Friday, February 1, 2019

Mile Long To Do List - January Update

The list I posted in early January was a list of projects to be worked on in 2019, with one or two new items added (schedule donations pick up, for one).  I wasn't planning to do it all in January.  In fact, I wrote (at the time) that I didn't expect it to be done anytime soon!  The important thing was to get started on the list.  However, I stated that I would like to see at least 15 items crossed off the list, by the end of January.  I am happy to say that I managed to cross off 16 items from the list and at least started on another couple!  Yay!

Mile Long To Do List:
  • Schedule Dancer's check up - DONE; scheduled for 1/3
  • Take Dancer in for tooth extraction - DONE
  • Primary care doctor's appointment (1/11) - DONE 
  • Gastroenterologist's appointment (1/14)  - DONE 
  • Follow up gastroenterologist visit (1/28/19) - DONE 
  • Radiation oncologist appointment (1/17); rescheduled for 1/30 - DONE
  • Call dentist's office to reschedule appointment
  • Trim the pine tree at the back - DONE 1/9
  • Mail packages - mailed 1 (1/4)
  • Dig out spare room/The Dump 
  • Paperwork/File/Shred
  • Pay monthly bills
  • Take down the Christmas decorations and tree
  • Call and schedule a car service - DONE 1/3
  • Take car in for service - scheduled for 1/8 - DONE
  • Attend monthly rosary gathering (1/26) - DONE
  • Call to have the outside cats spayed/neutered
  • Make a list of house repairs needed
  • Call for estimates on house repairs (various)
  • Replace toilet flush valve in bathroom #1
  • Check shower hot water flow in bathroom #1
  • Replace ceiling heater unit in bathroom #1
  • Fix under sink cabinet door in bathroom #2
  • Get a plumber to fix drainage in bathtub (bathroom #2)
  • Replace garage door opener system
  • Replace the side garage door
  • Clean out the garage!
  • Clean out the shed
  • Plant a winter vegetable garden - DONE 1/4
  • Plant a new peach tree - DONE 1/11
  • Polish brassware
  • Polish silverware
  • Buy paint for the front door
  • Paint front door
  • Declutter - STARTED; closet done
  • Clean chandelier in dining room
  • Clean light fixtures (2) in family room - DID 1
  • Sew new bedroom curtains
  • Sew quilts
  • Clean vertical blinds - family room sliding glass door
  • Clean sliding glass door, including tracks
  • Buy new sofa slip covers - IKEA 
  • Call and schedule donations pick up - DONE 1/29
The rest of the items will be carried forward to February, along with one or two new items.

Did you make a Mile Long To Do List?  Were you able to get a few things cross off it?  


  1. Great job! You had major successes in decluttering AND taking steps to getting it out of the house. You also did well outside with looking after the pine tree, planting some winter veggies, and planting a fruit tree and already getting blossoms on it. Another great accomplishment was having the car serviced and shortly afterwards having to nurse Dancer back to good health. It was a great chunk of money having to be spent early in the month, but it is all behind you now.

    1. Thank you, Susan. Yes, several big tasks were accomplished! I am pleased. :)


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