Monday, September 17, 2018

Paperwork on Sunday

Today, I did my retirement paperwork!

The drawings are courtesy of my daughter:

Me, running away from the paperwork!

But first, I stripped my bed and did a load of laundry.  Then, I went over the mattress cover with a lint roller and sprayed it with flea spray, just to be on the safe side!  I haven't seen anything for more than three weeks, now, and haven't found anything when I comb Dancer, but still, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes.  Then, I remade the bed with the other set of sheets and Dancer showed me that he approved:

"Mummy made the bed for Dancer to sleep"
Then, neighbor T called for our Sunday morning chat.  She has been praying for my health, so she was very happy when I shared the news that the biopsy results were good and the eye examination went well and even the teeth cleaning was good in the sense they didn't find anything else that was wrong!  Which, when I think of it, is a real blessing, if not a miracle!

Finally, I sat down to do the paperwork.  Even though I had filled out the forms before and had photocopies and "all" I had to do was copy the information, it still took me the whole afternoon and part of the evening (with lots of breaks in between). 

Hard at work, filling forms!

I had so many extra copies of all the various forms with different dates on them, including some that I didn't receive this time around, that it was confusing! 

Poor Confused Me!

During my many breaks, I hung up the laundry, cooked and ate cassava for brunch, trimmed my toe nails, took pictures of Dancer to share with my daughter, admired photos of her cooking (she made more pizza, split pea soup, Japanese potato salad, etc.), complained to her about the paperwork, had a cup of tea, ate a sandwich, played a game or two (or several!) of sudoku, etc.

Daughter sent me her doodles of the rest of her week, as well as of me doing paperwork:  

Daughter's Thursday and Friday

Saturday and Sunday

I had leftovers for dinner and then, video chatted with my daughter.  She had a full day, too, with an acrobatics class in the morning, cooking and doing laundry in the afternoon and evening, and discovering that her closet rod has cracked!  She filled out and submitted a maintenance request, she said.   

Today, I am grateful for:
- Neighbor T calling to check on me and praying for my health
- Getting the paperwork done!
- Getting only a little stressed over the paperwork!
- Daughter illustrating my day for me!
- Not finding anything on Dancer in the last couple of weeks

Sunday's To Do List:
- Complete retirement paperwork - DONE!
- Laundry - DONE

Monday's To Do List:
- Call the retirement office to see if I need to make an appointment to bring in the papers
- Go to the office
- Download a couple of additional forms and fill them out
- Make photocopies of all the documents and forms
- Fill out time sheets
- Hand in the retirement papers
- Put away the laundry
- Launder the sofa dust covers/put new covers
- Take the trash cans to the curb

How was your Sunday?  What are your plans for Monday?


  1. This was definitely one of those LOL blog posts. Between those cute sketches provided by your daughter AND the description of all those little breaks you took throughout the day, I found it pretty funny. It may have taken the whole day, but did it. And you got the laundry done as well. Way to go.

    Cats act so strangely around freshly made beds. It was always a chore to make up the bed with freshly laundered sheets. Each of my cats would want to be "made up into the bed sheets" by getting in underneath the sheets and blankets and be tucked in. Even my dogs would jump up on the bed hoping to be covered in the sheets. They didn't realize they were too big to play at the same game, so they were told to get down. It didn't stop them from trying though.

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading it, Susan. :D But, yes, I got it all done! Too funny about your dogs wanting to get covered by the sheets! :D

  2. Your daughter's drawings made me smile - that first one made me laugh out loud. I love them! Glad you got that paperwork done. It's something I hate doing too. I think the thought of it is actually worse than doing it.

    1. She said the first one was her favorite! She's a good illustrator, isn't she? She used to cry, as a child, when she was told to draw something, saying she couldn't draw! She just hadn't found her particular style of drawing! Once she discovered anime-style drawing, she up and away! I don't know why I found the paperwork to be so stressful, but I did! Anyway, this particular batch is done! (There will be more, I was told!)


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