Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Monday

Today, we have enjoyed cooler temperatures - the low 90s as opposed to triple digits.  I continued the fight against fleas by laundering my bed sheets and vacuuming the whole house, with the exception of the third bedroom, which is being used as a storage room.  The door to that room has been kept closed for the most part, so Dancer has not been in there.  I will vacuum it, before too long, however.

Even with the lower temperatures, vacuuming the whole house tired me out.  But I remembered that it wasn't that long ago that vacuuming just one room was tiring.  I am very grateful that we didn't get fleas when I was not able to clean and vacuum, etc.

In the afternoon, daughter and I went shopping.  First we went back to the discount clothing store to exchange the two items she wanted to exchange.  One was a cream colored hooded sweatshirt which had a torn seam; she found another hooded sweatshirt for the same price ($5.99).  The other was a purple plaid blouse ($3.99) that didn't fit her well.  She found a different blouse, which was on clearance for $1.00 and she persuaded me to get some items for the balance $2.99 store credit, as the store only allows exchanges and not refunds.  So, I was able to do some additional shopping for myself!

First, however, this is the second blouse I bought on Friday, in addition to the black chevron patterned one I wore to lunch on Saturday:

Yellow Print Blouse

It was, apparently, made for the British market; the original price tag says 8 pounds.  Maybe my British readers could tell me if that is a good price for a blouse? I paid $3.99 for it:

The Price Tags
Apparently, I am a British size 12:

It Fits Well

These are the items I bought today, with the balance $2.99 left after daughter exchanged her blouse:

Black Blouse with Button Accent

I had seen this blouse earlier, when I was looking for a plain black blouse; I wasn't sure if the button trim was something I wanted and didn't want to pay the original price of $3.99 if I wasn't sure about it.  That's when I sewed myself a plain black blouse with fabric in my stash.  But, today, it was on clearance for $1.  For that price, I am happy to have a second black blouse with the button trim:

Black Blouse

This purple sweatshirt was also on clearance for $1:

Purple Sweatshirt
I have another, thicker purple sweatshirt, but I tend to wear them to sleep in during the colder months, so, another sweatshirt will be good to have.

Purple Sweatshirt
And finally, this long dress that daughter insisted I get:
Long  Print Dress
I am not sure of this dress, but, I am thinking that, for $1, it will be a nice, comfortable outfit to wear when I come home and change out of my work clothes.  Lounge wear, if you will.  Besides, it's PURPLE! 

"Lounge" Wear?
I had to pay the $.01 difference as daughter's exchange had a credit of $2.99, only.  

Then, we went to get my daughter's hair trimmed.  Earlier, I had trimmed her hair and cut layers and she wanted me to do that, again.  However, I thought it would be better to get her hair trimmed professionally.  So, we went to a nearby hair salon and she asked for a trim and layers.  The girl trimmed and cut layers and told us that she followed the previously cut layers!  I told her that I had cut the previous layers; apparently, I had done a good job with nothing better than a regular pair of scissors!  LOL.  We could have saved ourselves the $20 we paid for the trim and tip!  After we came home, I applied coconut oil to my daughter's hair (she has very frizzy hair and the coconut oil helps tame the frizz).

By then, I was tired and hungry, so we came home and I had some leftover Thai food for a late lunch.
Daughter went out for coffee and cake with one of her friends (the younger daughter of my friend with whom we had lunch on Saturday).  I relaxed at home and took out the trash cans to the curb for pick up, etc.  After daughter came home, we spent the rest of the evening together.  She warmed up a frozen pot pie for her dinner and I had a roast chicken sandwich.

I flea combed Dancer twice, today.  I only found one dead flea on him, but I know there are at least one of two more live ones, because he twitches his back and scratches, occasionally.  Hopefully, the remaining fleas will also die off.  I didn't go to the pet store today to get the flea spray because I got too tired.  Maybe I'll be able to go tomorrow morning, instead.

One of my aunts called in the evening to let me know that she will be hosting this month's prayer gathering and the date.  I marked it down on the calendar.  September's calendar is filling up!

Today, I am grateful for:
- the cooler temperatures
- the flea problem happened only after I've been well enough to do all the vacuuming and cleaning necessary
- more new clothes for a very good price
- spending time with my daughter
- the flea problem seems to be abating

How did you celebrate Labor Day?  Did you have a nice long weekend? 


