Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 Mile Long To Do List - February

This is the 2019 Mile Long To Do List, that is being carried forward to February.  Having an objective of accomplishing X items from the list worked well for me in January, so I am going to take that same approach in February, as well.  But, it is a shorter month, so I will reduce the number of items I'd like to cross off the list to 10.

Mile Long To Do List:
  • Primary care doctor's appointment (2/25)
  • Embroider 2 T-shirts
  • Mail 1 package
  • Dig out spare room/The Dump 
  • Paperwork/File/Shred
  • Pay monthly bills
  • Attend monthly rosary gathering if possible
  • Call to have the outside cats spayed/neutered
  • Call for estimates on house repairs (various)
  • Replace toilet flush valve in bathroom #1
  • Check shower hot water flow in bathroom #1
  • Replace ceiling heater unit in bathroom #1
  • Fix under sink cabinet door in bathroom #2
  • Get a plumber to fix drainage in bathtub (bathroom #2)
  • Replace garage door opener system
  • Replace the side garage door
  • Clean out the garage!
  • Clean out the shed
  • Polish brassware
  • Polish silverware
  • Buy paint for the front door
  • Paint front door
  • Declutter
  • Clean chandelier in dining room
  • Clean the second light fixture in family room
  • Sew new bedroom curtains
  • Sew quilts
  • Clean vertical blinds - family room sliding glass door
  • Clean sliding glass door, including tracks
  • Buy new sofa slip covers - IKEA 
Well, some of the items on the list might have to be broken down a bit further (declutter a specific area, perhaps), but I shall see how it goes.

Is anyone else making a Mile Long To Do List for February?


  1. Do you ever find that long lists intimidate you and you just don't look at them because you feel overwhelmed? That happens to me sometimes even though I get more done when I have a list.

    1. Yes, long lists do overwhelm me, but, somehow, writing them down seems to make it more manageable (at least, I don't have to worry about forgetting anything if it is written down). I just tell myself that it doesn't have to be done at once and only a few things need to be done by a specific date. If I really think about it, this is only a partial list of what I'd like to get done - the living room could do with a new set of sofas, the drapes in the living room and dining area should be replaced, the whole house could do with a coat of paint, etc., etc., etc. But, before all that, I need to repair my kitchen ceiling (it's a long story)!

  2. I think I probably do have a mile long list but I'm not thinking about it....too daunting! Tomorrow's planned tasks include shortening a hem, sewing a button on a teddy bear's jumper and mending the inside of a pocket on my husband's jacket.

    1. Yes, too long lists can be rather daunting. But, I am giving myself permission to procrastinate on some of the items on the list! :D

      I like you list of planned tasks for tomorrow. :)

  3. This looks like it could be another expensive month. In order to accomplish 10 items off this list, you will have to attack some of those house maintenance tasks that have been on the list for a while. I also need to put some maintenance chores on my list for this month.

    1. Yes, I need to buckle down and get a few repairs done! I've been putting a few things off, too long!


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