Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mending: Hearts and Hat

As some of you might remember, I mended the worn out spots on the fitted flannel sheet, earlier, in March. 

Well, today, it was time for the flat sheet to be mended!

A Tear to be Mended

There was a tiny hole which was soon darned and a bigger tear.  At first, I was going to darn it, too, but then, I decided that it needed something more.  I cut out two heart shaped patches from a piece of blue flannel fabric that I had and appliqued them on top of the tear to cover it.  One on the wrong side of the sheet:

Heart Patch

This is what the right side of the sheet looked like, after I appliqued the patch on the other side:

A Square within a Heart!
Then, I appliqued the other heart patch on the right side of the sheet, thus sandwiching the tear between the two patches.  Then, I embroidered over the smaller darned hole to make it look like a hat for the snowman!

Hearts and Hat
The heart is up side down, here (I wanted the hat on the snowman to be seen) but, it will be right side up when the bed is made, as this is the part that folds down over the blanket.

My patches will hold, I know, but the poor sheet might not!  But, maybe, with the patches in place, I'll get another winter's use out of it?  In the meantime, I will look to see if there are any sales on flannel sheets. 

Besides mending, I did two loads of laundry, today, including a blanket, and worked on the backing for the scrap quilt.  I am using a length of flannel that I had bought a long time ago, but it is not big enough, so I am attaching additional pieces of leftover flannel to it.    This is definitely a "stash buster" quilt!  LOL.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The fabric stash
- A working washing machine and dryer
- Time to play with fabric
- Chatting with my daughter
- Tomato soup from the freezer for dinner!

Sunday's To Do List:
- Work on the quilt backing
- Do the dishes/run the dishwasher
- Attend the memorial service at the temple
- Water the garden

How is your weekend coming along?


  1. You've done a great job there, Bless and hopefully you should get another year from it. I've just changed the sheets on Lily's bed and it has reminded me I need to get her some new bed linen in time for summer but it can be difficult to find pure cotton or linen. I hope you manage to get some in the sales. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Pure cotton sheets can be expensive; I hope you find a good deal on them. I looked at the prices of flannel sheets online, last night, and was shocked at how much they cost!

  2. You were very clever to make a hat for the snow man with your patch. I hope you get another season out of those sheets because they are fun. The initial pattern is fun, but your patches make them even better.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. I might be a bit crazy to patch and mend sheets, but, there's no reason why the mending shouldn't be made decorative, as well, is there?

  3. Such creative patching! I think patching should be fun and one of these days I am going to try out a Japanese system of patching, called "Boro". Was it you who mentioned it or did I see it on another blog? Of course if I try it on my husband's jeans it might be too fancy but I have jeans that are starting to wear thin at the knees. I just wish there was an easy way of repairing the pockets on DH's jeans. It is an awkward mend however I do it! However does he get them into such a ripped state?

    1. I don't think it was I who mentioned boro, Bushlady, but, I think Angela and I discussed sashiko stitching (often used in boro) in the comments in the earlier post about mending. Boro is very interesting and, in the 2019 Tokyo quilt festival, there was a quilt displaying boro patch work. Your boro patched jeans will be very fashionable!

      Sorry, can't help you with mending your husband's jeans pockets, though! :)

  4. Oh, you are so clever! I hope you get another season out of your sheets. You have put a lot of love and care into them.

    1. Ha, ha, I guess at some point, I'll have to stop mending them and buy new sheets, but, until then, I'll continue to mend them. :)


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