Saturday, March 3, 2018

Happy Birthday, Daughter!

Twenty five candles!

Today, we celebrated my daughter's twenty fifth birthday.  I had a high risk pregnancy and almost miscarried her at one point.  She was born almost 7 weeks prematurely, but weighed 5 lbs. at birth. She wouldn't nurse and I had to bottle feed her; she would take 1 hour to drink 1 oz. of milk and couldn't finish the 3 oz. bottle.  One of my cousins lost her first baby because she wasn't nursing enough and they didn't realize it until the baby got too dehydrated; I was so worried that the same thing might happen with my daughter, too.  But, we made it through all that and more!  

Today also marks one week since my surgery.  My incision seems to have healed nicely.  There is no bruising where the port was, just a little tender to the touch, that's all.  There is, however, a small, perfectly round bruise on the side of the breast; it doesn't hurt or anything and I noticed it only today.  I will ask the surgeon about it when I go to see him, next week.

It rained last night (I love going to sleep while listening to the sound of rain falling) and it has drizzled all day, today.  The garden has received a good watering!

We slept in as daughter didn't have to work today.  Then, we spent the rest of the morning relaxing.    Around 1:30 p.m. we ordered Italian food for our lunch.  Daughter prefers to bring the food home to eat, rather than eat in the restaurant, so we went and picked it up.  Daughter also picked up a free Starbucks coffee because she received a coupon for her birthday.  Then, we came home and ate lunch:

My lunch

I ordered zuppa toscana, a combination plate of pasta alfredo, lasgna, and chicken parmesan (pictured above); daughter ordered chicken and gnocchi soup and cavatappi pasta with asiago garlic alfredo and shrimp (she had already started eating her lunch, before I could take a picture).  There was a package of bread sticks, too, which came with the order.  We both ordered a strawberry-passion fruit lemonade each, as well.  The whole order came to $34 and some cents (daughter had a 10% off coupon).  I ate about a third of my soup, a bread stick, and about half of the lasagna.  Daughter ate maybe half of her pasta and a bread stick.  There was plenty of leftovers for dinner, too (and probably another meal for us both).  

After lunch, we went to the discount clothing store called Fallas Parades and I bought her some clothes and a new purse, as part of her birthday gift.  She found some really cute dresses, a warm sweater, and several tops (mostly long sleeved).  The dresses are probably better for summer, but, she can wear them with a cardigan or a jacket and leggings and they'll be fine for spring, too. 

She said I wasn't supposed to get her any birthday gifts, as I paid for her phone, last summer, and she had told me then that the phone was her Christmas and birthday gifts, both.  But, I wanted to get her something to celebrate her 25th birthday.  

After our shopping expedition, we came home and had tea.  At least, I had tea and daughter had some of her birthday coffee.    

We have had a relaxed evening.  We had some of the leftovers from lunch for dinner (we shared the rest of the zuppa toscana and daughter had some of her pasta, as well) and cake and ice cream for dessert.  Daughter didn't want me to buy her any candles when we shopped for the cake, yesterday, but I had a packet of the small birthday candles and stuck them on the cake.  I had candle wax dripping all over the cake by the time I lit all of them!  Afterwards, daughter picked off all the bits of wax, before cutting the cake!  

Today, I am grateful for:
- My daughter
- Being able to celebrate her birthday with her
- All the birthday wishes that came in for her from family and friends
- A celebratory meal
- All the rain for the garden

3/2 decluttering: 25 birthday candles!

Tomorrow's weather forecast says scattered showers.  Daughter will be going out for lunch and possibly some karaoke with her friends.  I plan to stay home and relax.  I might go grocery shopping to buy some chicken, however, because daughter said she'll cook it for me so I can keep in the freezer to enjoy later.  

How was your day?  What are your plans for the weekend?  


