Saturday, March 31, 2018

Making a Start on Friday

Traffic was delightfully light when I drove myself to the office, on Friday morning - I guess a lot of people either had a holiday (some offices closed for Cesar Chavez Day today instead of last Monday), or took the day off to observe Good Friday/Passover.  My morning commute only took half the normal time!  The evening commute home, however, was the total opposite!  Bumper to bumper traffic, partly because there was a baseball game this evening and I drive past the stadium on my way to and from work!

I had a fairly productive day at the office.  I went through another old planner (from 2014) and tossed it.  I decided to keep the newer planners for now and brought them home.  I might go through them, later, and decide to toss them.

Today, I made some inquiries about obtaining a monthly transit pass.  This is in case I decide to take the subway to downtown (and then, the bus from there to the office).  The regular pass is $100/month, but I qualify for a senior pass because I am over 62; the senior pass is only $20.  I have to submit an application with a photo (the transit center where I made the inquiries said they can take the photo; the senior pass has to have a photo for identification purposes).  But, it will take 4-6 weeks for them to issue the card and mail it to me!  So, I'd still have to get a regular transit pass in the meantime.  I didn't apply yet, because I wasn't sure if I will ride the subway to work or not, but I took an application.  At least I made a start on that!  

I also made a start on the retirement plans!  I registered to attend a retirement seminar!  The seminar will provide information about the process, available benefits, and so forth,  So, that's something I will be doing in the next few weeks.   There are several forms to be downloaded and filled out, too, and submitted with copies of various documents, but I don't need to do that until after I attend the retirement seminar and get more information.  Just registering for the seminar seemed like a big step, to me!  Suddenly, it seemed more real!  I need to make a list of questions I have, so that I remember to ask them if they are not covered in the seminar.

After I came home and had my tea, I spent the evening playing sudoku online, reading some blogs and commenting on them, and watching news programs.  I also exchanged emails with a friend and video chatted with daughter, who had the Cesar Chavez Day holiday today.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- Safe commutes to the office and back
- Making a start on retirement planning
- Being able to find out about obtaining a transit pass
- A sunny, warm day
- Friend M was able to fix the broken sprinkler head

How was your Friday?  


  1. I was just thinking that it would be nice to be able to travel at anytime (to malls, a city, etc) without having to worry about rush hour traffic! That is exciting, planning for retirement, a big step in life. My husband loves being retired (he retired at 60, but many that he worked with at his company retired at 55). Some of his colleagues didn't enjoy retirement, (I guess they were bored) and went back to jobs! Andrea

    1. Andrea, our freeways and some surface streets are so clogged during rush hour! And our rush "hour" actually lasts for at least a couple of hours! 7-9 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. are rush hours, but the freeways can be clogged as early as 6:00 a.m. and as late as 7:00 p.m. Honestly, I am not exaggerating!

      Yes, retirement is a big step, isn't it? But, I think, I am ready for it. My daughter thinks I'd be bored after a few months, but I think I have enough hobbies to keep me occupied and, maybe, I can do some volunteer work if I feel like it.

  2. Retirement is a big step but the new commute to the office is a good incentive. It's good to start gathering information because there's always a lot to understand. I assume that you've been with your company long enough to receive some decent benefits like a good deal on health insurance if you aren't old enough for Medicare yet.

    1. Yes, it is a big step! But, I feel I am ready for it. I still need to know more information, though, such as exactly what benefits I will receive, including that all important medical insurance! The retirement seminar should help. I've spoken with a couple of former colleagues and they've assured me that the seminar was very informative and they've urged me to attend it.

  3. Best wishes on your retirement [or the checking on it].It is very wise to go to the retirement class.. My husband [worked for the goverment, and they offered this for him.. ]It was so helpful..He had lots of benefits, that we were not even aware of..
    Know you will enjoy retirement , when it comes.
    You ask , if I was doing well.Yes, I am fine.. I have had some medical issues , and then a long bout of asthma.. But, much better now..Thank you for asking. Hope to get back to blogging soon..

    1. Judy, lovely to hear from you! I was asking only because I hadn't seen any new blog posts from you and I was worried that something might have happened - your health, your mom, etc.

      Thank you for the well wishes - I have a lot to find out before I declare myself fully ready to take that final step! Trying to make an informed decision, here!

      I hope you have a lovely Easter. Is the family gathering at your place to celebrate? I hope they are helping with the cooking!

  4. It was at a retirement seminar that I decided that I was going to retire early. I went out at the end of the year, just 2 months before my 60th birthday and 2 months after my 20th anniversary with the University. The financial advisor showed us that if we were considering going out within the next 5 years, it was advantageous to leave before the end of the year. He was absolutely correct in his predictions. I thank my lucky stars that I decided to attend that seminar (my first retirement seminar in all those years). It was fate. I am not sorry I went out when I did, and I have enjoyed my retirement immensely. Working gave me a nice salary, but retirement gave me time to enjoy living. My feeling is that you will not be bored.

    I don't know how much commuting time will be tacked onto your work day, but $20 monthly for a transit pass is a steal (IMO). Depending on your retirement date, it might mean just a couple of months of inconvenience.

    1. Susan, this will be my first retirement seminar, and I've been working for over 34 years! I once considered early retirement, but I'd have to pay an "early retirement penalty" in the form of a reduction in the amount of retirement pay I would have received and I was still paying a mortgage and putting my daughter through university, so I couldn't afford to retire early. Then, I decided I'd retire after 30 years but my daughter was in grad school by then, and I was paying her tuition and her $2,000/mo rent! So, I decided I will work a little longer, perhaps complete 35 years before retiring. Part of that thinking was to replenish some of my savings, which I had used for daughter's education. It will be 35 years of service in July. So, now, I am starting to look at this as more of a reality than a "someday" possibility.

      Yes, the $20 senior discount transit pass is a steal! Compared to paying $16/day to park in my current building (which is what I'd pay if I didn't have my employer subsidized parking permit; I currently pay $50/mo to park there).


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