  1. What fantastic buys Bless. Can't believe you picked up clothes for only $1 each. I'd happily pay £8 for a blouse and I don't spend a lot on my clothes at all. When you convert what you paid to sterling it only comes out at about £3 so definitely a good buy.

    Mum used to cut our hair when we were little with the one pair of scissors we had in the house that were used for everything. She was pretty good as there are never any wonky fringes on photographs of us as children. I think my first visit to the hairdresser was when I was 13 - must have been a teenage rite of passage - where I had a wash, cut and blow dry and paid extra for conditioner which was the norm back then!

    Next time DD asks you to give her hair a trim get the scissors out - you're obviously very good at the job :) xx

    1. Thanks, Suzanne. Glad to know I got a bargain! I love shopping the clearance racks!

      Yes, apparently I am good at cutting daughter's hair! Who knew? She's had it cut professionally only once, before, when she cut off her very long hair (below her hips). Since then, I've trimmed and layered it for her. But I thought she should get it cut professionally, since she is now working, as opposed to going to school. I don't think either of us was very impressed, and I've a feeling I'll be continuing to be her hair dresser as long as she continues to have longer hair (her hair is waist-length).

  2. Jules said: Some lovely clothes, and at those prices! The dress is gorgeous. X

    Sorry, Jules, I deleted your comment by mistake!

    Thank you; those prices can't be beat! They had t-shirts and tank tops on sale for $1 each, as well as some short dresses. But daughter picked out the long dress, so I went with it. It has an elasticized waist and is very comfortable.

  3. Fleas! I hate them!
    Your new tops and dress are adorable!

    1. Thanks, Anne. I think we are gaining the upper hand over the fleas! At least, I hope so!

  4. I especially like the blouse priced for the British market. Are there special washing instructions and do they hold up? You are lucky to have such discount shops. Nothing like that here.

    Grateful the cool front came thru last night. Today sunny with winds out of the northwest. Currently 75 F and the low tonight will be in the 50's - 😊😊😊

    1. Thanks, Sandy. All the items are machine washable, one says to wash inside out, the darker items say wash in cold water. I generally don't buy dry clean only items and when I am given gifts of dry clean only items, I either handwash them or wash them in the machine, anyway. I don't know how well the items I bought will hold up, but, if they last me about one to two years and I can get 10 wears out of any one item, then, that's fine with me. At the end of that time period, I'll probably be ready for something new and different.

      Glad to hear you've cooler temperatures. I know you like that. :)

  5. Look at you being so stylish for so little money! And you can cut hair too!

    We didn't celebrate Labor Day at all. Greg actually worked off and on from home. I was busy stressing about Irma :)

    Yay for cooler temperatures! I hope we get a cool down before the end of the year. I want to open my windows and air out the house!

    1. Ha, ha, I am a woman of many talents!

      I think your worry over Irma is quite justified. The news reports are rather terrifying! Hope it will miss you and all you'll get is a little rain. Take care.

  6. Hello my friend. :) I love all the clothing you got and at such great prices. I see that you and I share a love for purple too. ;) I bought a beautiful deep plum colored leather purse on Saturday for $5 at a resale shop and I simply adore it. :) It is so nice to hear what a great job you have been doing on your daughter's hair. Sometimes it takes a "professional" to make us believe it though doesn't it? :)

    1. Thank you, Debbie. It's almost like thrift store prices, isn't it?

      Your purse sounds like a lovely find! The purse I have now is almost 2 years old and starting to show wear and tear (it's basically my only purse and I use it day in and day out), so I'll be shopping for a purse, pretty soon.

      And, yes, it was nice to have my hair cutting methods "approved" by a professional! LOL.

  7. You know what style fits you because you look good in all of your outfits. And the prices--amazing!

    1. Thank you, Live and Learn. The only item I am not too sure of about how well it suits me is the long dress that my daughter picked out for me. But she keeps telling me that it is cute and, you know, for $1 and the fact that it is a gift from her, who am I to quibble about it?

  8. Great buys.. Love the long dress...looks pretty on you.
    Hope the fleas are gone for good... real soon.. you have really worked hard to get rid of them.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I figured I couldn't buy the fabric for that price!

      Still trying to fight the fleas and berating myself for not giving him the flea meds in the first place!

  9. Wow! What an awesome price for each of your items! I also love that dress on you. I wasn't sure when it was hanging on the rack, but that looks fantastic on you!

    1. Thank you, Joy. Yes, hard to beat those prices! I still haven't worn the long dress, yet, but I have worn all the blouses and the sweatshirt and love them. :)


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