  1. Sounds like you and your daughter had a lovely birthday day. Glad the week is going so well.

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. It has been a good week, all told. :)

  2. A very Happy Birthday to your daughter. It must have been very warm with all those candles lit.
    It must seem like only a moment ago that she was born.
    It's good to read you're healing well and have little discomfort.
    A gentle weekend here as I've been suffering from norovirus. Feeling a bit better now but I'm wiped out. X

    1. She says thank you for the well wishes, Jules.

      I'm so sorry you've been ill. Hope you feel well again, soon, and no one else in the family catches it! Take it easy and rest as much as you can.

  3. It sounds like a lovely birthday celebration! LOL,I do the same thing with my kids, buy them something big at one time and tell them "it'll count for Christmas and/or birthday" and then I either forget or feel bad that I don't have an actual present for them on that specific day and buy something else :) You're a good mom and I'm sure she appreciated her presents! That cake looks delicious, wax and all :)

    Happy 1 week since your surgery. Already?! This week has flown! Glad you're still feeling well. Now you got me craving Olive Garden and especially Zuppa Toscana at 8:21 a.m.m, hahaha. Have a great weekend, Bless!

    I don't plan on doing much today although I do have to bake brownies for the D&D teens this afternoon. It's actually "cold" this morning. I'm on the patio (but of course) and my fingers are frozen! Tomorrow we'll go hiking and I'll pack for my Spring Break trip.

    1. It was a good birthday celebration, Nathalie, even if we didn't have a party. I wanted to have a party, but she didn't want me to get too tired so soon after my surgery.

      Ha, ha, the cake was quite tasty, even with the wax! :D

      Enjoy your time on the patio. It is still very wet, over here, although the rain has stopped.

      Hope you have a good weekend, Nathalie. Good of you to make the brownies, even if YS didn't want to!

  4. So glad you can celebrate together - families are precious. We were planning a weekend with both our daughters, their partners and our granddaughter. But the snow put paid to that. Happy birthday to your girl- hope her weekend is truly special x btw here in the UK, NEXT weekend is Mothering Sunday.

    1. Angela, thank you for the birthday wishes; I've conveyed them to my daughter and she says thank you, too. I'm sorry you couldn't have your family get together as planned, but, hope the opportunity will arise later. Hope your Mothering Sunday celebrations go well.

  5. You are really going to miss your special girl (young lady) after having her home for over a week. Never mind you will still have your daily chats. So much easier to connect these days.

    Does your firm require you have to have a medical clearance in order to return to work? Continue taking care of yourself.

    1. Sandy, yes, I am going to miss her when she goes. But, we'll video chat and keep in touch, daily. :)

      My employer does require a doctor's note after 3 days of medical leave. I will be asking the surgeon for a note, when I see him on Wednesday.

  6. I agree with you that 25 is important enough to have candles on the cake! It looks very festive. Also, having your surgery done with and the incision healing is another good reason to celebrate. All that and some good rain as well!
    We had a lovely breakfast visit with some good friends, something we try to do every two or three weeks to catch up on news. My friend gave me some yarn that I will be able to use to make some contrast stripes in the problem sweater, so when I have finished re-knitting the cuffs on the one I bought, I will get back to the other one and maybe get them both out of the way and in use!

    1. Yes, we had a lot of things to celebrate, didn't we? :)

      Breakfasting regularly with friends is a good way to catch up. Glad you got some yarn for the sweater. You've reminded me that I need to finish knitting my grey sweater, too! Maybe I'll finish it in time for next winter?

      Hope you have a lovely day, tomorrow, and keep warm!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to DD. It sounds like she's had a lovely time. Amy was 4 weeks early and weighed 5lb 6oz so DD being 7 weeks early and 5lb 1oz was a good weight. That's so sad about your cousin's baby.

    I'm glad you are healing nicely after the op but the bruise is definitely worth mentioning just for peace of mind.

    How much longer is DD home with you? You must be so glad you can video chat with her when she leaves. It's great to be able to actually see people as well as speak to them isn't it. xx

    1. Daughter says thank you for the birthday wishes, Suzanne. We both send belated birthday greetings to Amy, too.

      This is daughter's last full day home on this visit. She leaves tomorrow afternoon. But, as you say, we can video chat and look forward to her next visit, whenever that takes place.

      By the way, I've been enjoying your "snapshots" posts. Hope you continue with that.


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