Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Decluttering

One of my goals for this month was to declutter, one item a day, for a total of 31 items decluttered.  Some days, I decluttered one item and listed it on this post; other days, I decluttered several items and said it was for good for a couple of days.  I took photos of some of the items, but not for all of them.

10/1 - 1 hooded sweatshirt (worn out, with holes)
10/2 - 1 pair worn out socks (holes in the heels)
10/3 - 1 pair pink bedroom slippers (it was hard to walk in them!)
        - 1 seat belt cushioning pad (I was given that to use after the lumpectomy, but never used it!)
10/5 - 1 water color paint box (came with a long ago coloring book from the dollar store that I bought for daughter, when she was small!)
        - 1 pen
        - 3 tape dispensers (leftover from a packet of 6)
10/10 - 1 belt pouch
10/11 - 1 pair of stretched out socks
10/12 - 1 decorative candle holder + 3 tealight candles (donated)

Candle Holder

10/13 - 1 long (5 ft) cardboard tube
          - 1 ID card holder lanyard

10/14 - stretched out hair bands
10/15 - 1 small, empty box
10/16 - Old name plate from the office

Name Plate

10/17 - 1 child's expandable coat hanger

Expandable Hanger

10/18 - 1 pair of scuffed shoes

Scuffed shoes

10/19 - 1 blouse (new, with tag)
          - 1 skirt
          - 2 jackets
          - 1 cat harness

Cat harness
         - 1 transistor radio/cassette player

Transistor radio/cassette player
         - 2 cat litter buckets, 1 box, 1 laundry detergent bucket

Cat litter buckes, box, etc. 

10/20 - 1 calendar

2018 Calendar

10/23 - 1 book
          - 1 work book
          - 1 note book
          - 1 journal
          - 2 Twilight themed memo pads

10/28 - 1 flash light

10/29 - 1 incomplete pack of playing cards
          - 1 box
          - 1 pack anime game cards
          - 1 index card binder

10/31 - 2 key tags
          - 1 Neopets toy!
          - 1 drinking glass (broke when doing dishes!  Oops!)

All in all, I decluttered 45 items.  Some, like the clothes I decluttered on 10/19, have been set aside to donate (I have started a bag of clothes, a bag of books, and a bag of household items).  Others, like the used work book and journal, have been recycled.  A few items, like the worn out socks have been tossed in the trash bin!  I didn't take into account the fabric from the stash that I turned into pillowcases to be given as gifts, because the pillowcases haven not left the house yet!

I am planning to continue this decluttering effort in November, too, because there is still much abundance in my home!  I might not do it daily, as it seems easier for me to declutter several items at once than one item at a time.  The goal in November will be to declutter 63 items plus 1!  Yes, I have a reason for such a seemingly odd number!  I will be celebrating my 63rd birthday in November and the "plus 1" is towards my 64th!

Did you declutter anything this month?   Anyone wants to join me in November?


  1. Good job Bless.
    I'll join you in November. I need to declutter several bookshelves and some stuff in the spare room. I'll do 30 items. 😊

    1. Oh, yay! I've got company! I find it hard to declutter my books, so I wish you good luck with decluttering yours!

  2. Good for you! It sounds like you got rid of several things you didn't need any more. I still have to sort through my hanging up clothes. I did sort the ones in drawers. I have them all ready to go to donation and now I have to take the time to get them there!

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Well done in sorting through the clothes in the drawers. I, too, need to go through the clothes I've hanging in my closet. I got rid of some, earlier, but there are more that can go. Check to see if any of the charities will come out to pick up in your area. Then, all you have to do is put them out and they'll pick them up and leave you a receipt for tax deduction purposes, provided you request one of them. That's what I do. I get several bags ready, just to make it worth their while to come and pick up, then, call and schedule a pick up.

  3. You did great with decluttering! In just my craft space alone I could do 31 items a day Lol. Every item that leaves our home is a plus!!

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I have a hard time decluttering my craft supplies!

  4. I am with you in decluttering. Today alone I bagged over 40 pounds of clothes and shoes for Goodwill

  5. I did do some decluttering, I have taken a small bag each week, for the past month or so, to the local op shop. Things like books, board games, clothes that are still in good condition but that my son has outgrown. I have a spot now near front door where I put items f oor donating as I come across them. You have done well with your decluttering efforts too! Meg🙂

    1. Thank you, Meg. You are doing great with your weekly decluttering! Yes, I, too, had a box where I put the things for donations. Today, I started a bag system - one for clothes, one for books, and one for other/household items. That makes it easier for me to list them for tax deduction purposes.

  6. I will try to join you this month, but no promises. I have a big push on to get my cards and gifts ready for mailing out by the end of November. Then I tackle the deep cleaning and decorating. That will be the time that I will discard items, if I decide not to hoard everything like the pack rat I have become. Ha. But I will take your suggestion, and also mentioned by some of your readers, to keep a box by the entrance to "collect" those items for donations.

    1. Susan, it would be lovely if you can join me, this month, but if not this month, then December would be fine. I know how busy you are with the Christmas gifts and cards. But, maybe, this month, if you come across things you think might want to declutter, just put them in a box and, at the end of the month, you can sort through and decide if you are ready to sell/donate them. Or, have 2 boxes - one for a future yard sale, one for donating; that way, you don't have to handle things twice!

  7. I de-cluttered some books last month and I plan to do more de-cluttering this month. There is a silent auction coming up and I have one or two new items that I can donate, so that will be a start. I know I still need to get busy with the paper monster, including making decisions about some photographs and perhaps reducing the albums. The basement has some boxes of various not needed items and that is another possibility for action. Will I have bragging rights by December? We shall see!

    1. Sounds like you made a good start, Bushlady. I went through some paper, yesterday. My daughter had set aside some old notes and test papers that she said she didn't need; I tossed them (to recycle), early this morning.


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