Saturday, April 20, 2019

More Grocery Shopping on Friday

4/19 Groceries: Bread and Frozen Vegetables
On Friday, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refill that was ready.  Then, I went next door to the dollar store, just to see what they had that I might want to buy!  Apparently, what I wanted to buy were snacks!

4/19 Snacks!
But, they were such a bargain at $1 each!

Dollar Store Receipt

Then, I went to the grocery store that is also in the same shopping mall.  I wanted to buy bread and more frozen vegetables, as I had finished the loaf of whole wheat bread I had bought earlier, used up the last of the bag of frozen green peas, last night, and had less than half a bag of frozen corn.

The bread cost $1.99 and the frozen vegetables cost $1 each.

But, my primary reason for going to this particular grocery store was to buy these:

This Week's Specials
This store had a special on these brands of canned vegetables, canned cream soups, and pasta, for $.49 each, provided one bought 6 items, mix and match, in a single transaction (or multiples of 6 items).  When canned items and pasta, etc., go on sale like this, that's when I stock up.

Except...I am trying to avoid eating regular pasta, I no longer like the cream soups,  and I already have about 8 cans of assorted vegetables in my cupboard (as part of my earthquake/emergency supplies).  I really didn't need to stock up on these items.

Well, then, why did I buy a total of 42 assorted sale items?

I had $27+ left in my March grocery budget, which I carried forwards to April.  After my grocery shopping on Wednesday, I still had $43 left in my combined March and April grocery budget.  I have plenty of food on hand and it is doubtful that I'll need to spend all $43 of it before the end of the month.  I decided to take $20 from my grocery budget to buy some pasta, canned soup, and canned vegetables to donate to the food bank.  In gratitude, because I have been so abundantly blessed that I have plenty of food in my cupboards and money left in my grocery budget.  I feel blessed that I can do this.

I bought 6 cans each of green beans, green peas, and creamed corn (they didn't have regular corn); 10 packages of pasta, 3 cans of cream of mushroom soup, and 11 cans of cream of chicken soup.  The subtotal for these items came to $20.58.

The Receipt
My total, with the purchase of my bread and frozen vegetables, came to $24.57.  Apparently, I saved $43!

Today, I spent $5 (at the dollar store) and $24.57 = $29.57

Receipt Showing Total

My April grocery budget is $75 + $27.41 carried over from March = $102.41

Spent to date in April = $1.49 + $21.11 + $36.33 + $29.57 +  = $88.50
Amount left in the April grocery budget = $102.41 - $88.50 = $13.91

Today, I feasted on steak, apples, and too many snacks!


  1. I thought I wouldn’t need to do anymore food shopping this month but my friends who are helping complete the shredding are vegans so I had to go out today to buy the correct food for them.

    You had a bargain shop and how lovely that you are going to donate the canned goods. Behave yourself with all those snacks!

    1. I'm sure your friends will appreciate the fact that you went out to get vegan-friendly food for them. :) You are a thoughtful friend.

      I feel very blessed that I can donate the food.

      I will have to hide those snacks from myself! :D

  2. It looks like you were hungry when you went to the dollar store. :)
    It was a great idea to take advantage of the sale and get food for the food bank. A good reminder for all of us to look around to see where we can help others.

    1. Ha, ha, what can I say? I had a snack attack!

      I felt abundantly blessed to know that I had enough food in my pantry for myself and there was money leftover in the grocery budget. I just wanted to do something for someone else. I have set it aside to donate when the post office has its food drive in May.

  3. Wow you got some bargains! My dollar store doesn't have such good items. I used to buy some snacks from there but - story of my life - they stopped stocking the ones I really wanted lol

    1. Thank you, Sharon. That's the problem with dollar stores - they might have a good product on one visit, but you can't be sure of finding it, again, on a subsequent visit! You need to buy them when you find them and stock up!

  4. What a beautiful way to pay it forward!

    1. Thank you, Joy. It felt good to be able to do this. I had two bags of items to donate when the postal workers had their May food drive. I plan to do it next year, too.


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