Thursday, February 14, 2019

Rainy Days

Happy St. Valentine's Day! 

Wednesday and Thursday have been rainy days, here.  We have been on alert for mudslides in the hillside areas that burned, last year, as the ground is saturated and there isn't enough vegetation to hold the soil together.  Fortunately, I don't live near a hillside, so there is no threat of a mudslide near me.  More rain in the forecast for the next several days!  The garden is thriving!  So are the weeds growing in the garden!  LOL.

I had another bowl of my tomato soup for lunch, yesterday.  There's just enough left for today's lunch!  I ate the last banana for dessert.

Later in the afternoon, I washed the covers of the second family room sofa.  Both sofas in the family room have had their slipcovers washed, now.  I just need to keep them covered with old sheets to keep the amount of cat fur that gets on them to a minimum! 

I baked the chicken drumsticks with a soy sauce/plum sauce glaze, for dinner, last night.  While the oven was on, I roasted part of the cauliflower I had, as well.  Then, sauteed some green beans to go with it:

Wednesday Dinner
The roasted cauliflower was quite good, actually.  I seasoned it with some garlic salt before roasting it.  Yogurt with a spoon of my apple-cranberry jam for dessert.  Later, around midnight, I ate a slice of whole wheat bread, toasted, with butter, and a handful of almonds. 

I called one of my aunts, yesterday, and had a nice chat with her.  Later, in the evening, I called friend R and checked on her.  Called another aunt, this afternoon.  I'll be seeing some of my cousins this weekend, at the monthly prayer gathering, that will be held at a friend's home. 

I thought the City's sanitation department was going to take away my old, damaged trash bins and give me new, replacement bins, yesterday, so I kept the bins out, by the curb, late Tuesday night (the cans were supposed to be out by 6:00 a.m. and I knew I wasn't going to wake up early enough to do that!).  But, for some reason, they weren't collected, yesterday, so I called the sanitation department, again, this morning and, apparently, I misunderstood - the bins are scheduled to be picked up NEXT Wednesday, the 20th!  Oops!  I brought the trash cans in, again, and will put them out, again, next week! 

I am having my lunch of tomato soup as I type this.  I will have some yogurt, again, for dessert, I think.  Dinner, tonight, will be leftovers.  I think, the leftover shrimp and stir-fry.  And, part of the Bosc pear for dessert.  If I feel hungry between lunch and dinner, I will eat a salad.

Today, I am grateful for:
- More rain!
- A good, non-leaky roof! 
- Conversations with my aunts and friends
- A working heater
- Leftovers!

How is your day going?  What are you grateful for, today?


  1. I laughed when I read "leftovers" on your list of gratitudes. That may have been the FIRST item on my list of gratitudes, as I think that is an excellent reason to be grateful for the day. I love not having to think about what I am going to cook for dinner. Just heating up some leftovers from the fridge would "make my day". I spent another day outside shoveling snow, and I talked with my insurance company and got a reduction in my premiums. That is a huge gratitude.

    1. Congratulations on getting a reduction on the insurance premiums! That is definitely a huge gratitude! Oh, no, not more snow to shovel! At least, with rain, it just flows away and there's nothing to shovel (as long as there's no mudslide!)

      I hope everything is going well for you and your family, Susan. Take care.

  2. Your meals are very sensible and always look delicious! I'm glad the mudslides won't be near you and that your gardens are enjoying the rain. At times I appreciate my roof too! Good thing you didn't miss the trash cans at least! Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. I am trying to eat "low carb" per my doctor's recommendations. A bit of a struggle for me as I like my carbs! Right now, I am craving some pastries or cake!

  3. Bananas are a juggling act for me as we get to buy them green and then they ripen in the house. The trick is not to buy too many as there are only so many banana loaves, muffins and pancakes one might wish to make. So then before the last one or two have gone, it is necessary to buy more green or semi green ones. Get it wrong and the new ones may ripen too fast and it is back to the banana bread again! 🍌🍞😬

    I've never tried roasted cauliflower and I really must do this soon as it sounds great. Your drumstick looks totally yummy!

    Too bad about the garbage cans. I felt sorry for some people up the road who had put out 3 recycling bins, too late, and they were still full at the side of the road by the end of the day. It's always nice to actually get rid of stuff that has to go!

    1. I have the same struggle with bananas, Bushlady. I've learned to buy maybe 3 bananas at a time!

      I hope you try roasted cauliflower and I hope you'll like it. Thank you, the drumsticks were very good! I snacked on one, this afternoon, and they were good, cold, too.

      Oh, those poor people with three full bins! I usually put out the bins the night before, because the collection trucks make their rounds fairly early in the mornings.

  4. I love roasted cauliflower. I've never roasted cabbage or sprouts before so am trying it tonight as I'm having roast pork today. I had a lovely fresh salad yesterday - reading about your meals had made me fancy one - and I wasn't disappointed. It makes a lovely change from the comfort food I usually have at this time of year.

    1. Roasting vegetables seem to bring out different flavors. I should do it more. Roast pork with roasted vegetables sounds good! Glad you enjoyed a salad, yesterday. I had one, too, before I ate the rest of my dinner!

  5. Bless, I made tomato soup. I used the ingredients in your recipe and also added a bay leaf. It was so good. Thank you for the inspiration. That was my very first homemade tomato soup. :)

    1. Nil, I'm so glad to hear that you made the soup and it turned out well! Yay, now you have another soup in your recipe file, that you can make! :) Thank you for suggesting a bay leaf! I have some in my spice drawer! I shall add it, the next time I made soup!


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