Friday, September 7, 2018

Vacuum on Thursday

No churning on Thursdays, here!  Instead, there was dusting and vacuuming.  And lots of playing with fabric and quilt block settings.  I was trying out different placements on different colored backgrounds, using fabric I had in the stash.  The red fabric is the biggest piece of fabric I have, with sufficient for the sashing and borders.  The green is the next largest fabric.  The blue is the smallest piece, since it is what is leftover from the baby quilt I made for my cousin's grandson. The piece I have won't be enough, if I choose the blue fabric.

In Rows

Then, I tried the blocks on point:

On Point

Then I tried something a little different - larger squares:

Larger Squares in Rows

The larger squares are composed of four smaller squares.

Larger Squares  On Point 
My daughter also suggested a combination of big and small squares, but I didn't  try that out, yet. 

I had been hoping the red fabric would work out, but, I think it doesn't set off the blocks the way I had hoped it would.   Neither does the green.  Wrong shade of green, I think.  The blue fabric seems best, but I will need to buy more of it.  Of course, I could do a really scrappy quilt and have different colored sashing!

So, my questions are: which background? Rows or on point? Big squares or small?

Oh, and my daughter sent me her journal doodles for this week:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Today, she felt better and went to the office.  One of her former supervisors asked her if she'd like to have a leather jacket that the former supervisor was giving away; daughter said it fitted her just fine and she was happy to receive it.


There was an email from the Personnel Department at work, informing me that they had received the retirement papers I had filed and asking confirmation on something.  It is a sign that they are working on the application, so I was happy to send a reply in response.

In the evening, I called cousin P and friend R to chat with them.  And video chatted with my daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Daughter is feeling better
- She received a free leather jacket
- They are working on my retirement papers
- Being able to play with fabric
- Getting a few things crossed off my to do list!

Thursday's To Do List:
- Dollar store for more plants!
- Call to make the dental appointment
- Put away the laundry - DONE
- Finish dusting - DONE
- Vacuum - DONE
- Pay the gas bill
- Filing 
- Closet
- Visit neighbor T

Friday's To Do List:
- Call the dentist!
- Post office to mail bill payment
- Dollar store for plants
- Visit neighbor T
- Meditation session

How was your Thursday?  Which color fabric would you choose for the quilt background and which arrangement of squares?


  1. I like the smaller squares, on point, on blue. There ... I can be decisive if I try!

    I love your daughter's doodles - very clever. It's good news to hear that they are working on your retirement papers and I hope the process goes as smoothly as possible for you.

    1. The smaller squares, on point, on blue has received another vote, so that seems to be the leading arrangement in the opinion poll!

      Thank you, I love her doodles, myself. :)

      Yes, I hope the retirement process goes smoothly. There were more emails, this morning, from HR, about it!

  2. I like the smaller squares on point with the blue fabric, but I didn't see a combination that looked bad. It all seems to be a personal preference.
    Glad your daughter is feeling better.

    1. Thanks, Live and Learn. The smaller squares, on point, on blue is the leading candidate, as of now! :)

  3. I am not going to help you any more. You have just made things a whole lot more complicated. And I see that your daughter is not going to help you either since she has just thrown in another choice in the mix. *laugh* I don't do well with making decisions. If you limit my choices to two things, you may get a decision out of me; otherwise, you are on your own lady.

    Glad to see your daughter feels so much better. Love her journal doodles. Does she write in her journal as well? You were very productive today in the domestic arts.

    1. Well, thanks for your help, Susan! LOL! It's hard to make a decision, isn't it? Especially if you are like me and second guess your decisions at each turn! You see, if I am going to have to buy the fabric for the sashing, then, I can buy just about any color and not limit myself to that one shade of blue! So I am going to take a little time and think things over, a bit more!

      No, my daughter doesn't keep a journal as such. What she has is a day book/appointment book that she uses mainly for work, to jot down meetings, when assignments are due, etc. The work day hours have hourly slots but the evening hours have one space and that's where she does her doodles to capture the highlights of her day. She has long wavy black hair and the clothes she depicts herself in are what she wore that day! :)

  4. I agree with others. Small squares, on point with blue fabric.

    Your daughter is very artistic. I like her doodles. 😊

    1. Thank you, Nil. She likes the Japanese style of drawing, called manga. :)

      Small squares, on point, on blue seems to be the consensus! I just need to wait for a good sale and go buy the fabric!

  5. I will have to opt out, too, as I can't decide which colour or arrangement is best. I do know, though, that you will eventually make something lovely as usual!

    Love your daughter's little drawings again. She has such a talent.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I decided on the dark blue and bought the fabric, today. Might play around with the arrangement, a bit more, though.


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