Thursday, September 21, 2017

Summer Joy List - Update

The Spring Joy List worked out quite well and I decided to do a Summer Joy List, as well.  Some items on the list  remained the same, as they do bring me joy no matter how often I do them.  Others changed.

There were some sad happenings this summer as my half-brother suffered ill health and died.  But there was also some unexpected joys, too, as I went out to lunch with my half-sister and her family and watched an eclipse, which hadn't been on the list.  However, the biggest joy of the summer was the good news about my follow-up mammogram!

Here is my Summer Joy List Update:

1.  Daily prayer and contemplation - Prayers were said daily; some contemplation took place, as well.
2.  Continue to drink my tea or coffee in my favorite cups - On going; I have been using one cup in one design in the mornings and another cup in another design for the evening! 
3.  Continue to interact daily with my daughter - Enjoyed her visits home and have been calling and video chatting with her daily.
4.  Invite aunt and cousin to a meal - They came over to dinner, twice.
5.  Go out to lunch or dinner with a friend - Went to lunch at a friend's house once, another friend came over to tea.
6.  Visit a neighbor - Visited my neighbor T and took her some zucchini bread
7.  Do a craft project or two - worked on my quilts
8.  Do more gardening - did some; the garden didn't fare too well in the summer heat
9.  Bring more fresh flowers and greenery into my home - did some
10. Play with fabric - definitely
11. Visit the farmers market - several times; my waistline bears witness to that fact as I've been going to the French bakery stall a little too often!
12. Visit the library - a few times; I am lucky to have one library a couple of blocks from my office and another one fairly close to my house.
13. Music - listening and singing - did both
14. Indulge in summer fruits - lots of fruits
15. Declutter the house/decorate for summer - not much of that
16. Strawberry lemonade - yes; yum!

Bonus Joys:
- Went out to lunch with sister, twice, once with her son and daughter and grandsons.
- Watched an eclipse - It was only a partial eclipse where I live, but it was a joyful experience.
- Good mammogram results - an answered prayer.

Did you make a summer joy list?  If so, were you able to take the time to enjoy some joyful activities?


  1. A lovely list Bless and a good reminder of things to be grateful for. Your positivity always shines through whatever your situation.
    I like the idea of Strawberry lemonade. X

    1. Thank you, Jules. Strawberry lemonade has to be one of my favorite drinks.

  2. I don't make joy lists, but do think about things I'd like to do that are out of the ordinary including exploring our new area. I've found a farmers market, park, and hiking trail that I'm particularly happy with.

  3. I think you are on the right track, Live and Learn. I think the joy lists started as a way to consciously take time to do things that make us happy. Too often, we think of things we'd like to do that bring us joy, but then, daily life takes over and we don't always take the time to do the things that we want to do. Not that writing a list necessarily makes us do them, but it is a good reminder, I think.

  4. As I realize that today is the first day of Fall, I'm having a hard time remembering what I did this summer! One big source of joy was the road trip I took with my daughter in the early summer.

    I love discovering new places like Live & Learn but this summer was too hot to go hiking so we really didn't do any of it, neither did I sit in my garden to observe the birds. I'm drawing a huge blank. But the road trip was a very big joy so there was that!

    I love that you listed to use your favorite coffee cups in the morning as a source of joy. I have to say that this morning I'm using a cup that Middle Son gave me for Mother's Day a couple of years ago and since he rarely gives me any gifts, I treasure it more than most other cups... and have superglued it back a couple of times after I accidentally chipped it. Well, the superglued cup makes me feel happy:)

    1. I remember how much you enjoyed your road trip! Then, there was the card making class and the flower arranging classes - hopefully, they brought you joy, too. And the boxes of macarons. :)

      One of my favorite tea cups is from a set my daughter bought for me for my 50th birthday. I accidentally broke the handle and felt so bad about it that she bought me a replacement cup and saucer! I kept the broken cup, too, with the intention of gluing the handle and making something decorative with it (but haven't done it, yet).

      Maybe you can make time for a few joyful activities in the fall, Nathalie. Maybe drink your morning coffee in your favorite cup out in the patio and watch the birds?


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