Tuesday, June 22, 2021


After all the excitement with the gas stove, last night, both my daughter and I slept well.  I woke up at 6:30 a.m., feeling wide awake.   I boiled the water for my tea in the microwave instead of on the stove   and I was ready and waiting for the gas company service technician by 7:00 a.m.  While I waited, I emptied a couple of the buckets of water that had collected overnight from the drippy kitchen tap and used the water to water some of the plants in the front garden (I really need to find a new plumber - the person I used to call is no longer available; I called the company that fixed my water heater, but they said they specialize in water heaters and don't do regular plumbing repairs).  

When I went outside to water the plants, I saw not one but two white bunnies playing near the sidewalk!  They seemed to be smaller than the white rabbit that comes to my back yard; I don't know if these are new bunnies or, perhaps, they are the ones neighbor S's daughter mentioned seeing some time ago?  Just how many rabbits are there running around my block?

The gas service technician checked out my stove and was amazed that my stove is 27 years old!  He said these stoves have a life span of about 8 to 10 years!  He said I have kept my stove well maintained.  He checked everything and didn't find any gas leaking and couldn't find what might have caused yesterday's "whoosh" sound and the reason for the flame to go off.  He did say that, sometimes, a bit of ash or debris might clog an opening which would result in a blockage and a build up of gas which might then burn like a fireball.  Maybe that's what happened, last night and then something cause the flame to go off?  But, he checked for clogged openings and couldn't find any!

Even so, he brushed all the burner parts where the openings are for the gas to come out and turned the stove on and off while he checked for gas leakage, etc.  He checked the oven, too, and said everything seemed OK.  He did seem a little concerned by the fact that the self-ignition on one of the burners is no longer working (I usually light that burner with a lit candle), and on one other burner, the flame only lights on one side (although the openings are not blocked; I usually just blow on that burner and it causes the flame to light all around).  These are minor inconveniences as far as I am concerned, but, maybe they are reasons to be concerned?

The stove has a sealed top which doesn't allow the technician to check what is going on underneath the burners, where the wires are, etc.  According to him, getting a manufacturer recommended technician to come out and take the whole stove apart would not be worth the cost because the stove is so old.  

I was told I could continue to use the stove, but, his recommendation was to get a new stove, because once these sort of burner issues show up, they might continue to be a problem.  Plus, with gas stoves, one can't be too careful.  My daughter has been telling me to get a new stove for at least a couple of years, so, I guess that's what we will do!  My only concern is if a new stove will fit in the space between the two cabinets!  I remember the trouble I had with the new fridge not quite fitting into the space the old fridge occupied!  The space we have for the stove is exactly 30 inches wide and my current stove is 29 1/2 inches wide!  All the similar stoves I looked at online said they were 30 inches wide.  I am hoping that they will be just that half inch less than 30 inches!  Otherwise, we might have to do some kitchen remodeling and I am not sure if I am ready for that!  I would, however, like to get a new vent hood to go with the new stove.  The one I currently have is not quite as old as the stove, but, it is almost 24 years old and it looks grimy no matter how much I clean it.

In the meantime, we left the old stove be and didn't use it, today, at all!  Instead, I cooked a fish curry (with frozen pollock fillets) and green beans from the garden (we had picked almost a pound of green beans!) in the electric skillet!  I also made a salad with one of the small zucchini my daughter picked today - I made it the way I made cucumber salad - thinly sliced, with salt, pepper, and lemon juice.  My daughter, who normally doesn't like raw zucchini, said it was very good!  Dinner was rice with fish curry, sauteed green beans, and zucchini salad.  

I spent most of the morning on the family room sofa sitting up with a cushion at my spine and my legs stretched out on the sofa.  As I told my daughter, I felt less of an invalid while lying propped up on the sofa than propped up in bed!  Besides, I could look out into the back garden from the window and see the plants and the birds, etc.  There was a very territorial mockingbird who must have a nest nearby because it was dive bombing at one of the garden cats and pecking at it!  The poor cat was trying to run away from the bird!  

But, my daughter was worried that my leg pain might return because I was up and about.  So, in the afternoon, I went back to the bed and sewed on the quilt that I am repairing.  Aunt C called while I was doing that and we had a long chat.  Aunt C is in her mid-80s and occasionally repeats a story, but, I don't mind.  Sometimes she'll ask me if she has told the story earlier and I always say that a good story is worth repeating!  LOL.  Later, I chatted with friend R.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The stove is safe to use, although a new stove has been recommended
- The electric skillet which is earning its keep!
- Another good, pain free day
- Green beans from the garden
- All what I was able to do today!

Today's joyful activity was looking out at the garden and enjoying the view!

Plans for tomorrow include M's visit to tend to the garden.  

