

June grocery budget = $100 + $17.32 carried over from May = $117.32
Balance left in the budget = $117.32 - $92.75 = $24.57

As always, I am grateful to be able to afford to buy groceries, for the availability of food, for curbside pick up, for sales and coupons, for pleasant store workers.

How are you coming along with your grocery shopping in June?  Are you finding some good sales?


  1. You did well with your shopping this time and saved a third of the total cost. I was expecting to see salmon on the list as you are expecting your daughter home.

    I paid full price for everything last time I went shopping but then got a 10% seniors discount at the till. Not quite as good as yours but every little helps.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; I didn't buy salmon as I still have two pieces in the freezer. :) I will be cooking them both, this week, and freezing one for my daughter to take back with her. Salmon was "on sale" last week at $9.99/lb.! At that price, it is definitely an occasional splurge, a special treat!

      A 10% discount is nothing to sneeze at! As you said, it all helps!

  2. That's a good saving on your shop and I like that offer to buy 5 participating items and get $1 off each item. I'm noticing prices going up and up but as you say I'm grateful to be able to afford our groceries but I do continue to look what's on offer first before selecting the items from my favourites list.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I was happy with what I was able to save! Yes, it is important, especially these days, to shop the sales. :)

  3. I'm trying to be really careful with shopping as prices are definitely rising. I'm SO grateful for my garden produce. The hot weather means eating salads is a no-brainer. I'm also learning to use the leaves of beans as a spinach alternative, and radish leaves in pesto.

    1. I think we all have to keep an eye on those rising grocery prices and look for the best deals. Yes, the leaves of several vegetable and fruits we grow are edible! Learning to make use of those parts of the plants we would otherwise compost can extend the harvest we get from what we grow! Radish leaves can be sauteed or added to various other dishes and, if you have a radish that bolts and sets seeds, the seed pods are edible, too, and can be added to a stir fry. :)

  4. Nice shop! I am not doing too badly though camping and being away threw things off. I shall get back on track. Because of the petrol/gas prices I am being careful how many trips out with the car I make which also helps the food budget as I am trying to only go once or twice a week - less time to be tempted!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I'm sure you'll be back on track in no time at all. :) Yes, gas prices at some of the major brand stations are pushing $7/gal. here! The cheapest gas station in my area is now over $6/gal.

  5. You did well getting some good sale prices. I was just saying to my husband how bananas have gone up. I remember them always being around .33 a pound I think.
    Your shrimp price is really good and you did good stocking up on your cereal.
    I haven't gotten any particularly good sales in the last week or so.
    We did an Aldi's run today but I think I will skip the weekly visit to the other store as there's nothing special on sale that we need.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Yes, I think the days of $.33/lb. bananas are gone now! But, at least we still get them!
      I was very happy to see the shrimp on sale (with a digital coupon). It was a splurge item, but, it was worth it. I will probably send some of the cereal up with my daughter when she goes back. :)
      Hopefully, you'll get some good sales, soon, at stocking up prices. Maybe there will be grilling specials around 4th of July.


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