Sunday, October 28, 2018

Saturday: October Grocery Shopping Week 4

A week ago, today, I was getting ready for the prayer gathering!  Seems like I spent the first week of retirement preparing for the prayer gathering and the second week of retirement recovering from the prayer gathering!  LOL.

Today, I went to the pharmacy in the afternoon to collect my medication refill.  I also bought a small container of laundry detergent:

Laundry Detergent

It is a 42 oz. container, good for 30 loads according to the box.  It was on sale for $5.94 (regular price $9.79).  The 42 load box was on sale for $14 something, but that wasn't such a bargain, as I could have bought two 30 load boxes for less than $12 and it would have been cheaper for more loads!  As it was, I had a $3 ECB coupon, so my total came to $3.22 with tax:

Laundry Detergent Receipt

Then, I went to the dollar store, next door.  I mostly went to buy a white plastic table cover, a package of paper bowl and a package of small paper plates for the almsgiving; I bought the bowls and plates, but they didn't have the white table cover.  I will look for one at another dollar store.

They had small potted chrysanthemums in their plants section and I bought 14 of them at $1.99 each!  I plan to plant them in the front garden to fill in some bare spots.  I am hoping that they will grow and provide some color in time for the almsgiving.  Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of them.  I kept them outside, by the back steps, and watered them; I will plant them, tomorrow.  I'll take pictures, tomorrow.

I also bought a few other household items - two pieces of laundry soap, a new kitchen brush with a handle to replace the one I have now, a 6-pack of tissues to carry in my purse, etc.

And, I bought some groceries:

Dollar Store Groceries

I bought:
1 loaf multi grain bread = $1.00
2 containers yogurt @$.50 = $1.00
2 boxes pasta mix @$1 = $2.00
1 box yellow cake mix = $1.00
4 cans apple pie filling (21 oz @), $1 @ = $4.00
Total = $9.00

Dollar Store Receipt
Eek!  I spent $47.20 AT THE DOLLAR STORE!  But, only $9 of that was for groceries.  Almost $28 of that was for the 14 plants.  

This time, they had larger cans of apple pie filling and I thought I'll give them a try and make apple dump cake.  They only had six cans so I bought four cans and a box of cake mix (I have another box in the cupboard); I now have a dessert to take to Thanksgiving dinner and one for the almsgiving!

I had $22.20 left in the regular grocery budget at the end of Week 3; I spent approximately $4 of that when I bought 1/2 gallon milk and two gallons of water (for earthquake supplies), when I shopped for the prayer gathering groceries on the Friday prior to the prayer gathering.  $22.20 - $4 = $18.20.  And today, I spent $9 on groceries, although $3 of that was for the dump cake I'll be making for the almsgiving.  So, I spent $6 for my groceries, today.  $18.20 - $6 =   $12.20.  I don't think I will go grocery shopping again, before the end of the month, but, I might have to buy another 1/2 gallon of milk, next week, since I didn't buy any milk, today.

After I came home, I made egg salad and had an egg salad sandwich and a cup of tea.

Later, I washed a few more kitchen cabinet doors.  Not too many - I am doing about 15 minutes or so and then, stopping for the day.  I don't like doing the upper cabinets as I need to get up on the counter to reach the tops of them.  Even so. I can't quite reach the trim on the top...something I'll have to ask friend M to do for me.  

For dinner, I cooked some of the pasta mix I had bought and had it with a piece of roast chicken leftover from the prayer gathering.  I didn't have any frozen green peas, so I added some frozen edamame, instead!

Dinner: Pasta and chicken

There are enough leftovers for another couple of meals.

Still later, I video chatted with daughter and watched news on TV.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Drama-free medication refills at the pharmacy
- Being able to splurge on some plants for the garden
- Getting more cleaning accomplished
- Video chatting with daughter
- Emails from friends

Saturday's To Do List:
- Pharmacy for refills - DONE
- Grocery shopping (bread, milk) - DONE (didn't buy the milk, yet)
- Continue with the kitchen cleaning - DID SOME
- More paperwork/filing
- Buy laundry detergent - DONE
- Do a load of laundry
- Water the back garden

I didn't finish my to do list, today, so I will carry it forward to tomorrow.

How was your Saturday?  What have you planned for Sunday? 


  1. I'm off to meet a friend today. We're going to a morning screening at the local cinema - first time I've ever been in the morning since I was a young child and we used to go to 'Saturday Morning Pictures'. Then it'll be home for more reorganising to make space to store the new bed, etc.

    1. Hope you had a lovely morning watching a movie with your friend, Eileen. What did you go to see? I think the last movie I went to see at the cinema was the last Harry Potter movie, with my daughter! I am not much of a movie person.

      Hope you were able to reorganize things to your satisfaction at home. It won't be long now before things are all put in place and you can sit back and enjoy it. :)

  2. This last week has gone by so quickly. I've got to go grocery shopping myself today. I really don't relish doing this on a weekend, when I could be doing far more enjoyable things, but the cupboards are beginning to look a bit bare. X

    1. It seems like the days gather speed as they near the end of the year and the weeks just whiz by! Hope you were able to get your grocery shopping done and still enjoy some family time, too.

  3. Tide is very expensive, so that was an especially good buy.

    1. I was pleased with my bargain. I hadn't realized just how expensive laundry detergent had become! I used to buy the big tubs of laundry detergent from Costco when I had a membership and they'd last me the whole year (or longer). But, I decided not to renew my membership because I felt I didn't buy enough stuff from them to justify the $55 membership. I need to check out the price of detergent at other stores, but for now, the $3.22 I paid for this box seems like a good price. :) If what it says on the box is true and I am able to get 30 loads out of this box, and do 3 loads of laundry a week, it should last me at least until the end of the year!

  4. I can't just walk into a Dollar store anymore without a list. I remember a time I would walk up and down the aisles for "entertainment" and I ALWAYS found things that I needed. The total at the cash-out was always a surprise as well. How can it be that much? I only paid a dollar for those items. Ha. Those plants were a real bargain though. I am looking forward to seeing a photo of them all planted out front, and I do hope you are blessed with lots of colour for the almsgiving.

    1. Oh, Susan, I still walk up and down the aisles, even with a list, because one never knows what one might find! LOL! These days, however, they do carry items that are priced more than $1, so, I need to be careful.

      But the plants were a good deal, because the plants at the nearby nursery are a bit pricier and I saved time and gas and effort because I didn't have to drive somewhere else. :)

  5. Laundry detergent was a good bargain.
    I'd love to see your chrysanthemums. :)
    Here I've not seen plants at the dollar store. At least not at the one close to me.

    1. Yes, the laundry detergent was a bargain, wasn't it? I had got used to buying it in bulk at Costco, so hadn't realized just how expensive it is in the stores. I prefer this brand as it seems to agree with my skin (my skin seems to have become quite sensitive, lately), so I will keep looking for good sales.

      There are a couple of different dollar stores in my area; this particular one carries plants (and fresh groceries). The other ones don't.


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