Saturday, June 8, 2019

More Grocery Shopping on Friday

A sunny and warm day, today.

My daughter called me in the morning, as she was about to board her plane; she was flying out to Baltimore, Maryland for a work-related conference.  She will fly back on Tuesday.  She will be giving a presentation at the conference, so she was excited about that (and a little nervous).  She put together four outfits for the four days of conferences and sent me photos for my opinion: a pale blue dress with a black jacket; a black and white skirt with a white blouse and red jacket, another black and white skirt with red blouse and black jacket, and a black and white striped blouse, worn with black slacks and a Royal blue jacket.  I asked her if she tried the pale blue dress with the blue jacket, but she said she didn't like the combination of the two shades of blue.   I approved her selections, of course.

I went back to sleep after she called and then, woke up when one of the doctor's offices called to reschedule my Monday's appointment to Tuesday.  They were unable to give me an afternoon appointment, however, saying the doctor was double and triple booked for the afternoon.  So, I settled for a morning appointment.  It's not too horribly early (10:15 a.m.).  I'll need to leave a little after 9:00 a.m.

Then, I had a cup of tea, responded to blog comments, etc., and had a bowl of leftover mung beans for brunch.

In the afternoon, I went to do some grocery shopping.  First, to the dollar store, mostly to buy Epsom salt for the garden, but, I also bought another box of cake mix and two cans of apple pie filling because I need to make a dessert to take to a pot luck on Sunday (yes, I am making another apple dump cake!), and I bought a box of cheese crackers for snacking and a can of spaghetti sauce.  My food items came to $5.00

6/7 Groceries
Afterwards, I went to the grocery store and bought:
2 pork chops @$.99/lb = $1.16
2 mangoes @$.50 = $1.00
3 bananas @ $.49/lb = $.55 ( 3 bananas seem to be the ideal number for me, as I can eat them before they get too ripe)
1 jar Nutella = $1.99
1 loaf of bread = $1.99
1 lb store brand mozzarella cheese = $3.59 (the 8 oz grated package was $2.89!)
Total = $10.28

Total spent on groceries today = $5 + $10.28 = $15.28

In addition, I also bought 10 cans of tuna in water at $.59 each, which came to $5.90, however, these cans are for Dancer, as he no longer likes the canned cat food!  He gets a spoonful of the tuna twice a day, when I make my tea in the morning and evening.  Occasionally, when I open a new can, I take a little of the tuna for myself for a sandwich (like I did, today), but, for the most part, the cans are his tuna, so I am counting them as cat food and not part of my grocery budget (which is why I didn't include them in the photo).

Dollar Store Receipt

Grocery Store Receipt

My June grocery budget is $75 - $23.82 overspent in May = $51.18

Spent to date = $.69 + $7.00 + $5.57 + $15.28 = $28.54

$51.18 - $28.54 = $22.64

While I was out shopping, I received a text from the airline that daughter was travelling on stating that her flight was delayed.  She was flying to St. Louis first, and needed to make a connecting flight from there.  She texted me when she arrived at the St. Louis airport; she had just enough time to make her connection!  They had just begun to board!  I was glad she was able to make the connection!

After I came home from grocery shopping, I had a banana, a slice of bread with some of Dancer's tuna, and a cup of tea.

Then, I watched the news and went through three of my file folders.  One pertained to a medical bill from 2010; I had to file a grievance with the insurance company on that one before it was resolved - the insurance company sent me a letter saying they were not going to pay it, but, I wasn't responsible for paying it, either, and I had to send a copy of that letter to the urgent care center!  I was told by the insurance company that the clinic would "write it off as a loss" (I had written that all down in the file!), but I kept all the paperwork, "just in case" they decided to bill me, again.  However, it's been 9 years and I doubt very much if they will re-bill me, now!

One was the file for the previous car, which was purchased in 2000 and which I traded in when I bought my present car, almost five years ago!  I still had the original purchase invoice, etc., even though I no longer owned the car!

The third file had to do with an accident in 2013, when that same car was knocked by a tour bus (I was at a stop sign, waiting to turn right; the bus was turning left and it knocked my car when it turned!).  The insurance company paid for the repairs and rental car, etc.  But, I kept copies of all the invoices, emails, correspondence with the insurance company, etc. 

Today, I figured I no longer needed to retain any of the papers in these three files.  There was no sensitive information in these files, so I just tore up everything - it went by much faster than cutting up my mother's documents. 

Friend M came to do the garden in the early evening (he tidied up the place and applied the Epsom salt to various plants).  I  had him try a little of my stir-fry with the radish seed pods, as he had never tried eating radish pods.  He liked the stir-fry and I gave him some to take home and have with his dinner.

