Tuesday, March 6, 2018

But, First...

Have you ever experienced this?  You plan to do something, but, first, you have to do something else, but, first, even before that, there is something else that needs to be done?  By the time you do all that, at least an hour is gone and you are tired!  Well, that's how it was with me, today!

When I woke up, this morning, there was the usual text from daughter wishing me a good morning and I texted her back to wish her.  There was another text from the pharmacy, saying there was another refill ready for pick up, so I added that to my to do list for today.

But first, I decided to have my morning coffee and check emails and respond to blog comments.  Then, I visited a couple of other blogs and commented on them.  Then, I ate a curry puff for brunch and decided I should go to the pharmacy.

But, first, I needed to shower and wash my hair.

But, first, before I did that, I needed to sweep the bathroom floor, because Dancer's litter box is in my bathroom and he tends to be a bit messy; I do not want to step out of the shower and feel the litter sand he's kicked out, under my feet!

Then, since I swept the bathroom floor and cleaning daughter's bathroom was on the agenda for today, I decided I might as well take the opportunity to apply some toilet bowl cleaner in her bathroom and mine, so that it can work on the bowls while I was showering. 

So, I applied the toilet bowl cleaner and got ready to shower.

But, first, I had to take down some of the dried laundry because the pair of pants I wanted to wear and the loose fitting (stretched out) bra I've been wearing since surgery were washed and hung up to dry, yesterday! 

Eventually, I was showered and dressed, the toilets were cleaned, the sinks scrubbed, daughter's bathroom floor also swept, and I was ready to leave.  But first, I had to have a cup of tea!  By which time, it was almost 3 o'clock! 

I closed up the house and opened up the garage and got the car out.  But first, I had to bring the trash can and recycling bin in (one was blocking my drive way, slightly) and exchange waves with neighbor E who was backing out of his drive way, and then, of course, I had to take the bag of cat litter dirt from the back steps, where I had placed it, late last night after I cleaned the litter box, and toss it in the bin, and pick up the empty bag of cat food that I had tossed out, this morning, and put that in the recycling bin etc.!

Once at the pharmacy, however, there was no long line and I was helped, right away, by one of the pharmacy workers who seems to have a crush on my daughter!  He had seen her when she used to pick up my medications for me when I had my treatments.  When he sees me now, he always asks about my daughter and today, he wanted to know if she was going to stay up north permanently or was planning to come down.  I said I hoped she will come down, eventually, and he said, "I'll drive you up there so we can bring her back!"  LOL!

The dollar store is next to the pharmacy, so I decided to go there to pick up a few household items I needed (a box of one gallon sized zippered plastic food storage bags, a box of quart sized zippered bags, a box of snack sized zippered bags, and a box of cling wrap).  In addition to these items, I also bought a box of pie crust sheets (2 sheets for $.99), two boxes of cheesecake and toppings (2 containers per box; $.99 per box), and a 5 oz. bag of roasted, salted peanuts.  The bag of potato chips  ($1.99) and box of chocolate topped cookies ($.99) jumped into my shopping basket and begged to come home with me!

Dancer inspecting the goodies
I was walking to the car, when my cell phone rang.  But first, I had to put down the bags I was carrying, and, by then, the phone had stopped ringing.  It was the surgeon's office and I tried to call back, but the office was closed and I got the answering service.  I did listen to the voicemail, after that, and they were calling to remind me of the appointment, tomorrow.

As I was putting away the bags of "groceries" if I can call them that and trying to call the surgeon's office back, a gentleman who was pushing his grocery cart stopped next to me and he said, "You have really beautiful hair".  I thanked him and he continued on his way to his car.  Bless him, but he will never know how happy his compliment made me feel!  I used to have long hair, but I lost it due to chemo.  It has grown since then, though; it has a bit of a natural curl to it and I don't color it.  After I came home, I took a "selfie" of my hair!

My growing hair
(Oops!  Should have tidied the towels before I took the picture!)

