Friday, September 28, 2018

Yesterday and Today

On Wednesday morning, neighbor T called me around 8:45 a.m. to say that she had good news, the roofing situation had been resolved, and I didn't need to come over!  Apparently, they called her in the morning to confirm the appointment and she was able to tell them that she had changed her mind but couldn't call to tell them because their number had been disconnected.  She said the person who called was nice and didn't make any fuss.  I was so glad for her that the situation was resolved so easily.  So, after she called me, I turned off my alarms that I had set for 9:00 a.m., and went back to sleep!  I was glad to be able to sleep for another hour or so.

In the afternoon, I took a walk around the garden and took photographs.

Later in the evening, I called neighbor T to tell her I was bringing her some of the cake I had baked, which I had planned to take over in the morning but didn't because I didn't go over in the morning.  She told me she knew that I would bake something to bring to her!  LOL!  We chatted for a bit, as she shared some other news of a medical nature with me.  A short while later, I took over some of the cake and a bottle of holy water my cousin had brought back from Lourdes.

I also went over to my other neighbor's house to deliver the mail that was addressed to her, which had been delivered to my house by mistake.  Then, I called a different neighbor, neighbor S, to say hello, since I hadn't spoken with her for awhile.

However, apart from those small things, I really didn't do much.  It was one of those days when I didn't feel up to doing anything; I felt guilty about it, but both my daughter and a good friend of mine have assured me that it is OK.

Today, Thursday, I woke up early (by 7:00 a.m.), because I wanted to watch the senate judiciary committee hearing.  I remember watching the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearing, as well (was that really 27 years ago?).  I was able to knit a few more red hats for the heart association while I watched the proceedings.  I need to count how many hats I've knitted; I have to send them to the local heart association by the end of the year.

It was hot in the afternoon, today, but it has cooled off, now.  What's more, there's a 50% chance of rain, in the forecast, for next Tuesday!  The last time we had any measurable rain was in May, so this is exciting! 

Friend R called in the evening to say she hoped to get off work early, tomorrow, and would like a ride to the temple if I was going to the meditation session.  She said she will call me tomorrow evening, after work, to confirm.

Still later, I video chatted with my daughter. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Roses blooming by my front door
- Neighbor T being able to resolve her roof estimate situation without any difficulty
- Being able to watch the senate hearing
- Being able to take it easy when I don't have much energy
- Video chatting with my daughter

Friday's To Do List:
- Paperwork/filing
- Laundry
- Have M do some garden clean up
- Pick up R if she's going to temple
- Go to the temple for meditation session

How was your day?  What have you planned for Friday?


  1. I hope you get your rain. Having always lived in a green climate, I would find it very hard to adjust to the arid climate. I often find them beautiful, but after a few days I am itching to see some green.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. Our rainy season starts in October and we are being told that it might be a wet winter, this year, so I am hopeful. Our average annual rainfall is 15 inches. We are hoping we will get that, this year. :)

  2. You did accomplish a goal of connecting with friends and neighbours. I only know one of my neighbours, and we only speak over the back fence when we are both outside working in the gardens.

    So glad that your neighbour T was able to resolve the roofing issue on her own. That should give her a lot of self assurance.

    After accomplishing NOTHING the day before yesterday, I have had more energy the last two days to do things I need to do. I think our bodies speak to us when we lack motivation.

    1. Susan, yes, you are right! I did connect with friends and neighbors. :)

      I'm glad your day of rest helped to restore your energy. I've had two days of rest and I am still waiting to feel energized! LOL.

  3. I love your day! Like a t.v. show of people interacting with friends and many of us don't do that! I love how in a previous post how Dancer was "helping" Beautiful garden to have pomegranates growing even! Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. Ha, ha, my life as a TV show! But, you are right - I am blessed with some lovely friends and neighbors. Yes, my very helpful Dancer! :D


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