Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hot on Tuesday


Before: Middle Strip Completely Worn Off, Sides Frayed

After: Entire Patch Replaced

Today's daytime high was 102F.  It has since cooled off to 84F (at 9:30 p.m.).  The rest of this week will only be in the upper 90s.  I think the zucchini in the garden will be picked pre-baked!

Last night, my leg started to twinge a bit - there was a pain behind my knee which, thankfully, didn't flare up!  I guess it was a sign that I had done a bit too much.  My leg was fine by morning, but, I've taken it easy, today.  I did a few things such as washing a few dishes by hand (items that don't go in the dishwasher; dishwasher has been loaded and will be run after dinner), but, I spent most of the day sitting propped up in bed, repairing the quilt and reading blogs.  

The quilt repair is coming along slowly.  In some places, I replace just a single piece of the worn fabric (the pink strip on the left in the second picture) and in other places, the entire patch is replaced.  The top picture shows a place where the middle strip has been completely worn off (the white fabric that is seen is the lining I used to sew the patchwork blocks to for added strength) and the side strips were fraying, too.  In this case, I decided to sew a new patchwork block and sew that in place (second picture).  I might replace that dusty pink floral strip to the right of the new patch because I noticed that it, too, was starting to fray.  

In between reading blogs and sewing, I spoke with people on the phone!  Called neighbor T to check on her (especially to make sure she was doing OK with the heat), and friend A (who had been hospitalized again due to recurring bacterial infections which are preventing her from receiving the chemo treatments; she came home yesterday), and neighbor E across the street who had been in the hospital for surgery!  I left a message for E as he didn't answer the phone.  I also spoke with cousin P, aunt C, and friend R.

I also called and scheduled the MRI; I had waited to call until I received the authorization letter from my insurance in the mail, which I received yesterday.  It was a good thing I waited because they needed the authorization number that was on the letter (the one I received from the doctor's office had a different number!  I don't know why they were different, but, I'll take both the print out I received from the doctor and my letter when I go to the appointment, just in case!).  The earliest appointment they could give me was Monday, June 28.  But, I was happy to take what they had available.  

Today, we discovered that warmed up zucchini waffles go well with daughter's peach chutney!  My daughter and I shared the last two waffles with chutney as a tea time snack.  I think I will be making another batch of zucchini waffles before too long!  

Today, I am grateful for:

- Another pain free night and day/last night's twinges didn't become a flare up
- Having an appointment for the MRI
- Electric fans, both ceiling fans and stand fans
- Electricity to run the fans (and other appliances)
- Telephone services/phone calls with family, friends, and neighbors

Today's joyful activities included sewing and chatting with people!  

Plans for tomorrow include M's visit to tend to the garden and more quilt repairs.

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. I'm so pleased to read that the twinges didn't develop into a flare up and that you continue to be relatively pain free.

    You have me started on courgettes ... my first bounty has arrived from G, so today's lunch is stuffed courgette boats and tomorrow I will try courgette fritters.

    The 28th isn't too far away, and a much shorter wait than is usual over here for a non emergency MRI. Fingers are crossed that the results will be good for a pain free future for you.

    My Tuesday was great although after the meal out with J I think it's highly unlikely that I'll lose any weight this week. Worth it though! Today I'm waiting in for a supermarket delivery and then hope to get out and take some photos.

    1. Thank you, Eileen; what I am noticing with the leg these days is that, it is fine first thing in the morning (rested after a good night's sleep), but, by late evening, I start to feel a little tightness, a twinge or two, etc. Even if I've spent most of the afternoon just sitting in bed, resting. Probably telling me that I've been up and about long enough and should go to sleep! LOL.

      Ha, ha, isn't it funny that we are all eating zucchini/courgettes at this time of the year? I had steamed zucchini slices with my dinner, last night! I like them just barely steamed in the microwave. :)

      Yes, the 28th isn't too far away. I'm just being impatient! :D

      I'm glad you had a great day, yesterday, and enjoyed a nice meal out with J. You can make up for it with eating zucchini - it's supposed to be low in calories. :) Hope you receive all the groceries you ordered and are able to take all the photos you want. Have a great day!