How was your day and what are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. Glad all checked out but I think a new stove is a good idea. Gas appliances are definitely nothing to mess around with. Those mocking birds are always so mean to cats. I guess it's payback for all the birds cats happen to catch. Glad it was another good day. :)

    1. Thank you, Martha. Yes, I think I will be getting a new stove, if only for my daughter's peace of mind! Even this morning, I saw the mockingbird chasing one of the cats as it was coming up to eat the food I had just put out for them! The cats are all hiding under the plants, trying to keep out of the way of the bird! :D

  2. My house was built in 1969. In the past year, we had to replace both the dishwasher and the fridge. We ended up having to get a handicapped accessible dishwasher because the former owner put ceramic tile on the floor a few years later. Yes, 1/4 inch makes a difference. Then we found out that they make fridges taller and deeper as well as wider (by less that 1 inch). We had to tear our kitchen apart and lose a cabinet to get the fridge in. That took a week with the fridge sitting in the middle of the floor! Good luck on the stove...now I'm wondering if we will have problems when we replace ours!

    1. That seems to be the problem with replacing appliances in a fitted kitchen - the newer appliances seem to be just that much bigger to make the existing space not enough! Sigh.

  3. How has the pandemic affected the prices of gas stoves? Do you have a preferred brand or are you still debating what to do?

    I haven't tried zucchini like that. I usually cook it in some way so maybe I should try it raw for once ... be more adventurous with my food!

    I'm glad you're still keeping well and are still taking it easy.Is this still the same quilt you're repairing or have you moved on to another one?

    1. From what I can see (checking prices online), the basic model of stove that I want hasn't changed much in price from what I paid for my current stove! (I have the original receipt for my stove, kept with the user's manual.) I was really surprised! Of course the installation and delivery fees have gone up in the intervening years as well as the amount of sales taxes! I am thinking of buying the same brand and model - I know, I've very boring that way!

      I like raw zucchini, almost more than I like cooked zucchini. I hope you enjoy the taste of raw zucchini, too.

      It's the same quilt - I seem to sew about 4 or 5 repair patches each day, that's all. I want to finish this quilt before I move onto the next (which is a hexagon quilt using English paper piecing that has been many years in the making!)

      Thank you, Eileen; I walked a bit in the garden this morning and my calf muscle made itself felt, so now, I'm resting again!

  4. I do hope you will be able to find a stove that fits the existing space in your kitchen. I remember the trouble our son had to get a new fridge and we also had to make adjustments with ours. That electric skillet is proving to be a blessing lately!
    I shall be watching to see how many white bunnies you find in future. This could be the start of a bunny dynasty!

    I'm seeing a lot of butterflies around, not just Monarchs but many Swallowtails and a lot of tiny Skippers. My walks to the mailbox and back get slower as I stop to admire them on the wild flowers.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; getting a new stove that will fit into the existing space will be an adventure, I think! Most stoves seem to come in two standard sizes - 24" and 30" wide. I'll keep my fingers crossed that a 30" one will fit! If not, I might end up with a stove in the middle of the kitchen!

      I shall be on the lookout for more bunnies!

      Sounds like the butterfly population is thriving in your area, this summer! How lovely!

  5. It sounds like your block is slowly being taken over by rabbits ;)
    I'm glad you've had your stove checked, you can never be too careful with these appliances. Also, how fortunate you have the electric skillet you can use for the time being. X

    1. It does look like we have a bunch of very happy rabbits, doesn't it?

      Yes, it's good to get the appliances checked. I'll call to get the heater checked again sometime in the fall, around November or so. That electric skillet is making up for all the time it was kept in the cupboard, unused! :D

  6. I am glad the service call went well and there are no leaks or urgent matters.
    Reading through, I see you're more than likely going to get the same manufacturer's stove as you have now. Might as well since it's served you very well for almost 3 decades!
    I hope the fit works out.

    Rabbits. What can I say. They are cute for sure but they are a gardening nuisance big time for me. Our neighborhood is full of them. They are everywhere. Over the years I will admit that they've lost their charm. This year they must be particularly hungry as they've eaten things that I've never had them eat before. This week they devoured my Asiatic lilies. A first. And I see they've been eating the leaves of the gone by Siberian Iris. Another first. There are many flowers I'd like to have but I no longer even attempt them.
    I always get a couple pots of black-eyed Susans and just place the pots in the bed.
    Instant flowers lol
    The year I planted them in the ground they were eaten down in a day by the rabbits. I didn't know they were a favorite but I do now!
    I noticed two Black-eyed Susan seedlings back in early spring so I've protected them and they're doing well. I'm excited by that.

    1. Yes, I'm glad the stove was checked out and it is OK for use. But, it is probably time to replace it. I am hoping that the newer stoves manufactures by this same company will be as durable!

      Sounds like you've had your fill of rabbits over there! Are they wild rabbits? I'm sorry they are munching down your garden - maybe you will have to plant everything surrounded by mesh wires! I've read that wild rabbits can be kept away by human hair - maybe you can place some trimmed hair around your garden!

      I hope your Black-eyed Susan plants will thrive and be out of reach of the rabbits!

  7. Glad there wasn't anything majorly wrong with it. I know what you mean about just-so sized appliances. Our fridge has to be a certain size and apparently it's an awkward one. We do want to get the kitchen done at some point so I suppose (hopefully) the fridge will hang on until then lol. Hope you find a stove that fits!

    1. Thank you, Sharon. I guess I'll have to wait and see if the new stove will fit into the space I have for it. If not, I might have to find someone to remove the one cabinet and counter top on one side to accommodate it, but, that will be more work!


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