Saturday, March 3, 2018

On the Third of March

It has been another, somewhat wet day, today.  The sky was cloudy and there was a misty fine drizzle when I woke up in the morning.  As I mentioned to one of my friends, only those of us who live in as arid an area as this would call it "rain"!  But it caused the ground to be wet, and, later, increased in intensity and became a definite drizzle and then, still later, a short lived shower of rain.  It stopped raining in the afternoon (although it remained cloudy) and I turned the heater off and opened a window or two to air out the house, a bit.

At 4 o'clock, there was a break in the clouds and the sun shone, brightly!  I ran outside to look for the rainbow, but it was very faint and my cell phone camera wasn't able to capture the rainbow that well:

Rainbow - between the two chimneys

Perhaps this might help.

Never mind - just imagine that there is a rainbow there!  LOL.

Then, I had to take a couple of pictures of the clouds:

Clouds in the Front (facing west)

Clouds in the Back (facing east)

 I took some pictures of the front garden, too:

The newly planted lavender plants

There was a bud on one of the few rose bushes surviving in the same flower bed as the lavender:

Rose Bud

The flower bed along the walk up to the front door

The lantana continues to do well

Today, daughter left to go out with some of her friends from middle school and high school, to celebrate her birthday.  One of them picked her up around 11:30 a.m. and they were going to pick up another friend and go downtown; another friend was going to meet them in downtown.   Daughter has been friends with one of these girls since 7th grade and the other two since 9th grade.  I am so glad that they make an effort to get together at Christmas and birthdays when possible.  Daughter offered to pick up some raisin buns or cream buns (or both!) for me, from the Japanese bakery; I opted for raisin buns, as both would have been a bit too much!

I had the rest of my lasagna, some of the pasta alfredo, and half of the chicken parmesan for my brunch.  There's enough of the pasta and the chicken for another meal.

I spent some time doing a bit of mending for daughter, this afternoon.  I managed to sew up the side seam of a short sleeved knitted top that had unraveled (I actually crocheted the seam) and the shoulder seam of a 3/4 length sleeve t-shirt, where the serger hadn't caught enough of one of the edges (I did a blanket stitch and a back stitch to approximate the serging).  Daughter also brought down some other clothing items to be given away - I am including them (4 tops) in my decluttering for today. 

When I went out to take pictures, after the rain ceased, I also took the bags of recycling out to the big bin, outside.  I had three bags of plastic, glass, cans, and paper to recycle!  And I collected the mail, including package that came for daughter, but without any indication of who might have sent it!  We guessed it was one of two friends and then, narrowed it down further to one of them.  Then she texted a picture of the gift to that friend, asking if it was from him and he said, yes!  There was supposed to have been a card included but Amazon didn't include the card!   

At 6 o'clock, it began to rain, again!  Not very heavily, but it looks like we might be getting a winter's worth of rain in one weekend?  I am not complaining, because the rain is a blessing!

Daughter came home around 6:30 p.m. and brought me my raisin buns (and a package of melon buns for herself).

Raisin Buns and Melon Buns
She said there was no rain in the downtown area and it was sunny, if a bit cold.

In the evening, I called my cousin N and wished her for her birthday. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- More rain for the garden
- A rainbow, even if it was faint and didn't photograph well
- Daughter had a fun day with her friends
- Raisin buns!
- Another relaxed day

Today's decluttering:

3/3 Decluttering (4 tops, 1 completed crossword puzzles book)

How was your Saturday?   Any special plans for tomorrow?


  1. Glad you got to see a rainbow - reassurance from God following the flood.

    How exciting your daughter receiving a gift in the mail from "he" perhaps someone special.

    I have never heard of Mellon Buns. Gentle rain is the best.

    1. Rainbows are special, aren't they? My step-father used to call me his rainbow. :)

      Well, "he" has been her friend since they first met on the school bus in 4th grade. At the time, she told me that he was "really nice". They have been friends ever since.

      The melon buns have a honeydew like flavor. Daughter loves them; I don't much care for them.

  2. I can see your rainbow! The garden looks lovely and will certainly benefit from the rain you are having.
    I had to google melon buns as I had never heard of them. They certainly sound like something I would enjoy, with sweet bread coated in cookie dough according to what I read!

    1. Bushlady, glad you could see the rainbow!

      The melon buns taste like honeydew melon and do have a bit of a sugary coating. My daughter loves them.

  3. Lovely flowers! I do love the lantana even though it's considered an invasive weed here. Can you believe it?! It's so pretty. The clouds were very pretty too. My Daughter used to be obsessed with clouds and would take pictures of them incessantly.

    I too would love to try the Japanese Bakery buns! I need to check out the one in Gainesville. I don't think we'll have time tomorrow or when I drop off my daughter next week, so it'll have to be for a different visit.

    I hope today is equally enjoyable for you, Bless!

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. Lantana was a weed in Sri Lanka, too, but, it is encouraged here because, once established, it is fairly drought tolerant.

      I hope you will be able to check out the Japanese bakery in Gainesville on one of your future visits, there. My daughter likes their cakes because the frosting is light in texture, more like whipped cream, and not as sweet as regular frosting.

      Today is sunny and we've gone shopping in the afternoon. It has been a lovely day, so far. Hope your day is going well, too, Nathalie.

  4. I'm glad you got your needed rain! And the rainbow is always special to see! Your gardens look very healthy. You seem to be cheerful after your surgery. Probably happy it is over! Andrea

    1. Thank you, Andrea. The rain was very welcome! I guess you can put down my cheerfulness to the fact that the surgery went well, the recovery is proceeding well, too, my daughter has been home, and I haven't had to go to work! :)

  5. I'm glad you had a nice time with your daughter for her birthday. We get so much rain around here, that I don't always appreciate it as much as I should. I do like how green everything is here. I can see the rainbow:)

    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you, Becky. Yes, I can see how one can get tired of having a bit too much of rain, but we don't get so much, and after the recent drought, we appreciate it when we do get some rain. Glad you can see the rainbow!

      Hope you have a lovely week, too.


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