Saturday, September 30, 2017


Friday was a fairly quiet day.  I went to the office and had a fairly productive day.  I had planned to go to the coffee shop in our building to buy some pastries (they have a half-price sale, every Friday afternoon), but I forgot to do so!  Oh, well, I don't need pastries, after all, do I?

My gardener friend finished tidying up the front garden.  My plan is to buy some flowering plants like chrysanthemums or kalanchoe and plant them to fill in the empty spots and to add some color to the garden.

In the evening, I called my sister-in-law and apologized for not attending the memorial, telling her that I had not known the date.  She was very apologetic that I hadn't been told.  I don't know her that well, I've only met her twice, but she has been very nice on the phone.  Apparently, she's planning to take my brother's ashes to Sri Lanka to scatter off the coast, there.  I told her that I had taken my step-father's ashes back to be interred in his family's grave site and fully support her decision (she and my brother had been planning a visit to Sri Lanka next February; I think she's carrying out that visit, the only way she can).  She thanked me for being supportive of her decision, saying a lot of people have discouraged her from doing so.

The more I think about missing the memorial service, the more I think that not knowing about it was a blessing in disguise.  If I had known, then, I would have had to decide whether to attend it or not.  Going would have been stressful, not going would have made me feel guilty.  By being unaware of the date, I was spared that decision and the associated stress.  I was initially disappointed that I didn't know and couldn't go, but now, I think, it was for the best.

I made a few other phone calls this evening to inform two of my cousins and a friend about the October prayer gathering.  They weren't at the September prayer gathering and wouldn't have known I was hosting it and when.  I will call a few other participants, tomorrow. 

Oh, I almost forgot!  Today, the porcelain crown on one of my teeth broke off when I was eating some fruit!  It is the tooth that was next to the tooth that was last extracted.  I am wondering if the extraction loosened the crown.  Anyway, I called the dental clinic and made an appointment for Monday afternoon.  And I thought I was done with my dental woes for a while!  It lasted all of two weeks!  LOL.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Blessings in disguise
- I was able to be supportive of my sister-in-law in her decision
- The crown-less tooth doesn't hurt
- Telephones (faulty answering machines and all!)
- Video chatting with my daughter

Weekend To Do List:
- Grocery shop 
- Put gas to the car
- Cook
- Finish sewing my quilt
- Paperwork/filing
- Laundry
- Dust
- Vacuum
- Give Dancer his flea meds.

How was your day?  What are your plans for the weekend?


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    1. Thank you, Regine. Hope you have a wonderful day, too.

  2. So true about blessings in disguise! And...I'm sorry about the crown! I am in the process of getting one (my 6th) and I was thinking I hope they all stay in! Nothing is permanent I am thinking! Andrea

    1. You are quite right, Andrea - nothing is permanent! In fact, that is one of the basic tenets of Buddhism! :) I am glad that there is no pain (I think the tooth had a root canal done on it); hopefully, they can fix it without too much fuss. Wonder if they can just cement it back on? Probably not.

      Hope all is well with you.

  3. I'm glad you made peace with the memorial story. I wonder why people are discouraging your SIL to take his ashes back to his home country although logistically it might be a nightmare with all the restrictions in place nowadays. When was the last time you went back to Sri Lanka, Bless? Has your daughter ever been? Do you plan on going back at some point?

    Good on you to make sure your cousins did have all the information for next month's meeting.

    Oh no, poor you with all the dental problems! I hope they can reattach the crown. I had brought mine with me when I went to the dentist's (but mine had fallen off 3 years ago!) and I was told that reattaching it wasn't an option since I had experienced bone loss since then. And here I was so proud to have kept the crown all this time. Now I need an implant. Arrgh. So good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Have you received the information for what dental insurance plans will be available to you next year? We used to get our info in October but in recent years it's been mid to late and then we have barely one week to make up our mind and sign up, not that we have much choices in plans anymore. We've only had 1 dental plan available for several years and I think we were down to 1 medical plan last year as well. I'm anxious to see if we'll even still have a dental plan next year as I have major work planned and even though it doesn't look like the insurance will cover much of it, it'd be nice if it covered something.

    I don't think I would ever forget to buy pastries knowing that they're on 50% sale in my own building, LOL. I probably wouldn't be able to think of anything else BUT buying the pastries all day. So thanks for the laugh :)

    Have a great weekend, I hope your tooth continues not to bother you. Try to leave it alone, don't probe it with your tongue.

    1. I don't know why they are discouraging her from taking the ashes to SL; maybe because they haven't done it? "Woe be unto you for wanting to do something we wouldn't consider doing!" My sister was rather disparaging about it, when she told me, but, as I told her, I did the same thing with my stepfather's ashes. Of course, that was back in the mid 1980s before all the travel restrictions and regulations; at the time, I didn't need any special authorization to do so; there were special forms only if I was taking the corpse home. But I am sure there won't be a lot of problems for SIL.

      I last went in 1990. Daughter hasn't been there, ever. I offered to take her back after she completed high school and, again, when she graduated from UCLA, but she is not interested. She'd have jumped at the opportunity to go to Japan, though! I don't know if I will visit, again. I'd only go if daughter wants to go. By the way, I think you should accept Greg's offer to go to Paris for the weekend, on your birthday! I think that would be so romantic! :) (Yes, I read your post, very late last night/early this morning, but didn't comment because I really needed to go to bed!)

      Open enrollment for insurance opens on Oct. 1 and I have until Oct. 31 to decide. New plans go into effect, Jan. 1. I will have to see what options will be available (changes every year); my dentist wants me to do implants, but my current insurance doesn't cover it.

      As for the pastries, the 50% off sale starts at 2:00 p.m. At 1:00 p.m., I made a note of it and the next time I looked at the clock, it was 4:00 p.m. and the store would have been all sold out and probably already closed! The pastries sell for $1 on sale.

      Thanks for the reminder to leave the tooth alone! Hope you have a good weekend, yourself. :)

  4. I am also considering adding a couple of mums to the garden. They certainly add color.

    Glad you had a good day at work. Sorry about the crown breaking off but so proud of you for immediately making an appointment to get it taken care of.😀

    Beautiful day here and I have made a start on wrapping Christmas gifts. I still have a few more to purchase. I am about done with the two older grandsons but the three younger boys are more of a challenge.

    1. Thanks, Sandy; I was hoping to stay away from the dentist for a bit longer, but I am not going to ignore my dental problems, any more!

      Oh, my, you are going to be done with Christmas gifts before November at this rate! Well done! I have made a tentative list of gift recipients and that is about all I've done! What are the younger boys interested in? Can you give them some experiences like tickets to a museum, a sports event, a visit to the zoo, etc.?

  5. So sorry you weren't able to attend your brother's memorial. You have some fond memories of him and that is wonderful. How wonderful also that his wife will return him to your homeland as his final resting place. Such a comfort. (((Hugs)))

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I was disappointed at the time, but now I think it was for the best. I was spared the stress of attending and it would have been stressful, for me.


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