Saturday, September 15, 2018

Prayer Gathering on Saturday

Cousin V's phone call woke me up, this morning.  She was calling to find out what time I wanted her to be here in order to go to the prayer gathering.  I asked her to come over at 12:45 a.m.  Cousin P called when I was having my morning coffee, to ask the same thing.  I had already told them the time, earlier, but I guess they wanted to confirm.  I got the feeling that they thought I wanted to leave too early, but we had been told to arrive at 2:00 p.m., I had to take three freeways to get to where we were going, and I wanted to allow for any traffic delays, en route.

Later, I drove to the gas station to fill up the car, as my gas tank was just below half (but above quarter).  I put 9+ gallons at $3.43/gal.  My total came to $32.13.  I came home just as cousin V drove up!  Good timing.  She had her mother, my aunt T, and friend F with her, and cousin P joined us a few minutes later.  We left the house shortly after that.  Traffic was just as congested as I had anticipated it would be.  It took me almost 1 1/2 hours to drive to the prayer gathering.  We reached there around 2:15 p.m.  But, there were at least two other people who were still on their way, so we weren't the last to arrive.

Once everyone had arrived, they recited the prayers.  Afterwards, a late lunch was served and we visited for a little bit.  We left the gathering around 4:30 p.m. and the drive home was almost as congested as the drive to the prayer gathering.  I offered to make tea, but they knew I was tired, so everyone declined (they had all napped on the drive home, but, of course, I couldn't nap when I was driving, could I?)

I will be hosting the October prayer gathering. 

I took it easy after I came home.  I didn't nap, but I rested.  Later, I did the dishes and did a little paperwork.  I will do the rest of it, tomorrow.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to give a ride to aunt, cousins, and friend to the prayer gathering
- A safe drive there and back
- Seeing family and friends at the prayer gathering
- Being able to take it easy after I got home
- Answered prayers 

Saturday's To Do List:
- Put gas to the car - DONE
- Attend the prayer gathering and give a ride to aunt T, cousins P and V, and friend F - DONE
- Start on the paperwork - STARTED

Sunday's To Do List:
- Complete retirement paperwork
- Laundry

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. You started the paperwork. That should make it easier to step right into it today and get it done. Good plan.

    You also had a very full day today. I'm sure your family appreciated you doing all the driving through the congested traffic, and good that you were able to rest after you got home. Dancer must have been relieved to have his mommy home as well. You have been out and about a lot lately.

    1. Getting started is, sometimes, the hardest part, for me!

      As for driving in congested traffic, I am used to it from all those years of driving to work and back. But, it was a long drive and a bit tiring. Dancer was happy that I came home in time to give him his tuna! He had dragged his "lovey" - a fluffy scarf that I had knitted, which is like a security blanket for him - through the house (it was on my bed when I left) and left it by the door in the family room, while I was gone. He does this every time I leave the house! At night, he drags it back to the bed!

  2. I'd love to hear all about the prayer gathering at your place next month. Is it like a Buddhist almsgiving? Do you offer food for everyone?

    1. Nil, I will be writing about it. :) It is actually a rosary prayer gathering (all my relatives from my mother's side of the family are Catholic; she converted to Buddhism before marrying my father). I, myself, don't say the rosary, but the others in the group (all family and family friends) recite the rosary. I provide a meal - either dinner or lunch, depending on what time the gathering will be held. This year, it will be a late lunch, because I am hosting it on a Sunday afternoon (someone in the group had a wedding to attend on Saturday night and I try to accommodate everyone's schedules).

      My annual almsgiving will be held in December. I haven't booked a date yet, need to call the temple and see when the monks will be free. Several of my Catholic relatives and friends come to help me with the almsgiving - often, there are more Catholics at my almsgivings than there are Buddhists. The monks take it all in stride and everyone receives blessed water (pirith pan) and have a blessed thread (pirith nool) tied on their wrists, afterwards. LOL.

  3. My husband always jokes that he can nap while Andrea

    1. Oh, my! I hope he's only joking! :D Although, sitting in traffic, going nowhere, is almost enough to put one to sleep!


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