Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Moving Forward on Tuesday

Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments and empathy on Sunday's post.  You shared my shock and sadness and your words comforted me.  I was quite unprepared for the overwhelming sadness I felt as I heard about the events. 

Yesterday (Monday), I felt the need to take it easy and do something that would be relaxing.  I didn't feel like I could concentrate enough to cut out the borders for the Mountain Climbing quilt (remember that one?).  Instead, I pulled out the "mile a minute" patchwork and decided I needed a few additional squares to finish the quilt top.  It was soothing to play with fabric, to rather mindlessly pull out scrap after scrap of fabric and sew them together, to iron out the seams, and cut out 9-inch squares from the resulting piece of patchwork.  I set up the ironing board in the family room (instead of by my sewing machine in the dining room), on purpose, just so I needed to get up and walk a few feet to iron each seam, and be moving every few minutes, rather than sit in one place for hours.  Playing with fabric is a joyful activity for me.

In the afternoon, I called the temple to find out if there was anything planned to help the victims of the bombings and left a message.  Later, I received a message back, saying that there will be a prayer service, scheduled for Sunday (at first, it was to have been held tonight, but, a later message stated Sunday and I called the temple and confirmed that it was Sunday; I suppose more people could attend a Sunday evening service, rather than a Tuesday night service).

Later, in the evening, I attended my cousin's farewell dinner.  She had invited all of us cousins and we spent a very pleasant evening, chatting, reminiscing, enjoying Thai food, and each other's company.  Yes, we discussed the recent sad events in Sri Lanka, but, we also discussed other things, as well.  I gave the baby blanket to my cousin to take to her daughter.  Getting together with my cousins was another joyful activity.  Cousin P and her daughter were able to give me a ride to the dinner and back, which I appreciated very much.

I didn't write out a to do list, but I did a few things from my cleaning schedule, including changing my bed sheets and taking out the trash cans.

Today,  I video chatted with a good friend of mine for a little bit.  The miracles of modern technology!

After we ended our chat, I warmed up the leftovers my cousin had sent home with me and had that for lunch.  Then, I watched some  news on TV and continued to sew my patchwork squares.  I needed 12 additional squares and, so far, I've made 11.

A little later, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription refill.  I also stopped by the dollar store to pick up some bananas and saltine-type crackers (but with unsalted tops).  After I came home, I brought the trash cans in (had taken them to the curb, yesterday) and watered the garden, both front and back.

My joyful activity for today was video chatting with my friend.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Cousin P and her daughter giving me a ride to the cousins' dinner, last night
- A pleasant evening spent with my cousins, yesterday
- Being able to video chat with my friend, this afternoon
- The fabric stash and being able to play with fabric
- All of you who commented and empathized with me on Sunday's post.

I didn't make a To Do list on Monday, but I did a few things that were on my cleaning schedule, anyway, such as changing my bed sheets, taking the trash cans to the curb, etc.  I didn't make a list for today, either, but I ran errands and watered the garden (regularly scheduled for Mondays).  I am hoping to get back to the cleaning schedule, tomorrow:

Wednesday's To Do List
- Vacuum
- Clean my bathroom 
- Do one decluttering/organizing task in the spare room
- Water the house plants

How is your week coming along?  Did you do anything to observe Earth Day on Monday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?  


  1. My week seems to be centred around getting the new music for the band but today I’m off up the theatre to see Fiddler on the Roof. Somehow I have to find time to get my car back to the garage because the engine warning light has come on even I’ve only driven it twice since the car was serviced!

    1. You've been busy, but how exciting to see Fiddler on the Roof! Hope you have a fun time at the theater (no, not a spelling mistake; that's the American spelling!)

      Oh, dear, I hope there isn't anything wrong with the car! But, better get it checked!

  2. Your quilt sounds like it is coming along. I am still digging up weeds and working in the garden. It's time to start knitting the second sleeve on my sweater.

    1. You are going to have the best, weed-free garden! I keep saying I need to weed, but I haven't done anything much!

      You got that first sleeve knitted up very quickly! You'll have the second sleeve done in no time! How exciting! I'm looking forward to seeing it all completed. I'm sure it is going to be lovely.

      I did the last square for the quilt, late last night. Now, I need to cut the strips to make the sashing and start sewing the blocks together. :)

  3. I’m really not clear on what happened in Sri Lanka, as I try to avoid news lately. But I stand width you in prayer.

    1. Thank you, Akasha. There were several suicide bombings, in churches and hotels, on Easter Sunday, which killed over 300 people and injured several hundred more. :(


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