Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Monday - Implementing the New Cleaning Schedule

Harlequin Flowers in Friend M's Garden

Friend M sent me this picture of the Harlequin flowers in his garden!  Aren't they gorgeous?

I spent part of this morning writing out a cleaning schedule, one which I hope I will be able to implement.  It looks quite reasonable when written out, but, we'll see if I can keep to it!  I might need to tweak it, a bit, but, I managed to get through today's cleaning tasks!

Monday's Cleaning Tasks:
- Change bed sheets - DONE - I put the mended flannel sheets on the bed; we shall see how well they work out.
- Load of laundry (bed sheets/towels) - DONE  - I hung it all up to dry
- Dust living room & dining area - DONE - I rearranged two of the shelves in the process and arranged fresh flowers at the altar - jasmines, this time.
- Clean the fridge - DONE
- Take trash cans to the curb for Tuesday trash pick up - DONE

- Water the garden, front and back - DONE; I watered the front with the garden hose and turned on the sprinklers to water the back.  

I also washed the dishes, did some knitting, and scrubbed one bathtub.  I consider it to have been a productive day.

Cousin V called to let me know that Aunt T was moved to an assisted living facility, today, and gave me the address.  I am planning to visit aunt, tomorrow afternoon; I called cousin P and offered her a ride.   

The Abbot at the Temple called to personally invite me to the ceremony they are having at the Temple, next Sunday.  I had already received the email invitation but, I appreciate the personal invitation as well.  I asked if I am to bring anything, but was told that my participation would be more than sufficient.  Nevertheless, I shall make a donation as my contribution.

Later in the evening, I video chatted with my daughter.  She returned, last night, from a 4-day visit to Boston with several of her friends.  She had a great time with her friends and she sent me this picture of a milkshake she had:

Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake
Yes, it is a strawberry shortcake on top of a strawberry milkshake!  She said it was delicious!  LOL!  I am just grateful that she made it there and back, safely.  On Sunday, shortly after her plane left Boston's Logan airport to fly to St. Louis (where she caught a connecting flight to San Francisco), another plane leaving Logan airport to fly to New York hit a flock of geese and had to make an emergency return to the airport!

Today's joyful activity was picking jasmine flowers for the altar.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Daughter had a safe trip to Boston and back
- She had a good time with friends
- Video chatting with daughter (we didn't do that when she was away in Boston)
- The start of a new month
- All that I was able to accomplish today

Tuesday's To Do List/Cleaning Tasks:
- Dust family room and my bedroom
- Errands - pharmacy and grocery shopping
- Put gas to the car
- Water the house plants
- Visit aunt T
- Bring the trash cans in
- Give Dancer his flea meds

How was your day?  Have you seen anything resembling the strawberry shortcake milkshake?


  1. I have never seen anything like that milkshake before, but I am pretty sure it would be delicious!

    1. I hate to think how many calories there would be in something like that! Daughter said she shared it with some of her friends, but some of them had their own milkshakes as well!

  2. Hi Bless, No, I haven't. It's amazing how fancy and complex the desserts are becoming. You certainly are accomplishing a lot of cleaning. Congratulations on your organization. I'm impressed.

    1. That milkshake is more like two desserts in one! LOL! Fortunately, daughter takes acrobatics classes at a gymnastics studio, five days a week, and will work off those calories!

      Thank you; I am trying! There is a lot that needs doing and I am trying to do baby steps, as I still tire rather quickly.

  3. Lots of our 'things to be grateful for' are linked to family, aren't they? Family is THE most important thing for most of us. That milkshake/shortcake looks amazing. I could happily dig in! You are always so busy, Bless. I don't know how you fit it all in

    1. Yes, family is very important to me. The milkshake looks very tempting, doesn't it? I'd have to limit myself to just a taste, though, with all that sugar!

      Ha, ha, people ask me what I do with myself all day now that I am retired and I just tell them I keep busy doing all the things I didn't have time to do when I was working! LOL.

  4. Those Harlequin flowers are spectacular. The strawberry shortcake milkshake looks very decadent, and it is so nice that your daughter had a wonderful and safe weekend away visiting with friends.

    Congrats on all your accomplishments on your first day of the new schedule. You certainly did manage a lot. Tomorrow looks jam packed as well, especially with the planned visit to see your aunt. I walked my grand son to and from school today. I dusted furniture in the living room and washed down the outside of the kitchen cabinets, stove and dishwasher here at the house. I texted with a friend this morning. She was worried about me when she hadn't heard anything all week. I thought I would be travelling home tomorrow, but my daughter has asked me to stay at least until this Friday. Of course I will, as long as I can be of help here.

    1. It's only day 2 of my cleaning schedule and it is already running into trouble! You got a lot done, today! I'm sure your daughter is happy you are able to stay a bit longer. It's really nice that you are able to stay, too, and help.

  5. The Harlequinn flowers are beautiful. I looked them up and unfortunately they need a warmer climate than I have here.

    1. I'm sorry you aren't able to grow them, there. I have not seen them before, myself, but M planted some bulbs in my garden, last year, and they flowered this year! I just have a small clump of them, but I am hoping they will come back, year after year, and grow in to a big clump!

  6. I don't like to doubt your daughter's word - but a milkshake?!?!?! It looks like a dessert for two! I hope she enjoyed it. I'm glad that the Abbot called you. And that is an incredibly productive day.

    1. I agree with you! That is a dessert for two! It did come with two spoons, I noticed.

      I feel I can ignore email invites from the Temple, but, it is harder for me to do so when the head monk at the temple calls to personally invite me. These monks have been there for me, time after time.

      Yes, Monday was a productive day, wasn't it?


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