Monday, March 12, 2018

Creeping Forward on Sunday

Springing forward is too energetic for me; I am creeping forward!  LOL!  I love the extra hour of daylight in the evening, but what this all means is I have to try to sleep an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier than normal and you all know how I struggle with both those things!  When I woke up at 9:00 a.m. by my internal clock, this morning, it was already 10:00 a.m.!   Now the clock says it is 12:30 a.m., but for me, it is still 11:30 p.m. and I am not ready to go to sleep!

Apparently, today was the day for phone calls!  Aunt C called at about 10:30 a.m., to check on me.  Then, my half-sister called to say her daughter will be visiting (she lives in Utah with her husband and sons) in April and wants to get together (niece had called me, earlier, to tell me she was planning to visit and hoped we could meet); we agreed to meet for lunch, at a restaurant to be decided on, later.  I have approximately 2 weeks to embroider the T-shirts I bought for my grand-nephews (I never got them done in time for Christmas!)  I have to find them, first!  I think they are buried somewhere in The Dump (also known as the spare bedroom)!  I will have to go excavating, tomorrow!   

Then, neighbor T called for our weekly chat.  And my tax accountant called to remind me that I have an appointment with her, next Saturday!  But, I will not be ready with my papers in time, so I rescheduled the appointment to April!  But I told her I will gather all my papers and drop them off at her office, a week or so before my appointment, so she has time to look them over.

It didn't rain today, but it was overcast and gloomy.  Dark enough that I had to turn on a light during the day to read my knitting pattern and see what I was doing!  The sweater front is coming along, nicely:

Sweater Front in the Making
The cable is called Triple Braided Diamond and is a 30-stitch panel, going up the middle.  Each repeat is 26 rows.  I might have completed another diamond since taking this picture!  

Although it was dark and gloomy, it wasn't cold.  I took the recycling and trash out, walked a bit, looked around the garden, and picked an orange from the tree to have with my brunch:

Orange from the Garden

I picked a few lemons, too - maybe I'll make some lemonade, tomorrow.

I put away the laundry from yesterday and reset the clocks, but, other than that, I didn't do much, except knit!

But, a certain young lady did her weekly meal prep and cooking:

Daughter's Weekly Cooking
Back row: Sauted spicy chick peas (garbanzo beans), fried plantain, cut up hot dogs, Japanese style scrambled eggs (both savory and sweet at the same time), muffins or cupcakes (I forgot to ask her which and what kind); Front row: frozen dim sum, steamed; sauted green beans, Chinese style fried potatoes (with soy sauce and rice vinegar), baked kabocha squash.

Sunday's To Do List:
- Tidy/Dust the family room
- Put away the dried laundry - DONE
- Wash the dishes - DONE
- Adjust the clocks! - DONE

Monday's To Do List:
- Tidy/Dust the family room
- Take the trash cans to the curb
- Knit!
- Water the indoor plants

Today, I am grateful for:
- Phone calls from family and friends
- Being able to knit
- Fresh oranges and lemons from the garden
- A relaxed day
- Video chatting with my daughter

I have the day off from work, tomorrow, for which I am very grateful as it gives me an extra day in which to get used to the time change!

How was your Sunday?  Do you have any difficulties getting used to the time change?  


  1. We don't change our clocks until 25th March over here Bless. I prefer the Autumn change though as I get an extra hour in bed!

    The knitting is lovely, both the colour and the pattern. DD is very organised with all her meal preps. I expect it really helps her when she gets home from work and she knows what she's eating and that it's all ready for her.

    Hope you've enjoyed your day off work and you've managed to do some nice things. xx

  2. Suzanne, I think we used to change the clocks later in the month, too, but a few years ago, they changed it to earlier in the month. It really doesn't matter when the clocks change, I still have a hard time getting used to it!

    Thank you, I am pleased with how the knitting is turning out. :) I wasn't sure how the cable would show up with the color-changing yarn, but I think it looks OK.

    Yes, daughter says doing all the meal prep ahead of time helps with with packing her lunches as well as dinners. She enjoys cooking, but not every day.

    It is a lovely, sunny day, here. I am hoping to get a few things done, but first, I am going to read some blogs and do a bit of knitting! Hope you have a lovely start to your week, Suzanne. Say hi to your mum from me, please (I don't know if she still reads my blog).