  2. When it's over 100 degrees, do you put in your AC? Does your daughter tolerate heat as well as you do?

    1. We discussed asking M to put in the a/c unit (it's stored in the garage, right now), but, decided to wait until later for when it gets really hot! LOL. The house usually stays 10 degrees cooler than outside and I don't feel hot until it is close to 100F inside the house. That's when I want the a/c! Usually around mid July or early August. My daughter likes the heat as much as I do, so she's fine with the fans to cool her off. :)

  3. It sounds like you sure spent lots of time on the phone yesterday! Glad the quilt repair is coming along nicely, it sure is pretty. Have a great Wednesday Bless. :)

    1. I guess yesterday was my day to call people! LOL. Thank you, Martha; hope you are having a good day, yourself. :)

  4. I'm glad your leg didn't flare up and that rest helped once again. I woke with a stiff neck yesterday and it was painful if I moved my head the wrong way but after a good night's sleep it is much better.
    I'm sure that quilt is lovely and soft after years of washing and care. You are doing a good job.
    It is cooler here, sunny and breezy, a great day to be out and about. I went grocery shopping and will go for a walk this afternoon.

    1. I'm glad your stiff neck is better, today, Bushlady. I'm sure the old quilt won't be done being repaired as the next wash will probably reveal more patches needing to be replaced! But, my daughter loves how it feels and wants it repaired, so I will! She also has another, equally old and worn quilt up at Berkeley, with her - I think I'll ask her to bring it down on her next visit! It is made with triangles sewn in rows.

      Glad you are enjoying the weather, up there. Enjoy your afternoon walk. :)

  5. That quilt repair sounds like the painting of the Forth Bridge! Good news on the MRI. It's been really muggy today, but now it's raining and it smells wonderful!

    1. I probably should have pieced an entire new quilt top, but, that would have been too easy, wouldn't it? Besides, it won't be quite as soft as the old, worn one! And I am enjoying the trip down memory lane as I spot a piece of my mother's dress, my step-father's shirt, and one of my dresses, etc. My mother used to sew almost all our clothes and I used the leftover bits and pieces for my quilts. :)

  6. So glad you're still pain free from your sciatica. I'm surprised you were able to get your MRI appt. so quickly. June 28th is around the corner. I too, get twinges of pain behind my knee and my shins. They pass quickly and I go about my day. We were 100 degrees here today. I know you like the heat but I am not a fan. I'll be happy when it cools down a bit. Looking forward to some rain. Have a good day!

    1. Thank you (Denise?). Yes, I suppose it is not too long to wait for the MRI, it just feels like a long time! I'm glad your twinges of pain pass quickly and you are able to go about your day. That's what I am trying to do, too - except, my daughter is so worried on my behalf! I rest in bed more for her peace of mind than anything else! LOL.

      I'm sure your 100F feels warmer because of the humidity. I hope you do get some rain and it cools down a bit. We are cooler, today, and we had 50 drops of light drizzle, just now, which barely dampened the ground (lasted all of 2 minutes, I think!). But, maybe it is raining more in other areas of the city.

      I hope you, too, have a good day and feel well. :)

  7. That is good news that your uncomfortable twinges didn't lead to a more serious pain event. I think these are good signs, don't you? Signs that your sciatica event may be behind you.
    It was probably smart to take it easy during the day and rest a bit.
    You are making some progress on the quilt. I think that kind of work is very rewarding.
    Lovely weather for the last few days here in New England. Cool and in the 70's and in the 50's at night. You would be bundled up for sure lol

    1. Oh, Debra, I am hoping that the sciatica pain is behind me. I'd be happier if my foot wasn't still numb, but, hopefully, that will go away, too. I'm trying to do a little more without getting my daughter too anxious (she's worried that I might trigger another flare up if I do stuff!)

      The quilt repairing is coming along although I am tempted to set it aside until it is cooler! I have another quilt top I am sewing by hand that I could work on while sitting up in bed...

      I'm glad you are enjoying your lovely weather. As long as it is comfortable for you, that's what matters. But, yes, I'd be all bundled up! :D


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