Friday, October 19, 2018

Cleaning on Friday

I woke up at 9:30 a.m. (before my alarm went off at 10:00 a.m.), but then, proceeded to go online for two hours, until 11:30 a.m.!  It takes me that long to wake up!  LOL!  I had coffee, replied to blog comments, read and commented on a couple of other blogs, played a couple of games of sudoku, and only then did I get around to cleaning the last two shelves of the shelving unit in the bathroom.  They were the dustiest shelves.  And then...I pulled the shelving unit away from the wall, because I noticed a few cobwebs in the corner.  I am not admitting to anything, but, another segment of wall might or might not have been washed!

The wall behind the shelving unit
I don't know - what do you think?  Here's the evidence, the tell-tale sign:

See the contrast? (just above the first light bulb)

I was able to reach over and clean the two nearest light bulbs and the top of the cabinet just below them.  The rest of the wall, light bulbs, and cabinet top will have to wait for another day - I have to climb on top of the sink to reach them and I am not going to do that, today.

Then, I mopped the floor that the shelving unit covers.  I haven't pulled the shelving unit out from the wall in, um, at least 3 years, maybe more!  I usually mop around it, not under it.  I typed this while the floor dried.  Then, put the unit back in its place:

The White Shelving Unit
I regret not putting in a cabinet with doors, here, when the bathroom was built.  It would have had to be a very shallow cabinet, as the space between the doorway and the back wall is only 10-inches (the doorway originally opened out to the back yard).  But, door would have helped conceal the clutter and kept the dust to a minimum.  I was pleased to find space for the collection of flea sprays on the shelf where I keep Dancer's flea meds and combs and brush (the plastic shoe box on the 4th shelf down; his brush is on top of the lid for now because I washed it, today and it is still drying; it will be stored in the box once it has dried off).  I decluttered a couple of things, as well, including his harness which he has never allowed us to put on him and which is now too tight for him:

Cat Harness
And this old relic:

Transistor Radio/Cassette Player
The antenna is broken and the radio no longer works.  The tape player works, but I have another tape player.  

The cleaning part took me one hour, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  Then, I rested for one hour, ate a banana and typed up to  this.

Then, I finished cleaning my bathroom - I swept and mopped the floor and, spot cleaned other areas of the walls, cleaned Dancer's litter box and added new litter, etc.  And I got rid of two old, empty litter containers.  These were refillable containers, but the pet supplies store has newer containers in a different design, now, and couldn't believe I still had these old containers; their lids are starting to crack, so I decided it was time to recycle them.  I also recycled an empty box and an empty laundry detergent container (that was taken to the garage to see if I can reuse it for something else - maybe wash it out and use it to store cat food).

Tigra checking out what got put outside!

One of the stray/garden cats, who has been named Tigra by my daughter, came running to see what the crazy lady put out this time!

By this time, it was 2:30 p.m. and I was getting hungry.  There was leftover rice and chicken curry in the fridge, but it didn't appeal.  So, I went to the nearby Chinese fastfood place for take out:

Fried rice, green beans with chicken, barbecue pork

The 2-item combo plate cost $7.65 with tax.  I served what I wanted to a plate for my lunch:

And this is what remained in the container:

Barely made a dent!
They always give the most generous portions!  There's enough leftovers for at least three other meals for me!

After lunch, I rested a little bit and rewrote my grocery shopping list, by store.  There were three stores on my list and they were all in the same shopping mall, but, I only went to one of them.  The main one had most of what I wanted, but the reason I didn't go to the other two was I was getting tired.  It was past 5:00 p.m. when I paid for my groceries and after 5:30 p.m. when I got home.  I'm afraid I was too tired to take a picture of the items I bought, but here's a photo of the receipt:

10/19 Grocery Receipt
I bought:
2 whole chickens, each over 6 lbs., @ $.89/lb = $5.80 and $5.63
4 containers (@ 2liters) of soda, @ $.69 + $.10 deposit
4 x 1 gal. containers of drinking water @ $.89 + $.10 deposit
2 bottles sparkling apple cider (non alcoholic) @ $3.00 + $.10 deposit
1 bottle wine @ $4.99
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
25 count 9 oz plastic tumblers = $3.49
1 container ice cream (1.75 quart) = $4.99
Total with sales tax (on the wine and the plastic tumblers) = $41.32

Almost everything I bought is for the prayer gathering; the milk is for my own use and two of the containers of water are for my earthquake supplies.

I wanted to buy green beans, but the ones they had for sale didn't look very fresh, so I will check the other grocery store, tomorrow.

After I came home and put away the groceries, I had a cup of tea.  Shortly after that M came to do the garden.  He tidied the front walkway (and moved the potted plants, so that the aunts who use walkers will have more room), mowed the back lawn, and removed the metal trellis that had been blown over during last week's strong winds.

