Friday, September 22, 2017

Shelftember - Week 3

I think I really need to do some meal planning!  Seems like all I've eaten this week was a version of the spicy sauted beef curry!  I've cooked it twice, so far (each time, I made enough for several meals).  I do have other items in the freezer (chicken, fish, etc.), but the beef curry has been what I have been wanting.  As a result, not much variety in my meals this week, but I didn't mind that.

Friday 9/15:  Lunch:  I had put a piece of the marinated beef steak to thaw on Thursday; I sliced the steak into thin strips and sauted it with onions, tomato, garlic, and spices to make a spicy sauted beef, along with rice and broccoli.

9/15 Lunch
Dinner was leftovers from lunch.

Saturday 9/16:  Lunch was at the September prayer gathering: rice and curries; yogurt and treacle for dessert.   Dinner might have been the last of the bread with egg salad?  (Can't remember!)

Sunday 9/17: Brunch: leftovers from Saturday's lunch; dinner: ulundu vadai and green coconut sambol (from the freezer).

9/17 Dinner

Monday 9/18:  Brunch was Indian style cream of wheat:

9/18 Brunch
In the evening, I had sponge cakes and apple bananas for tea; dinner was the last of the spicy beef I had cooked on Monday, with a pita bread.

Tuesday 9/19:  Breakfast: bananas; Lunch: 1/2 pita spread with the last of the egg salad; 1/2 bottle nutritional drink; dinner: rice, beef curry (2nd batch of beef curry), broccoli, tomato chutney, the rest of the nutritional drink.

Wednesday 9/20: Breakfast: bananas, BelVita breakfast cookies; Lunch: rice, beef curry, tomato chutney, grapes; dinner: bread roll sandwiched with beef curry, salad.

Thursday 9/21: Brunch: banana, bread roll sandwiched with beef curry; mixed fresh fruit and bits and pieces at a colleague's retirement reception in the afternoon; dinner: rice and the last of the beef curry (I really like how the beef curry turned out, this time.)

Fruits have been guavas, bananas, and grapes.

Snacks have included spiced corn nuts (gift from gardener friend), spiced dried mangoes (also a gift from gardener friend), roasted cashews, the murukku mix and lentils bought from the Sri Lankan store, Lemon Puff cookies, Nice biscuits, zucchini bread (from freezer).

Freezer and pantry items finished to date include:  1 jar of tomato chutney, 1 packet of lemon puff biscuits, 2 packages of marinated beef, 1 package of roast chicken, 1 loaf zucchini bread, packet of sliced peppers.


  1. If I like something, I don't mind eating it for several meals. In fact, I like that. Give me some good potato salad and I will eat it for every meal.

    1. Yum! Potato salad! Fortunately, I have only myself to please, so, if I want to eat beef curry at every meal every day for a week, it's not a problem! :) I did the same with fish curry, a few weeks back.

  2. As long as you like it I don't think it matters you are eating the same thing such as the beef curry. Many of us eat a rotation of meals and hubby growing up on a farm ate their main meal at noon and left overs often turned into the evening meal.

    You eat some interesting snacks, many that I have not heard of.

    1. Sandy, I am perfectly happy making one or two main dishes and eating from that all week. That's what my daughter does, too. I think the snacks provide all the variety I need! Snacks are my downfall! My mother used to say that, when I was a child, I preferred to eat snacks rather than a proper meal. :)


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