Monday, June 21, 2021




Happy summer solstice!  

I've had another good day, today - as my daughter reminded me this morning, it's been three weeks since my last flare up!  I hope I didn't just jinx it by writing that!  

Today started with a phone call from one of my friends who called to say she was dropping something off at my front door in return for all the zucchini we had given her!  When I opened the door, this is what I found: 

Vietnamese Meat Pies

What a lovely thank you gift!  These meat pies are so delicious!  I had two for my breakfast and daughter had two for brunch.  The other two are in the fridge to be shared tomorrow!

This morning, I noticed two neighbors (a man and a woman, from a couple of houses down the street from me) walking all over my front yard!  I watched them from the doorway (they didn't see me and I was not dressed enough to go outside).  I guess they were trying to chase one of the neighbor's rabbits (the brown one who likes to sit in the front garden)!  I am not sure if they were trying to capture it (why else would they be bothered that a rabbit was in my front garden?), but the woman had a long stick which she was using to chase the poor bunny!  She might have been trying to get the bunny to run towards the man so he could catch it.  Instead, bunny ran across the street and either hid under a parked car or went into that neighbor's yard.  I saw the man gesture towards that yard and then, the couple went back to their house (which they are renting; it's the house next to neighbor T's and T has been complaining to me about them because apparently, their children throw stones and trash into her yard!)  Later, after I was dressed, I went out into the front garden, but didn't see the brown bunny.  That's when I took the photo of the white gladioli stalk that is flowering near the climbing rose.  I do wish the neighbors who own the bunnies would provide better care for them!  

I had another relatively relaxed day, today.  I did a load of laundry, made a card for my niece's son who graduated from high school earlier this month, sewed a few more patches, cut up the last of the peaches to be frozen, cooked hamburger patties in the electric skillet, and did the dishes.  

Later in the evening, however, when daughter had kept a pot of water on the stove to boil and we were in the bedroom watching a video of her playing the piano, we heard a sort of "whoosh" sound - I thought the water might have boiled over, but, when daughter checked, she said the water was not boiling yet, and came back to the room.  A few minutes later we both smelled gas and when she checked the stove, she noticed that the flame had gone off!  She quickly turned the stove off and opened the windows to air out the place.  I called the gas company to report the incident; I was asked if I heard or smelled gas leaking after the stove was turned off and I said no.  Since there is no active leakage, they will send a technician tomorrow morning to check on the stove.  I have a feeling it is time for a new stove - this stove is one I've had for 27 years.  So, that was our excitement for the day!

Today, I am grateful for:
- It being 3 weeks since my last flare up
- My friend's thank you gift of meat pies
- Brown bunny evaded its would be captors!
- The stove didn't blow up/we smelled the gas in time/the stove isn't leaking gas
- The gas company will send a technician out tomorrow morning

Today's joyful activity was a very brief walk in the garden during which I picked a handful of green beans.

Plans for tomorrow include waking up early to wait for the gas company technician to arrive (any time after 7:00 a.m. is what I was told).  

How was your Monday?  What are your plans for Tuesday?


  1. I am so glad your stuff did not explode!!

    1. Thank you, Angela! I am still waiting for the service technician to show up. In the meantime, I boiled water for my morning tea in the microwave. :)

  2. Gas leaks are scary. I'm glad that you discovered it before any real problems happened. Our backyard neighbors have rabbits, but are much more responsible with theirs than your neighbors. They have a rabbit hutch and a rabbit pen for them. And when the rabbits are out of those, they are with them. However, one did get out into our yard one day and it took them a while to catch it, but they did. While the neighbors rabbits stay out of our yard, we have plenty of wild rabbits who live there.

    1. Yes, gas leaks are scary. I'm waiting for the service technician to show up. I'd be interested to find out why the stove went off the way it did; maybe because it is old and needs to be replaced?

      As for the rabbits, this morning, I saw two white rabbits who were hopping about and playing with each other on the street, near a parked car! They looked smaller than the white rabbit that visits my backyard, so, now I don't know exactly how many rabbits are roaming around! I don't think these are wild rabbits!

