Saturday, February 16, 2019

Friday's Doings

Guess what?  It's raining!  LOL!  Yes, I am still grateful for the rain!  It is not one continuous rain, but showers on and off throughout the day.  I took this photo yesterday, but it could have been taken on Wednesday or today:

It's Raining!

I had a relaxed morning, today.  I responded to blog comments, played several games of sudoku online, read news, etc.  Cousin P called me in the morning and we chatted for a bit.   Later,  I had one of the baked chicken drumsticks for brunch (just the drumstick, by itself).

In the afternoon, I did some paperwork and filing and tidied the living room.  Then, I washed the dishes I had allowed to pile up, yesterday. 

When M came to do the garden, it was raining, again.  I told him to take the day off, but, he asked if I needed anything done inside and offered to do the vacuuming for me!  Of course, I took him up on the offer!  LOL!  So, he vacuumed the house for me and told me that I had a very cozy home.  Ah, he is indeed a good friend!

After he left, I made myself a salad and had a cup of tea, after that.  Then, I watched a couple of cooking shows on TV, watched the evening news, and knitted.  I've finished knitting the first sleeve on the grey sweater and have started on the second sleeve. 

Friend R called in the evening for a chat.  Then, daughter called, as she usually does after she gets home from work; she said it's raining up there, too.  Still later, cousin P called again and we chatted some more! 

Dinner was two of the leftover ground beef-zucchini burgers with freshly cooked broccoli and a carrot:

Dinner: Beef-Zucchini Burgers and Veggies

I had a glass of diluted orange juice with my dinner.  Even so, my sugar level was good when I checked it, two hours after dinner.  So, I ate some yogurt with a little apple-cranberry jam for dessert. 

"You are going to post this on your blog, aren't you?"

Today, I am grateful for:
- Yes, more rain for the garden!
- Chats with family and friends
- M doing the vacuuming for me
- Being told I have a cozy home
- A relaxed day

Saturday's To Do List:
- Grocery shopping
- Put gas to the car
- 15 minutes of paperwork

We are supposed to have a sunny day, tomorrow.  Then, more rain on Sunday!

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Replies
    1. He rediscovered his climbing post! He ignored it for the longest time after I moved it from the living room to the family room. He was playing with his tail and stopped long enough to give me "the look" as I tried to take a photo of him to send to my daughter! :D

  2. Oh my, you had a very productive day. I did not. It has been a very unmotivated week for me. I even watched You tube videos on television from my couch in the middle of the day. Holy Moly! I can't start getting into that habit. I did make three more kids' cards yesterday, but I cannot think of one other thing that I accomplished. I am glad I am going to meet the ladies for a birthday lunch tomorrow. It will get me out of the house for a while and I can enjoy the company of others for a little bit. Today is a bright sunny day. I hope I can take advantage of it.

    Your dinner looks wonderful. Seriously, will that fill you up?

    1. You have been productive digging your way out from all that snow! And card making. And, no doubt, just being there for your family. Some weeks, it's hard to get motivated to do anything.

      The dinner filled me up for about 3 hours. Then, the munchies came over me and I had some yogurt with the jam, about 10 almonds after that, and, finally, a piece of toast with cheese. :)

  3. Well done to M! I bet you're happy the hoovering has been done. It's lovely when someone comments positively on your home isn't it?

    1. I was very happy to have the vacuuming done for me! It was very lovely to be told I had a cozy home, especially by someone who has seen several professionally decorated homes! :)

  4. Right now I am feeling vacuum envy. I can't remember the last time someone offered to vacuum my house for me. (And yes, that includes anyone else who lives here!)
    Enjoy the rain and not having to water right now!

    1. It was lovely to have the vacuuming done for me. :) Maybe, the next time someone asks you what you'd like for a birthday or Christmas, you can say the gift of someone doing the vacuuming for me!

      Thank you, it looks like I might not have to water the garden this whole month! I read the 10 day weather forecast and, we'll have several days of rain between now and March!

  5. Hi Bless, in Northern California it has been raining nonstop for the past week. The rain is welcome after our years of drought. Today will be spent catching up on household tasks and doing the dreaded taxes. Mary Ann

    1. Mary Ann, yes, my daughter (she's in Berkeley) has been telling me about the rain. She said it hailed there, yesterday!

      Housework and taxes - not a fun day! Good luck with the taxes! Hope you will be getting a nice big refund!

  6. Friday - a trip to my Dr, who think I may have anaemia or thyroid issues. Will have blood tests. Truly grateful for our British Healthcare system, free at the point of need. Saturday - my cold got worse- but I was greatly cheered up by your beautiful batik which arrived with the postman. Grateful for good friends in faraway places. It is cold and frosty here, and foggy in the morning.

    1. Angela, glad you were able to see the doctor. The blood test results will be helpful; hope it is something very minor that can be remedied with changes in the diet or supplements. Hope your cold gets better, soon. Mine took about a week to clear. Glad you received the batik and liked it. :) Stay warm and take it easy.

  7. How nice to have your vacuuming done for you, as it is a heavy chore. DH often does it for me and if I should do any myself he says "that's my job!" as if I have cheated him out of it. Of course he is sometimes busy and I do some while he is out fetching wood for the fire. One thing I have to check on, the upstairs outlet for the central vac. is dodgy and if the hose isn't inserted just so, the main motor doesn't come on. However, the beater bar still works, aimlessly beating dust bunnies to death without sucking them up. So the other day when I realized that there was silence in the basement and noise upstairs, I had to tell DH that his efforts were all in vain until the hose was adjusted. He had to go back over what he had already done.

    1. Bushlady, that is so nice of your DH to do the vacuuming for you. I hope he wasn't too upset to find out that he had to redo the vacuuming because the hose needed adjusting! I was laughing when I read your description of the beater bar aimlessly beating the dust bunnies to death! :D


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