Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pi Day Wednesday and March Grocery Shopping

Apple Pie

Over here, where we write the date, month first and then the date, today is 3.14, which is also the value of pi and the day is often celebrated with pie!  In other areas of the world, where the date is written date first and then month, today's date would be written as 14.3, and there is no such pi day!  At least, there wasn't one when I was growing up and as a result, I was quite unfamiliar with the whole tradition of pie day until my daughter was in school and the teacher brought a pie to class on pi day and I got to hear all about it!    I didn't have any pie today, although I thought about buying one when I was at the grocery store.  But I didn't buy one, so the picture above is an old picture of a pie daughter made last November, which I had posted on one of my previous blog posts. 

Today, I had to attend an 8:00 a.m. staff meeting at the office.  So, I tried to wake up at 6:00 a.m., but since I hadn't been able to fall asleep until after 1:30 a.m., I didn't want to wake up when the alarm went off!  I didn't get up until after 6:15 a.m. and didn't leave the house until 7:15 a.m., or so.  There was some road construction delays on top of it all, so I didn't get to the office until after 8:00 a.m. and the meeting had already started.  It was a department wide meeting so, although the meeting was held in a large room, all the seats were taken by the time I got there and it was standing room, only.  I stood and listened to the speech by the Director and the deputy director and watched part of the video introducing new employees.  But, after standing for amost 45 minutes, I began to get tired.  So, I told a colleague that I was going back to my office and I did.  The rest of the day was fairly productive and I made good progress on the project I am currently working on. 

Last night's rain had cleared by the time I left for work, this morning and it turned out to be a bright, sunny day.  On the way home, I put gas to the car ($3.23/gal.; I put $27.12 worth), went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refill, went to the 99Cents Only store next door to buy some bananas and another package of the cheesecake and topping containers, and stopped at the grocery store, as well, to pick up the coffee creamer and a few other things:

3/14 Groceries

I spent $1.71 at the dollar store for the cheesecake ($1) and bananas ($.71@$.49/lb):

Dollar Store Receipt 3/14
All I really needed was the coffee creamer ($2.69) from the grocery store.  But, since there is more rain in the forecast for tonight, tomorrow, and the weekend, I decided to pick up a few other things so I could wait until next week to do grocery shopping, if it rains this weekend - bagels ($1.99) and cream cheese ($1.59) for breakfasts, frozen corn ($1) because I didn't have anymore corn in the freezer, and a package of beef (boneless top round; $4.75@$3.77/lb) to cook for dinners/lunches.  I spent $12.02 at the grocery store:

Grocery Store Receipt 3/14
Total grocery spending this week = $13.73

It was past 7:30 p.m. when I got home.  By the time I took a picture and put away the food, checked my voice mail (reminder from the podiatrist's office about tomorrow's appointment), texted daughter to let her know I was home (she had gone out to dinner with a friend who was visiting), fed the cats, opened a window to air out the house, and sat down to have a cup of tea, it was already 8:00 p.m.!

I decided to have a bagel with cream cheese for my dinner, instead of cooking anything, and I had one of the cheesecake containers for dessert.  Then, replied to some blog comments, wrote an email to a friend, responded to messages from a couple of friends, and video chatted with daughter. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Sunshine during the day so I could run my errands in comfort
- Rain at night for the garden to get another good soaking
- Daughter had a nice visit with her friend
- Yet another drama-free refill at the pharmacy!
- Safe commutes to work and back, to the stores and back, etc.

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Go to the office/attend staff meeting - DONE
- Pick up medication refill from pharmacy - DONE
- Put gas to the car - DONE
- Buy coffee creamer and bananas - DONE (bought other items, too!)
- Tidy the rest of the family room
- Clean the litter box - will do after this post

What I didn't do was tidy the rest of the family room, again.  Obviously, not a very high priority task on my to do list! 

Thursday's To Do List:
- Go to the office
- Call the podiatrist's office to confirm time and place (there was some confusion on the message they left me)
- Go for the appointment
- Tidy the family room!
- Call cousin to wish her for her birthday

The forecast for rain tonight was correct - it started raining around midnight and it is raining now (12:50 a.m.) 

I will publish this post, clean the litter box, say my nightly prayers and go to bed!  Hopefully, I will fall asleep before too long! 

How was your Wednesday?  Did you celebrate the day with a pie?



  1. It wasn't because you were in a place where they write the dates differently that you didn't celebrate Pi Day growing up. Neither did I. That made curious so I googled it. According to the internet it was founded in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw. But it is a great excuse to eat pie.

    1. Oh, thank you for clarifying that, Live and Learn! I just assumed that that's why I didn't know about it! That it had been something celebrated for a long time and I just didn't know because we didn't observe it (like Mother's Day in May - I had never heard of it, growing up!) Although, I did wonder why I didn't find out about Pi Day in college, when I was writing the post - but I just thought it is because I am often clueless about these things! LOL. Yes, it is a good excuse for pie! :)

  2. Bless, totally gobsmacked after that activity packed day on so little sleep you were still awake and posting at 12:50 am!

    Perhaps I am wrong but it seems to me that Pi Day is a relatively new celebration pushed by the grocery stores etc. Because it is the birthday of my grandson it has always been a special day to our family. We did have dinner with him but no pie.

