Thursday, September 6, 2018

September Grocery Shopping - Week 1

9/5 Groceries

I went grocery shopping at the dollar store, yesterday.  I bought:

1 box of cookies = $1.00
2 cans of coconut milk @$1 = $2.00
1 can pineapple chunks in juice = $.1.00
2 twin-packs crescent rolls dough, @$1 = $2.00
4 containers of yogurt @$.50 = $2.00
1 bag potato chips = $2.49
Grapes @$.99/lb = $1.62
Total = $12.11

The cookies are to take to the temple on Friday when I attend the meditation class.

The coconut milk is to have on hand, since I am down to my last can of coconut milk (although I still have half a box of the coconut milk powder).   The canned coconut milk used to be cheaper at the Armenian store (only $.89), but, the last time I went, the price had gone up to $1.09!  So, I figured I'll buy these cans from the dollar store, instead.

The pineapple chunks are to add to the stir fry I want to make, with the smoked sausage half I have in the freezer.  Of course, I can make the stir fry without the pineapple, but I like them in the stir fry.

The crescent roll dough was an impulse buy!  But, at that price, I thought they were a bargain.  They had the single cans, too, for the same price as the twin packs!  They had only two of the twin packs and I bought both!  They don't expire till sometime in October.  I already baked two of the cans, last night!

Bargain Buy!

The yogurt will be for snacks or desserts and an extra source of much needed calcium for me.

The grapes because I finished the grapes I had and they are one of my favorite fruits.

The potato chips are an indulgence!  I've been having a craving for them and, actually, they are the main reason why I went to the dollar store in the first place!

9/5 Receipt

In addition to the groceries, I bought three herb plants, at $1.00 each, which brought up my bill to $15.11.  They were much cheaper here than at the garden center and, since they considered them as "vegetables & herbs", there was no sales tax on them!  I will go back and buy their tomato and chili plants, as well.  But the cost of the plants will come from my gardening budget, not the grocery budget.

Herb Plants

My September grocery budget is $100.  This is for one person for one month and it doesn't include pet food or toiletries such as soap and shampoo or household products such as paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.  This is just for food for one person, although, occasionally, I share with my daughter!

While yesterday's grocery shopping was the first grocery shopping trip in September, I had bought two bottles of apple-peach sparkling juice and a can of peach pie filling in late August, which came to $3.20 and which I said will come from the September grocery budget.  So that is included in this week's grocery spending.

September grocery budget = $100
Spent to date = $3.20 (on 8/29) and $12.11 (on 9/5) = $15.31
Balance remaining = $100 - $15.31 = $84.69

As for meal planning, I have plenty of options for this week: a beef steak, half a smoked sausage, and a piece of cooked salmon steak in the freezer, and most of the vegetables I bought last week (head of cauliflower, green beans, and tomatoes, onions) plus carrots, radishes, a cassava root, and part of a head of celery, in the fridge!  I still have leftover mackerel curry and okra, too; enough for one more meal, at least.  There are a few (5) eggs, as well, although I will use up 3 of them if I make a cake to take to the knitting group on Tuesday (I can boil the remaining two for egg salad sandwiches and buy more eggs, next week).    Next week, I will need to buy milk, maybe eggs, and more fruit.

However, I might make a trip to the Armenian store, as they have advertised tilapia fillets for $1.99/lb.  I think this is a good price for the fillets (whole tilapia are often on sale for $.99/lb).  My Armenian neighbor's mother made a wonderful bread crumb crusted fried tilapia fillet dinner, one time, and sent over to me when I was undergoing treatments and I'd like to try to make it, myself.  So, I might go and buy some tilapia fillets, as well, before the sale ends next Tuesday.

What is your grocery budget for September?  Do you include non-food/household items in your grocery budget, or is it for food, only?  Have you gone grocery shopping in September, yet? 


  1. You found some great deals this week, and ideally you are just picking up what you find on sale each week so you can eat from what is in the freezer/pantry. I am going to try and switch things up this week by not going to the grocery store. I am going to try anyway. I will try to make my meals this week using up just what I have already. I am already out of cheese, cottage cheese, and yoghurt. Maybe if I restrict my spending on dairy every week, I will save some money. The next time I go to buy dairy, I MIGHT be more aware of portioning it out to last longer. Ha. That's the plan.

    Everything comes out of my household budget. I use household money to buy groceries, eating out, gifts, anything that I need to spend during the month. The exceptions are my bills and gas/car maintenance.

    1. Thank you, Susan; yes, I generally buy what's on sale that week, unless I really need something like milk or have a craving!

      I know you said you'll try to make your groceries last for two weeks, but, if you're out of cheese, cottage cheese, and yogurt, can you manage? I don't eat cottage cheese (don't like it) and rarely eat cheese, so being out of them won't bother me. But it's different for you, as you can't eat carbs.

      I have one budget that I separate into lots of categories, each with its own budget! It doesn't make a lot of sense, but I like knowing how much I spend in any one category. I am an accountant at heart, I guess! But, my grocery budget is the one I monitor on a weekly basis.


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