  3. That is so strange that those people were in your yard trying to get the bunny. Could they be the owners? Or no that's not right - I don't think the owners live next door to T.
    I'm glad they didn't catch it!
    At this point, the bunnies should live in your garden. They'd be much happier.
    They need to work on their veggie etiquette though.

    How interesting about your stove. I wonder what the sound was? I'm glad you were quick to react and turned everything off and aired the house out well.

    Oh my goodness. Those Vietnamese Meat Pies look sooooo good.
    I think you made out in that trade.

    1. No, the people in my yard trying to catch the bunny yesterday weren't the owners. The bunny owners are in the house to my left; T lives in the house to my right and these people live in the house to T's right. To add to the mystery, this morning, I saw TWO white bunnies playing under and around a car parked just in front of my house! They were really cute to watch as they chased each other and played. They seemed smaller than the white bunny that comes to my back yard - maybe they are the rabbits my neighbor across the street had mentioned seeing?

      I don't know what made the sound from the stove, unless it was the flames going out. I am still waiting for the technician (it's 9:00 a.m. as I type this; I've been waiting since 7:00 a.m.) to find out what is wrong and if I need to replace the stove!

      Yes, I, too, think I made out in the trade of zucchini for meat pies! :D

  4. P.S. Your gladioli is a really lovely color. Do you have more or just the single stem?
    I bought a bag of Gladiolus bulbs at the dollar store and they have come up (now that I have a little more sun!)
    Not sure if they will bloom. I've been really disappointed with the dollar store seed quality as none of the seeds have performed for me this year - but for $1 I thought I'd give these bulbs a try. The foliage looks very nice.
    My flowers will be pink.

    1. Thank you. There was a stem of pink gladioli in bloom, a week or so ago, but I didn't photograph it. I planted several gladioli bulbs a couple of years ago - not all of them came up, but, a few did and a couple of them have returned this year, too. I hope your dollar store bulbs will bloom for you. If not, maybe the leaves will help the bulbs store more energy for blooming next year!

  5. Those Vietnamese meat pies sure do look delicious, what a nice gift! I wish the people who owned the bunnies took better care of them too. I've never known anyone who had a pet bunny that would let them wander around the neighborhood like that. That was a bit scary about the stove, glad they are coming to take a look at it today!

    1. The meat pies were wonderful! The free ranging bunnies are becoming a bit of a problem in the neighborhood! The gas service technician was here a this morning; he didn't find anything wrong with the stove, other than it is old and some of the burners don't ignite as they should. He said it was OK to continue to use with caution, but, better to get a new stove!

  6. What an eventful day - people invading your front yard and the incident with the gas stove. I'm glad it didn't explode or allow gas to seep into the home. As for the invaders, I hope they weren't trying to capture the brown bunny for a stew!

    1. Never a dull day, is there? I'm glad the people didn't catch the brown bunny, but, this morning, I discovered there were two white rabbits (and they looked smaller and more playful than the one that visits my back yard!). So, we maybe having more than a couple of rabbits hopping around!

      I, too, am glad that the stove didn't explode and the gas leak wasn't sustained. The technician came out today and I can use the stove, but, I really should get a new one as this one is 27 years old (he was surprised at how long I've had it!). In the meantime, we might make more use of that electric skillet! :D

  7. The kitchen was set up for cooking with gas when I first moved into this house but I changed to electric as soon as possible as I have no sense of smell and my home insurance was astronomical as a result. I now only have gas for the heating boiler and that's alarmed to within an inch of its life with auto cut off for leaks to please the insurance people! I doubt I'd have heard a whoosh like you did, just an ear piercing alarm!

    It seems you were right to keep the electric skillet! 😏

    1. I think you made the right decision to change to electric in that case! Glad the heating boiler has an alarm and an auto cut off! Well, once I am able to stand at the stove to cook, I'll probably go back to using the stove, but, in the meantime, the electric skillet has come in very handy! :D


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