Later, I called friend R and chatted with her for a bit.  We agreed that she should come over on Sunday morning, instead of tomorrow evening.  If I need any help with the rest of the cleaning and tidying, I will ask cousin P to come over.

I haven't done anything else, in terms of cleaning, after I came home from grocery shopping.  I didn't go to the temple, either.  I felt tired, so I rested.  I will vacuum, tomorrow, and that will be it.

By the way, Dancer showed his approval of my cleaning by throwing up on one one of the cleaned areas in the family room!  Thanks, Dancer!

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day (90F)
- What I was able to achieve in terms of cleaning
- M attending to the garden
- Resting in the evening
- Daughter had a fun evening out with visiting friends

Friday's To Do List:  
- Vacuum (whole house) 
- Tidy/dust my bedroom - DONE
- Finish cleaning my bathroom - DONE
- Plus the rest of the grocery shopping - DID most of it
- Tidy the 3rd bedroom a.k.a. The Dump
- Meditation session?

Oh, dear!  I did a lot of cleaning in the bathroom, but the rest of it went undone!

Saturday's To Do List:
- Rest of the grocery shopping
- Buy flowers for the altar
- Tidy the 3rd bedroom
- Mop the kitchen floor

It's going to be busy day, tomorrow!

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. That Chinese meal looks very tasty and, as you say, a very generous portion.

    I have band practice this morning but nothing else planned so it's a quiet weekend at home watching TV and reading.

    1. The green beans and chicken tasted better than the barbecue pork. I think, next time, I'll just get a single side order, instead of two.

      Hope band practice goes very well and you have a lovely, relaxed weekend. :)

  2. You got a lot of food for under 8 bucks! There is an Italian restaurant nearby that has what they call a ziti meal for 4. It is 30 dollars and not inexpensive but does come with ziti, tossed salad, dressing and 4 8 inch baguettes. We buy it when the entire family is here and by adding just a little more salad the meal feeds all 10 of us, which makes it a bargain.
    Hope today is another good day. I may or may not get anything productive done, but it is a ball game day so I know where to find everyone in my family. Only thing I really have to do is get some game treats made,.

    1. A meal that is sufficient for 10 for $30 is definitely a bargain! Yum! Game day treats! What are you planning to make?

      Thank you; I'm dragging just a little bit this morning, so easing into the day. I already put the cooked frozen curries in the fridge to thaw, and once I get a load of laundry going, I'll be off to a good start!

      Hope you enjoy the game and the company. :)

  3. Mmmm that meal looks so good.

    After reading your previous post, I took a damp paper serviette and rubbed on the hallway wall to see if there's any dust. I intentionally didn't look at the serviette and decided that there was no difference in color. Phew! So no wall washing for me. LOL
    I used to be a kind of neat freak, and now I think I'm a bit better. Though one of my friends says that I have OVD (Obsessive Vacuum Disorder.)

    1. Ha, ha, OVD! Nope, don't think I suffer from that! :D Although, I did vacuum, today. Glad you don't need to wash your walls, Nil. I suppose, with all the rain you get, you don't have a lot of dust.

  4. Your deep cleaning has inspired me and I have been making a point of cleaning the tops of doors and windows here and there, sometimes finding some that don't seem to have been touched for eons! I cleaned our bathroom today, yesterday was kitchen cleaning. I'm also back into tossing mode. I had a bright idea the other day. There are a couple of ancient and sentimental items that DH is not keen to toss even though they are unused, and mostly not even noticed. So I got a big enough box to put them in and they now sit down in the basement. I figure that one day when he wants to get rid of stuff in the basement, he will realize that they can be donated! We shall see, but in the meantime they are out of his closet.

    1. Well done on getting the sentimental things boxed up and down in the basement, Bushlady. No need to give prime storage space for certain things. I am determined to keep up with the deep cleaning. That way, hopefully, I won't need to do too much for the almsgiving!

  5. I always get at least two meals anytime I get food out. My husband and sons, well, that's another story.

    I have a busy weekend here. I spent the entire day going to my cousin's funeral. Tomorrow I have to work, but should have a little time for other things.

    1. Attending your cousin's funeral and then, having to work tomorrow makes for a very busy weekend. Take a little time for yourself, as well. Hope the week ahead will be a good one.

  6. Your dusting and vacuuming has morphed into a HUGE undertaking of deep cleaning this week. I'm glad you seem to have enough energy for all of these projects, but I am thinking you will need to take a little time to rest immediately after the prayer gathering. But if I know you at all, you will probably dive right back into sewing up gifts. After all, a change is as good as a rest.

    1. It has, hasn't it? I've been pacing myself, but I think I will take a break afterwards.

      Thank you for reading and commenting on the back posts, Susan. I will publish and respond to them, later. Right now, it is 9:45 a.m. and I need to get the dishes in the sink washed, the chicken in the oven to roast and bake the dump cake!


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