Sunday, September 23, 2018

Resting on Sunday

I slept in, this morning, and got about 7 1/2 hours of sleep!  I turned off the porch lights, fed the cats, had a cup of coffee, sighed over the sinkful of saute pans, etc., from yesterday's cooking (guess who didn't do the dishes, last night?!), replied to blog comments, etc., and relaxed.

Daughter called and we chatted on the phone for a bit.  She was going to an acrobatics class in the afternoon.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to wash my bed sheets and put fresh sheets on the bed.  I put the fitted sheet on and went over it with the lint roller, because, since I hang the sheets to dry and don't put them in the dryer with a dryer sheet, Dancer's fur still remain on the sheets, even after washing.  I had just finished lint rollering it when this happened:

"Ooh, Mummy made the bed with fresh sheets!"

Apparently, there is something irresistible about fresh sheets!

"Must roll around and make sure it is comfy!"

Now, the sheet is full of his fur, again!

"What?  You're going to tell your blog friends about this, aren't you?"
I laundered the set of sheets I had on the bed, along with a few other items, and hung them up to dry.

I spent a relaxed afternoon and planned a couple of sewing projects.  I want to make some holiday gifts with fabric in the stash.  The projects I have planned will use up at least a couple of pieces of fabric, if not more.  I just need to sit down and sew!

Later, I watered the indoor plants, took the kitchen trash and recycling out to the big bins, and inspected the garden.  Everything will need to be watered, tomorrow.  According to this evening's weather forecast, we'll be in the 90s, next week, with Thursday being 97F, before it "cools down" to the 80s over the weekend.

I called Aunt C and had a nice chat with her.

Then, I washed the dishes that were in the sink and cleaned the stove top and counters.

For dinner, I steamed some broccoli and carrots and had it with sliced chicken breast:

There is another serving of the broccoli and carrots leftover for another meal.  Dessert was a bowl of strawberries:

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to sleep in, this morning
- A working washing machine
- Being able to air dry laundry, indoors
- Emails from a friend
- Strawberries for dessert

I haven't been posting a daily to do list, these past few days, but it's time to start posting them, again.

Monday's To Do List
- Set up an appointment to renew my driver's license - need to go in person, this time, as I need to do a vision test
- Pay my auto insurance renewal in person at the Auto Club (can do later in the week, too; not due yet)
- Give Dancer his flea medication (oh, he's not going to like it!)
- Do another load of laundry
- Clean the fridge
- Package and freeze some of the curries I made
- Empty the waste baskets
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Water the front and back gardens
- Dust & vacuum
- Mop kitchen
- Clean my bedroom window
- Wash my bedroom curtains

Guess who's going to be busy, tomorrow?  But, most of the items on the list shouldn't take too long to do.  

How was your Sunday?  Were you able to rest?  What have you planned for Monday?  


  1. Lol at Dancer! He didn't like that his scent wasn't on your sheets anymore. Glad you got a good night's sleep.

    1. Oh, he was definitely marking the sheets as his! :D He's just too much!

  2. Those freshly laundered sheets are just too much of a temptation. Who wouldn't want to stretch out on top. My cats' favourite places to sleep were on top of the fresh laundry basket that I would bring indoors after drying on the line, and before I had a chance to fold and put away. Ha,ha.

    Your to-do list for Monday looks like my weekly list. Yes, it IS a lot. I also spent my weekend planning out Christmas projects. I have three already to start, but if the weather remains fair, I will probably put most of my energies into being outdoors. We only have a small window in the Fall in which to clean up the yard and prepare the beds for winter. It seems it is summer one week and then suddenly it is Fall and the crunch is on. It is my favourite time of year, though.

    1. Oh, I can just imagine your cats sleeping on the sun-dried laundry!

      Today's to do list might turn into a weekly one, although I am hoping not! I have other things I've planned to do this week!

      Good idea to get the garden ready for winter, while you can. Maybe work on the Christmas gifts, in between, or when the weather turns?

  3. Replies
    1. He sure is, Jules. I keep telling him that it's a good thing he's so cute! :D

  4. What is it with cats and clean laundry. I guess it's like Sharon said, they're marking it, but it is funny to watch. Your dinner looked very pretty and healthy.

    1. He does like a freshly made bed! :D

      Ha, ha, my dinner was healthy until I baked a cake and had a slice of it, for a midnight snack! :D


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