Sunday, October 14, 2018

Phone Calls on Sunday

This morning, I woke up once at 6:00 a.m., which, after going to sleep after 3:30 a.m. wasn't very good, but I was able to fall asleep, again, and slept till mid-morning, without any phone calls to wake me up!  I had already had my cup of coffee, when the phone rang. 

The first call was from one of my cousins in Sri Lanka.  She is one of the cousins I was closest to when growing up.  She was calling partly in remembrance of my mother's birthday, next week.  My mother was her aunt (her father was one of my mother's older brothers), and godmother, too, I believe.  When my mother married my father, she went as a bride from this brother's house, not her mother's house (mother's side of the family, being Catholic, didn't quite approve of her marriage to my father because he was Buddhist).  When the cousin who called me this morning heard that my mother was getting married, she had insisted on being the flower girl at her aunt's wedding!  And my mother, who hadn't planned on having any flower girls (she didn't have a wedding, as such; just a registration at the Town Hall), found herself with two flower girls - her niece and her new step-daughter!  LOL!

Neighbor T called after that - our usual Sunday morning phone call.  We spoke for a bit; she was diagnosed with uterine cancer, last week, and will be having surgery, later this month.

Then, daughter called and we chatted for a while.  She had gone to two of the Indian stores in her neighborhood to look for something I had asked her to buy for me, but they didn't have the item. 

Aunt C called in the afternoon.  I had texted her daughter, my cousin N, yesterday, to invite them to the prayer gathering lunch, next Sunday (they are not regular participants, but I wanted to extend an invitation to them); Aunt called to say they will not be able to attend as cousin would be busy with her piano students. 

And I called another aunt.  I had called her last week and left her a message, but, today, her answering machine was full and I couldn't leave her a new message. 

Finally, cousin P called in the evening, just as I was having a cup of tea, and we had a long conversation about this, that, and the other!  Cousin, too, offered to help with the cleaning, next Saturday.  She won't cook, but likes to clean.  I told her I might take her up on her offer!  If both she and friend R come to help me on Saturday, that would be a big blessing!  Neither will cook, but if they help to clean, then, I can concentrate on the cooking.

In between phone calls, and texts from daughter, I cut out some 6-inch squares from the leftover Santa fabric:

Future Project in the Making
Then, I put away all the holiday fabric, cutting mat, etc., until after the prayer gathering.  I didn't put the sewing machine or the box of thread away, yet, however.  So, I can still sew during the week, if I feel like it, but I will bring out one project at a time and not have piles of fabric all over the place!  While sorting through the fabric, I discovered a banner I had made in a previous year!  I added that to the stash of holiday gifts.

Later in the evening, I cooked a meatball curry, with the three bags of frozen meatballs I had bought, earlier:

Meatball Curry
I sauteed diced onions, tomatoes, curry leaves and pandan leaves in some oil, added the meatballs, added curry powder, chili powder, a little paprika, some spices (cardamom, cloves, etc.), salt, a sliced green chili, and a can of coconut milk.  Each bag of meatballs stated it contained about 46 bite sized meatballs.  I counted 50 meatballs in the first bag; I didn't count the other two bags, though.  I kept 5 meatballs for my dinner and froze the rest for next Sunday's luncheon.  I am trying to convince myself that that is enough meatballs and I don't need to buy and cook another bag!    I invited 18 people; 19 with myself, so roughly 20 people.  However, I am expecting about 12-15 people to actually attend (I already know that at least two people won't be attending).  I always end up cooking way more than needed, although the leftovers never go to waste. It's better to have too much than not enough, isn't it?   

Then, I did the dishes, wiped the stove top (I tend to be a messy cook!), and cooked some fresh rice for my dinner, along with the meatballs I kept aside and some leftover dhal.  The meatball curry was very good; I am pleased with how it turned out.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Phone calls from family and friends!
- Being able to keep in touch.
- Cousin offering her help with the prayer gathering preparations
- A sunny, cool day
- The fabric stash!

Weekend To Do List:
- Cook the soaked garbanzo beans and freeze them - DONE
- Grocery shop
- Cook the meatball curry and freeze - DONE
- Start cleaning the house - STARTED (tidied/put away the sewing)
- Sew - DONE
- Laundry - DONE

I decided I could wait until next week to do the grocery shopping.  The week ahead is going to be a busy one, with two doctors' appointments (Monday and Wednesday) and a dentist's appointment (Thursday).  Plus all the prayer gathering preparations!

Monday's To Do List:
- Dr's appointment (radiation oncologist - follow up visit)
- Put away laundry
- Put away washed dishes
- Clean the fridge
- Empty the waste baskets
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Clear the dining table
- Dust the living room and dining area

How was your weekend?  What have you planned for the week ahead?


  1. You have another busy week ahead of you, so it's lovely that your cousin and friend have offered their help. I hope all your medical appointments go smoothly and the results are good.

    I have another week as home as the work progresses - this week they are decorating, tiling and refitting the en-suite. By the end of today I will be able to switch the central heating on, which will be bliss as it is cold enough now to need heat first thing in the morning and in the evening.

    1. Yes, it will be a busy week, won't it? I want to get all the medical appointments taken care of before my insurance switches at the end of the month.

      Glad to hear that you'll be able to turn on the heat. It must be quite cold already. Sounds like the work is coming along on schedule. You are going to enjoy it when it is all done. :)

  2. It's so nice of your friend and cousin to come help you with cleaning.
    My mom's birthday is also in October, actually it's this week. :)

    1. Yes, I appreciate the offer of help. I'll see how things go; if I need their help, I'll call them, on Saturday.

      A very happy birthday to your mom! Her birthday is not on the 18th, is it?

    2. Ah, today in SL! Happy birthday, Nil's Mom! :)

  3. What a lovely story about your mother and father's wedding! It is good that you had some family taking her side.

    We found out that the squirrel had discovered some coffee filters that DH was keeping in the garage to filter some old oil for reuse in yard appliances. They were scattered around. Really, these critters expect free nesting material as well as free food!

    1. She faced a lot of opposition when it came to her second marriage, too! She was a strong woman.

      Ha, ha, free room and board for the squirrels! After all, they see that the birds are nesting in your garage, rent free! :D


  4. My mother is still alive, but I have already grieved her passing. I got to see her in the hospital while I was up north last week. There was absolutely no recognition at all. She still knew who I was in the Spring the last time I visited, but now she is gone. She knows me only as the lady who sends her cards, so I am glad to keep sending them to her. I write a small note inside about what I am doing, but I know she does not read them. She doesn't have any understanding of the written word. Such a dreadful disease! She just enjoys getting the pretty note cards, so I will use more glitter and bling to dress them up some more.

    Such a good idea to prepare ahead the dishes for the freezer. You will have enough to get accomplished this week without leaving all the cooking for the end. The meatball curry looks amazing.

    1. (((HUGS))) Susan. My mother, too, was in the early stages of dementia, when she died. But, before that, she had a stroke which affected her center of language in her brain, so she had to relearn how to read and write, and although she managed well enough, towards the end, she couldn't really comprehend the written word. It was very sad. Then, one day in October, 2005, she didn't know who I was. She thought I was someone who had been hired to clean the house! She asked me who was paying me, what time I went home, and told me I didn't live here! I didn't realize what was going on, at first, and later, when I did realize, I cried. Then, the next day, she called me at the office to tell me that the cleaning lady hasn't come yet! LOL! I asked her who she meant and she said the woman who had come and washed the dishes the previous day! I told her it had been me, but I had the feeling she didn't quite believe me. She died 4 months later, in February.


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