    1. Thank you Bless, I will pass your hello on to Mum. She still pops over to read and we sometimes talk about your happenings together over coffee - in a very positive way I should add! xx

  3. I hate that we changed time, I feel so exhausted. It's back to being very dark when YS and I drive to school in the mornings and the only good thing is that drivers have their lights on so I can see them better as I try to exit the high school (it's a dangerous proposition) and soon we'll be able to see beautiful sunrises again!

    Your daughter should have this spread set up every night for dinner, like a buffet for one. It all looks sooo delicious. I wish I could find frozen dim sum around here...

    1. Nathalie, I've been sitting here, trying to get motivated to doing some cleaning and tidying (not an easy task on the best of days!) and my body is saying, "It's too early!" LOL. Yes, the darker mornings, at least at the beginning. Not fun!

      She bought the frozen dim sum from an Asian grocery store - maybe there is one in Gainesville? Maybe, the next time you visit your daughter, you can see if there is a store there.

  4. The time change doesn't really bother me. For years going back and forth between here and the U.K. I was used to going thru the different time zones. I will say it was easier when I was younger. Same thing here often travel to either East or West coast and I am fine, although I naturally am a morning person and prefer going to bed at what you would call a ridiculous early time! Many at church did say yesterday that they just wish they would stop the time change altogether, said didn't see the point to it.

    Enjoyed the photos of your daughter and her food plan for the week. Very organized indeed.

    I hope you have a good Monday and feel more in tune with the time today.

    1. Sandy, that's good that you don't feel the time change as much. Believe it or not, there was a time when I used to be in bed by 9:30 p.m.! LOL! Decades ago! I think a few states are considering eliminating the time change, but, I must say, I enjoy there being more light in the evenings.

  5. Wow, your daughter was busy cooking! Looks good! Your sweater's work looks beautiful and also the colors are so pretty. I don't like this spring forward time change...I wish we'd just keep the time the same all year round! I'm glad you are recuperating so well from your surgery! Andrea

    1. Yes, she likes to prepare a week's worth of food in one go and then, not have to worry about cooking during the work week. I used to, too, except now, I often don't feel like eating what I cooked! LOL.

      Thank you; I couldn't resist the yarn when I saw it on sale. :)

  6. The sweater is beautiful. I don't know how you can create a pattern like that while watching TV. It looks like it would require a lot of concentration.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. I watch TV when I am doing the plain knitting parts, and then, listen to the TV while doing the patterned portion. :)

  7. The sweater is gorgeous, what a great diamond pattern! I don't know how you manage to do so much. Love the photo of daughter's cooking for the week. It all looks very yummy.

    I had a phone call this morning offering me a cancellation with a specialist I was waiting to hear from, so DH and I headed out before lunch and had lunch in the town where I was to go, and I was very happy to learn that the problem I had could be managed easily with the appropriate medication. So now I have two medical issues dealt with, just waiting to hear about cataract surgery next!
    I finished sewing the undone part of the sleeves on that bargain sweater and now it is all ready to wear. Before I get to work on the pink one, I am going to transform the second giant cuff from the bargain sweater into a toque. I've already made a headband from the part of the other cuff that I didn't need for yarn. So, a sweater, toque and headband for $10!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; I am very pleased with how the sweater front is coming along.

      Oh, I am so glad to hear that you were able to see the specialist and things can be managed with medication! I hope the cataract surgery can be scheduled at the appropriate time without any problems.

      Sounds like the bargain sweater was a very good buy! Very clever of you to recognize that you could do all those things with one purchase!

  8. Our clocks don't change until the end of the month but I'm looking forward to the lighter evenings. Like you, I will be creeping forward rather than springing.
    The sweater is looking lovely. I've never quite got the hang of cable. X

    1. The lighter evenings make up for the earlier mornings, Jules. Unless you are like me and can't fall asleep at night! Then, the mornings come too early! LOL.

      Cables are not too hard; I learned to do them by reading some instructions back in the days before internet (basically, "slip the next two stitches to a double pointed needle, hold in the back of the work, knit the next two stitches, knit the stitches on the double pointed needle"), but I'm sure there are lots of videos online, these days. I'm sure you can do it, Jules.


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