Daughter texted me when she got to Baltimore.  Apparently, her flight from St. Louis didn't take off at the scheduled departure time (even though they had all boarded as scheduled) and her arrival in Baltimore was delayed by almost one hour.  By the time she made her way to the hotel, her colleagues were already there, waiting for her.  Later, she made her way to a restaurant and sent me a photo of her dinner:

Miso Glazed Salmon
Looks delicious, doesn't it?  Miso glazed salmon, served on a bed of rice, with miso sauce and snow peas.  She said she couldn't finish it! 

I cooked the pork chops I bought today, with a teriyaki glaze.  I wasn't hungry because I had a tuna sandwich, earlier, so I put the cooked pork chops in the fridge.

Today's  book decluttering was this book:

Day 7 Book Decluttering
I've had this book since 1984 (I used to write my name and the date I bought the book on the inside cover).  Obviously printed prior to the use of rotary cutters, as it doesn't even mention them and explains how to make templates and cut around them for the quilt pieces.  Time to let it go.

Today, I am grateful for:
- My daughter had a safe flight to Baltimore
- M helping with the garden
- Good deals at the grocery store
- Decluttering three more files
- Decluttering another book

Saturday's To Do List:
- More decluttering
- Clean the kitchen (as I didn't do it on Friday)
- A load of laundry
- Water the front garden

How was your Friday?  Can you believe that the first week of June is already over?  What are your plans for Saturday?


  1. It's good to know your daughter arrived safely, and you must be very proud that she is speaking at the conference.
    Grocery shopping (and a magazine for Lily!) is on my list of chores for today. We're off out for the day tomorrow, so I need to get organised. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. She's been to another conference, but this is the first time she's presenting. :)

      Hope you got your grocery shopping done and found that magazine for Lily. Hope you have a fun day out, tomorrow.

  2. Hope your daughter has a little time for sightseeing in Baltimore because there are a lot of good things to see. Of course, it all depends on where her conference is and if she has any downtime.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. She is at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. I think the conferences are more or less all day, and there is an optional evening reception, today, that she may or may not attend, but, I believe her other evenings are free.

  3. I've just arrived home from Saturday morning band practice, eaten my lunch, and am enjoying a coffee before I go out to do some work on the back garden.

    Glad to hear that your daughter arrived safely. Is the conference part of her new job or something extra?

    1. Sounds like you are having a good day, Eileen. I believe daughter was asked if she could attend the conference and make a presentation even before she was promoted to her new position. They need to submit their applications to attend these conferences well in advance as they need to have funding authorized, and so forth. We were laughing at the time, though, because the two conferences she will be attending this year were both scheduled for after her former contract expired at the end of May and we didn't know for sure if she would be offered the new position (although, there was a good chance that she would be). Her next conference will be towards the end of July, and it will be here in southern California. So, she'll come home for the weekend before the conference, then, I am supposed to drive her to the hotel where the conference will be held. Then, pick her up at the end of the 4 days of conference, and bring her home. She took the next day off and will stay the weekend at home and then, fly back. :)

  4. I think it is wonderful that dancer shares a bite or two of "his" food with you! Glad Daughter made it safely, even if it was a bit delayed.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Ha, ha, he's very good at sharing! :D Of course, I shared 3 of my cans of tuna from the pantry when he went off his canned cat food and I didn't want to pay the regular price of canned tuna for him. I try to stock up when it goes on sale for $.50 or so, but $.59 is not too bad. Canned cat food, the brand I buy for him, is usually $.60 per can.

      Thank you. Hope you are having a good weekend, yourself.

  5. I had a clinic accept my insurance’s full 100% payment for a service and subsequently bill me the full amount. They claimed the insurance didn’t cover it, but I had all the documentation that they did. After that, they acted so horrible if I tried to go back for anything else. Eww. I got it cleared up in no time.

    1. Sometimes, having copies of those papers and documentation can be a life saver! I'm glad that you had the documentation and were able to clear up that matter, after all.

  6. Also, my boys (cats) like canned mackerel.

    1. I haven't tried giving him any, although he meows every time I open a can of mackerel. Well, he meows every time I open a can, no matter what can! He thinks that all cans contain tuna! LOL!

  7. I'm glad your daughter arrived safely. Air travel can be tedious!
    I remember making templates for quilting when I did some years ago. I've never tried any of the rotary cutters.

    We are having another beautiful sunny day with warm temperatures. It's just as if the gloomy weeks never happened. The black flies and mosquitoes are out in full force and they are enjoying it too!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. She is nervous to fly and I get nervous on her behalf!

      My daughter bought me a rotary cutter, cutting mat, and a ruler one year, as a gift (I forget now, if it was for my birthday or Christmas). All three pieces came as a kit. Took me awhile to get used to using them.

      I'm glad you are having sunny warm days, finally. Although, I'm sure you are not happy about the black flies and mosquitoes!


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