After I came home, I ate one of the cheesecake cups, photographed and put away the groceries, and did a load of laundry (including the towels in the picture!)  Daughter called to let me know she's home (and to give a bit of good news about her lease - apparently, internet service is still included in the rent!).  Later, I knitted a bit while I watched the news and another program about asteroids, had dinner, and video chatted with daughter.   

Today, I am grateful for:
- A lovely compliment from a total stranger
- The surgeon's office confirming tomorrow's appointment
- More drama-free prescription refills!
- A sunny, warmer (75F!) day
- Daughter's good news

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Bring the trash cans in - DONE
- Put away the dried laundry - DONE
- Do another load of laundry - DONE
- Do some tidying
- Dust the living room
- Water the indoor plants - DONE
- Clean daughter's bathroom (if I feel up to it) - DONE (and cleaned my bathroom, too!)

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Surgeon's appointment
- Get an "OK to return to work" note
- Put away the dried laundry
- Do some tidying
- Dust the living room
- Change my bed sheets
- Laundry (the bed sheets)

How was your day?  Do you, too, experience those "but, first"s? 


  1. How nice to get a compliment on your hair - it is lovely, however.
    My days are full of 'but firsts'. It wouldn't be so bad but often I then forget what I was intending to do in the first place. X

    1. Jules, I hope you are feeling better and recovering from the flu. Thank you, I am so thankful my hair grew back! Those "but, first"s can be very frustrating, can't they? Especially when they make you forget what you had intended to do! Hope it doesn't happen, too often!

  2. Your question "Do you, too, experience those "but, first"s made me think of "begat"commonly spelled as beget, refers to an event, action or thing that caused something else to happen and the answer is yes indeed.

    You do have beautiful hair and I love that a stranger told you so. The power of kind words.

    1. Ah, yes, all the things that happen as a result of something else, both intended and unintended. It's just a chain of events, isn't it?

      Thank you! Yes, it was very kind of him to have complimented me. I was tempted to tell him how I had lost my hair due to the chemo, but then, I thought that would be too much! The poor man didn't have to listen to all that! LOL!

  3. Do I ever have one of those 'but first" days? You betcha. It seems to happen a lot to me. Sometimes it is a good thing because you end up accomplishing far more than you planned, as seems to be the case for you today. Other times it just seems to overwhelm and frustrate you to the point that you never seem to get anything accomplished.

    It sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful day. You had a good shop at the Dollar Store and getting a compliment from a stranger happens so rarely, you will remember that for a good long time. Your hair is lovely BTW. Great news for your daughter about her "free" internet, and does she know she has a secret admirer at the Pharmacy?

    1. Yes, some days, the "but, first"s can lead to a lot of productivity; but, other days, it can be very frustrating!

      Yes, I did have a good day, yesterday, didn't I? The compliment really lifted up my spirits! And, thank you!

      Yes, I told daughter about her secret admirer. She is so oblivious to these things. Somebody once asked her out on a date and she had no idea that that's what it was! :)

  4. A compliment from a stranger is lovely!
    I am having a "but first" day today! It seems everything I need to do requires something done beforehand.

    1. Anne, I hope the "but, first"s aren't too onerous and you get through them quickly.

      The compliment did boost my morale, I must admit. :)

  5. I use a timer to keep me on track or I get lost in a world of "but firsts". However, you had a very productive day and I think your "but firsts" helped keep you on track for the big picture. How nice that you got the compliment on your hair from the stranger. I think he would have appreciated hearing how important that compliment was to you. But it's hard to know for sure how people are going to react.

    1. A timer is a good tool, especially when one is trying to accomplish something while waiting to do something else. I suppose I should get into the habit of being more proactive - five minutes before I go for a shower, set the timer to sweep the bathroom floor, lay out what I am going to wear, and so forth.

      I never know how much I should tell about myself to strangers or how much I should engage in conversation with them. But it was nice to be complimented on my hair. :)


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