    1. Happy birthday to your grandson! Glad you were able to celebrate with him! Even if there was no pie! Maybe there was a birthday cake, instead? Maybe, next year, you can have a birthday pie! :D

      That's what we did for my mother's last few birthdays, because of something my daughter said. When daughter was about 5 or 6, and my mother's birthday approached, daughter became worried. She told me that we couldn't have a birthday cake for grandmother because, as she explained to me, having a birthday cake meant you became one year older and the older one got, the closer to dying. So, in her child's mind, not having a birthday cake meant not getting older and closer to death! She didn't want her grandmother to get older and die! The compromise we made was to have a birthday pie! We did that for the next several years. Then, one year, I didn't have time to make or buy a pie and I bought a pizza and cake on our way home from daughter's dance class. That was October 2005; it turned out to be the last birthday my mother celebrated; she died in February 2006. Maybe there was something to my daughter's logic, after all?! I think I am going to request a birthday pie for my birthdays from now on! LOL!

      By the way, you are not wrong - Live and Learn, in her comment above, said that it was founded in 1988!

      As for still being up at 12:50 a.m., yes, I seem to get my "second wind" around midnight! I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. My alarm went off at 7:00 a.m., this morning. :)

  3. Glad you had a nice and sunny day to run your errands. Getting home at 8 really does make the day long. I would have eaten the bagel for dinner also.
    We did not celebrate Pi(e) day at all. TheHub had a business dinner and I ate leftovers and was not about to make a pie just for me. Who knows? Maybe I will celebrate pie day one day late, but tonight starts March Madness so I guess I need to start thinking basketball food.

    1. Anne, I did consider having a pot pie for dinner, last night, in honor of the day - I have some turkey pot pies in the freezer. But I don't like them "baked" in the microwave and baking them in the regular oven takes 1 hour (they say don't bake in the toaster oven; I think because the pie pan they come in is paper; they probably catch fire in a toaster oven!)

      Maybe you can make a small, individual sized pie, while you are making basketball food?

  4. Oh that was a long day for you Bless, especially after not sleeping so well the night before. I'm glad you made yourself a priority and didn't force yourself to stand for the whole meeting.

    I've never heard of pi day but I love the concept. Desperately trying to think if any dates could be related to cookies and cakes, but I think not lol. xx

    1. Ha, ha, Suzanne, I am sure we can find a few cake/cookie related dates! April 21 is National Tea Day in the UK, which is a very good reason for some cake, don't you think? And May 29 (also in the UK) is National Biscuit Day - that'll be your chance to indulge in all the biscuits you'd like! There are a whole bunch of others, especially in the US, related to cakes and cookies! National Applesauce Cake Day (June 6), International Lemon Drizzle cake day (June 9), etc. Do a search ("food days") and you'll see what I mean! :)

  5. What a lo-o-ong day! Twelve hours of driving, working, shopping....ugh. I know that some people work 12 hour shifts on a regular basis (my husband actually preferred them) but those people also get more days off. I worked a 12 hour day once, at the library. I didn't think the day would EVER end. The worst of it is not being able to get a good night's sleep. Have you inquired about it from your doctor?
    You were very wise to pick up a few more groceries for the weekend. Knowing that more rain is in the forecast, and knowing that you would not likely feel like going out in it, are good reasons to have enough to stay indoors.

    I told Nathalie that I did not celebrate Pi Day, nor did I celebrate the Ides of March yesterday. I am just a party pooper.

    1. Long days were par for the course, about 4 years ago, Susan - I'd get up at 5:30 a.m., pack lunches, etc., be on the road by 6:30 a.m., drive an hour to drop daughter off on campus, drive another hour to get to work, work till 5:30 p.m., drive an hour to pick up daughter from campus, drive another hour to get home by 7:30 p.m., if we were lucky and there wasn't any traffic delays, then, have a cup of coffee, make dinner, etc. Daughter would take an hour's break and then, do her homework, till about 12:30 a.m. or later. I'd stay up with her because I felt guilty about going to sleep when she was up studying. But, that was before I got sick. I don't have the stamina to do that, anymore!

      There was a time when I worked 10 hr. days, 4 days a week. Add 30 mins. for lunch, an hour long commute at each end, and they were long days, too! But I was younger, then, and healthier.

      Yes, I've spoken to the doctors about the sleep issue. Their solution was to offer a sleep aid. I don't want to take any more pills than I absolutely have to. I just need to retire! Then, it won't matter if I stay up till 3:00 a.m.! Because I won't have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. in order to be at work by 8:00 a.m.! I could sleep till noon and it'll be fine! :D

      But I am going to try and reset my internal clock! Maybe, by the time I do retire, I'll be going to bed by 9:00 p.m. and waking up at 5:00 a.m.! And then, I might be wishing I could go into work, after all! LOL!

      Yes, the rain started as I was getting home, this evening. Just a light rain, but heavier rains are in the forecast!

      You need to celebrate more special days so you can make more cards to send on those days! :D

  6. You did a lot for someone who was tired and didn't sleep as much as she should have! Yay for running errands after work, though, so you don't have to do a special trip later on. It sounds like you got good deals, too!

    I never thought of not celebrating Pi Day in France because we write the date as 14/3, but as Live & Learn said on her blog, I guess Pi Day only came to light in the 2000's. I remember celebrating it with YS when I was homeschooling him because we happened to be reading "Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi (a math adventure") on that very same day. That must have been around 2007 maybe? I should check my homeschooling records... if I still have them! In years past I bought or baked a pie most years. This year I celebrated by having a small piece of the chocolate pecan pie that I brought back from Georgia and I confess that I didn't pay any mind to the actual "pi" as I really don't like math at all :)

    1. Thanks, Nathalie. I was glad I could get everything done, when I did. I'd rather not run errands in the rain. I think your decision to buy that chocolate pecan pie was brilliant! Even if you didn't plan it that way, you were still able to have pie on pi day! :D


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