Saturday, September 1, 2018

Friday's Highlights

On Friday, I made it to downtown and the office by late morning.  I had emailed my supervisor last night, to let him know that I was coming in today, so he was expecting me.  All my colleagues who were in the office seemed happy to see me again and, I was told, once again, that if I ever got bored with being retired and wanted to do some contract work, to let them know! 

Afterwards, I went over to the retirement office and handed in the paperwork.  One of the counselors looked over the forms, took what was needed and told me that they will review the file to see what documents I've already filed and send me additional paperwork in the mail!  It looks like they are treating this as a new application, since the previous application was allowed to lapse.  I am fine with that.  I just have to get the papers filled and back to them right away, when I receive them!  No more procrastinating!

Since I was downtown, I played tourist and took some pictures of one of the more iconic buildings:

The Los Angeles Times Building

Built in 1935, it housed the offices of the Los Angeles Times newspaper until the company's lease ran out, in July of this year (2018) and the new owner of the paper moved the company to a new office space located in an adjacent city (El Segundo). 

One of the Entrances

I applied for a job with the Los Angeles Times as a typist in their typing pool, back in the early 1980s!  I remember going for a typing test and not passing!  They wanted a speed of 45 words per minute and my speed was much higher than that, but, I lost points on accuracy! 

Building Dedication

The dedication reads, "This building is dedicated to the cause of true industrial freedom and liberty under the law".

Today, I went inside to take a picture of the lobby, which is known as the Globe Lobby:

The Globe Lobby

I cam home and rested in the afternoon and sewed a bit more.  Later, M came to do the garden and I chatted with him for a bit.   Then, I attended the Friday evening meditation session at the temple.  Later, I sewed a bit more.  This is the gallon sized bag of small scraps I am trying to use up:

 Bag of small scraps

This is the basket of larger, solid colored scraps that I haven't even touched, so far:

Basket of Larger Solid Scraps
There is another basket piled with larger print scraps, too!

This is the helpful kitty, who is always nearby to lend a helping paw with whatever project I am working on:

Helpful Kitty
Fabric scraps apparently make a comfy bed!

 And, of course, I video chatted with daughter, too.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The retirement paperwork have been handed in and the process begun
- The offer of work, even if I am not likely to take them up on it
- A safe drive to downtown and back
- Being able to attend the meditation session
- Video chatting with daughter

How was your Friday? 


  1. How wonderful that you were again invited to work on contract. They definitely valued you as an employee. What a confidence booster! Good for you getting the process of retirement started again. Maybe there won't be a lot of paperwork left to do?

    Thank you for the photos of the LA Times building. Such a magnificent building. Your typing test reminded me of my experiences while working for the library system at Queen's University. I was working there on a 3 month contract, but my supervisor was interested in keeping me there longer. That required a typing test. I only needed 30 words per minute, but I am not a typist. I failed miserably (I think it was a minus score)and that would have been the end of that; however, my supervisor made me go every single day during my lunch hour to try, try again. They got to know me very well at HR and they encouraged me to sit and just practice during my time there. Finally, FINALLY I passed. It is not that I really needed to do typing, but it was a requirement for hiring. As you know, I spent the last 20 years of my working career in the library system; so in the end, I am glad I was pushed.

    It sounds as though you had a full evening with some sewing and going to your meditation. Dancer was also one busy kitty.

    1. Susan, it was, indeed, a confidence booster! :)

      Hopefully, there won't be much more paperwork, but it shall be dealt with in a timely manner!

      Obviously your supervisor recognized that you would make an excellent employee! I'm so glad you managed to get through and pass that typing test! It was after that failed typing test that I walked into my current employer's office and picked up an application! I probably would not have done so, if I had passed that typing test! :)

  2. How nice to see your colleagues again with a cheerful welcome. You probably made their day showing up again!

    Interesting photos of the LA Times building. I like the story of the typing test. I was never accurate with typing but I am so glad that I learned when I was young as I did use it in several jobs I had and now it is a boon to be able to touch-type on the computer, which even corrects at times, although sometimes it sneakily gets ahead of itself and changes a word to something I didn't intend. I have to keep an eye on that.

    Dancer looks a little grumpy, or maybe it is just his thoughtful expression. I think he feels that fabric should only be in cat-sized pieces and that you had better join all those scraps as soon as possible!

    DS, DDIL and DGD are coming tomorrow and staying overnight so I've been cooking up a storm. I even got DH making rice crispy squares, which need a strong arm to stir, I find!

    1. Ooh, yum, rice crispy squares! I'm sure your DGD will enjoy them!

      I took a secretarial course while I was waiting for my O-level results to come - shorthand, typing, bookkeeping, etc. I think the typing skills have been very helpful, although, I was once hired for a job, as a student assistant to a professor, when I was at the university, because I was the only applicant with shorthand skills. :) I have forgotten most of the shorthand, now, from lack of use! Does anyone even use shorthand, now?

      Dancer looks grumpy because he was trying to sleep on the scraps and I was disturbing him when I kept pulling scraps from under him!


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