Wednesday, April 17, 2019

April Grocery Shopping - Week 2

April 17 Groceries

Today, I went grocery shopping, to take advantage of the advertised weekly specials!  

I first went to a discount grocery store (Grocery Outlet), to buy the unsalted butter they had advertised at $2.50/lb.  A couple of other stores have weekly specials on butter, too, this week, and on both salted and unsalted butter, but their sale prices are higher at $2.99 and $3.00/lb.  I prefer salted butter for spreading on bread, but unsalted is better for me and, for $.50 less per pound, I can always add a little extra salt to anything I might be cooking in butter!  I did check to see if they had salted butter, but the salted butter they had was a different brand and not on sale for $2.50.  There was no limit on how many could be bought, so I stocked up and bought 6 lbs. of butter!   I didn't take a photo of the butter I bought because I was anxious to get them in the freezer (I went to another grocery store on the way home and the butter had to stay in the trunk of my car, albeit in an insulated container, while I did that!)  But, I took a photo of the receipt!  My total for the 6 lbs. butter came to $15.00

Receipt for Butter

This is a store I rarely go to, for one reason or another, so, I took the opportunity to walk around the store and checked out their prices.  Now I know why I don't go that often to this store - their regular prices on many items are higher than the prices in the other stores I go to.

After that, I went to the Armenian store (located across the street, a few yards down).  There, I bought all the items shown in the top photo. 

I bought:
2 salmon steaks @ $4.99/lb = $5.21
1 T Bone steak @ $3.99/lb = $4.59
Ground beef (15% fat) @ $2.99/lb = $3.17
14 oz. package kielbasa sausage links = $1.19
1 lb. bag carrots = $.39
2 tomatoes @ $.69/lb = $.30
1 cabbage @ $.20/lb = $.25
Snow peas @ $1.99/lb = $.22
1 cucumber = $.20
3 Golden Delicious apples @$.49/lb = $.94
1 package raw almonds @$3.99/lb = $3.87
Total = $21.33

4/17 Grocery Receipt

Today's grocery totals came to $15 + $21.33 = $36.33

My April grocery budget is $75 + $27.41 carried over from March = $102.41

I spent $1.49 on April 2 to buy a dozen eggs.

Spent to date in April = $1.49 + $21.11 + $36.33 = $58.93
Amount left in the April grocery budget = $102.41 - $58.93 = $43.48

This morning, I had eaten a scrambled egg and a piece of whole wheat toast for brunch.  After I came back from grocery shopping, I had one of the apples.   Dinner was in two stages!  First, I had the leftover tomato soup with some crackers.  But, since I was still hungry, I cooked the steak and had some of that with the leftover corn from a couple of days ago.  There's enough steak left over for at least three more meals, either with cooked vegetables or salad.

I don't meal plan, as such, but, I will cook the salmon with onions and tomatoes and that will be at least 2 meals with vegetables or salad as sides.  I will brown the ground beef and probably freeze it for now - I can use the cooked ground beef as a filling for curry puffs, using the puff pastry dough I have in the freezer, or for something else.

How is your April grocery shopping coming along?  Are you finding some good prices where you are? 


  1. Apart from getting some fresh veg for the weekend I don’t need to buy any more food this month. I have the makings of plenty of meals but what I do need to do is get on and cook up some meals ready to be frozen in portions.

    1. That's good that you will be done with grocery shopping for the month, once you get your fresh veg! Hope you feel up to doing the cooking in the next few days. I'll be cooking the salmon and the ground beef, today. :)

  2. I'll have to look around for butter on sale. We don't use much, but it does freeze.

    1. A stick of butter will usually last me at least 10 days, if not two weeks. The amount of butter I have in my freezer will last me at least the rest of the year, unless I do a lot of baking!

  3. Hi Bless, Butter is on sale here, too. I usually buy it at Costco. I get most of my produce at an Armenian market, too. I still have a lot of food in the freezer that I can use. I love meat and potatoes, but try not to eat meat too often. It's so satisfying, though.

    1. I let my Costco membership expire about 3 years ago and didn't renew it because I felt it wasn't cost effective for me. But, I do miss the convenience of bulk buying, especially household stuff!

      I prefer chicken to beef, but, every now and then, I get a craving for steak! A baked potato would have gone well with it, but I didn't have any potatoes and didn't buy any, either (trying hard to avoid potatoes!)

  4. I want to go to the store soon. We want to have a Seder in English. Ancestry DNA declared me 1/8 Jewish, my dad 1/4 and my daughter 1/16. I need to get the stuff for it like horseradish and parsley.

    1. Hope you are able to get what you need to celebrate such a special meal, Akasha. :)

  5. Replies
    1. I could never get the hang of meal planning! I just buy whatever is on sale that week or I feel like eating and go from there. :)


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