Saturday, September 9, 2017

September Grocery Shopping - Week 1

September 9 Groceries

Today, I went grocery shopping for the first time in September.  Since I am participating in Shelftember, I was going to buy only bread, dairy, and fresh produce.  As my freezer inventory on that post showed, I have plenty of fish, meat, and poultry in the freezer and eggs and cheese, etc., in the fridge, plus other items in the pantry.

My September grocery budget is $75 on paper, but, since I went over the August budget, I want to make up some of it by staying well under budget in September.  I will not go without, and will spend what I need to in order to eat well balanced, nutritious meals, but I would like to keep my September grocery spending to under $40.  I am budgeting $10/week for the fresh produce, dairy, and bread, and I am pretty confident I'll be able to do that without any difficulty (as long as I don't look at the snacks aisles!).

Today, I went to the Armenian grocery store and I bought:

1 Romaine lettuce = $.50
1 Broccoli crown, @$1.29/lb = $.57
1 loaf (24 oz) bread = $2.39
White champagne grapes, @$.99lb = $1.85
2 nectarines, @$.69/lb = $.62
2 Red Delicious apples, @$.39/lb = $.49
1 bunch (5) bananas, @$.49/lb = $.88
1 container (16 oz) kefir cheese/yogurt = $1.19
Total spent = $8.49

September 9 Grocery Receipt

As usual, I tried to buy only this week's specials as much as I could.  For example, there were other brands of yogurt, but this brand of yogurt was this week's advertised special, so that's the one I bought.  Yes, it says labne/kefir cheese, but it is a type of thick yogurt similar to Greek yogurt and it is very close in texture and taste to the buffalo milk curd I grew up eating.  We called it curd, not yogurt.  It would be made in shallow earthenware pots which allowed the water in the yogurt to evaporate, so the end product was very thick.  My father apparently liked to eat it with rice (according to what my mother said); the rest of us ate it with palm treacle, sugar, or jaggery (a type of palm sugar).

The apples I bought, too, were this week's special.  There were a number of varieties of apples for sale, but they were all priced at $.99/lb; the large Red Delicious apples were $.39/lb and I was happy to buy them instead of the other varieties.

The white champagne grapes and regular green grapes were both on sale for $.99/lb., but, I prefer white champagne grapes (sweeter) to regular green grapes, so I bought them; red grapes and black grapes were more expensive, this week ($1.29/lb., I believe).

There weren't many vegetables on special sale this week and those that were (spinach at $.50/bundle; cauliflower at $.39/lb) weren't among my favorites.  So, I was willing to spend a little more for the broccoli, which I know I will eat.

I didn't want to buy too much because I have been overbuying, lately, or not eating all what I have bought and there have been rather more food waste than I like as things spoiled before I could eat them (the faulty fridge cooling might have had something to do with that, as well!  Another reason why I bought the new fridge.)  I still have some green beans, a cucumber, and some carrots plus three ears of corn in the fridge, as well.  I want to finish those items and what I bought today, before I buy anymore fresh vegetables.

Today, I had a cup of tea and another leftover waffle (I reheat them in the toaster) for brunch.  After my grocery shopping, I had some buttered bread with a banana and a cup of tea.  A slice of buttered bread, eaten with a banana, is a childhood treat that I still enjoy from time to time.  Another childhood tea-time treat was a slice of buttered bread spread with sugar!  But I don't indulge in those much, anymore!  I haven't decided on dinner, yet, as I am not hungry after my tea.  Maybe some soup, a little later, or a salad.

I am not very good at meal planning, as I have a hard time deciding what I want to eat ahead of time.  But, I am thinking I will cook one of the pieces of fish and the green beans, tomorrow.  And maybe hard boil an egg to make some egg salad for sandwiches to take to the office for lunch on Monday.

Have you done your first grocery shop of the month, yet? 


  1. Sugar on bread and butter, or toasted bread, was a treat from my wonder I am a sugar addict still!!
    Very impressed with the budget you have set yourself...good luck!

    1. I am a sugar addict, too! Most sugary things tasted bitter to me when I was having chemo, but now that my taste buds are back, I find myself craving sugar, again!

      Thank you! I am pretty sure I'll be able to keep to the budget, simply because I have so much meat in the freezer.

      Hope all is well with you and your family. Has your daughter gone back after visiting you last weekend?

  2. You produce prices look excellent to me. I guess it makes sense since you live where a lot of it is grown.

    1. There are several grocery stores in my neighborhood with very good produce prices. I think the competition helps to keep the prices down. I generally don't go chasing all the deals; I have two or three stores I regularly go to and I figure that, as long as I mostly stay with what was on sale that week, I do OK.

  3. Let me add this up. We are ten days into the month already. Your first shop cost just over $8. Do I think you will successfully keep your grocery budget down to $40? Uh, yes. I think you have a very good chance of success.

    We didn't do the bread and butter with sugar sprinkled on top, but I do remember a comforting food where we broke up some stale bread into pieces in a bowl, poured milk over it and sprinkled with sugar (like a breakfast cereal)I had forgotten all about that.

    1. Thank you for your vote of confidence, Susan! :D I did wonder if I should aim for $10 for every 10 days, but decided to give myself a little bit extra, just in case.

      Oh, yes, bread and milk! Standard nursery fare according to many of the books I used to read as a child. :)

  4. I have to get back into the swing of things again. I really need to use up some pantry items but if things (that we use over the winter) are on sale I will buy them as I tend not to go out as much in the winter. I need to find new recipes too. I love seeing your list - you got some great buys!

    1. Welcome back, Sharon. Give yourself a few days to recover from the jetlag. Stocking up in preparation for winter is a very sensible idea. I hope you find some good prices at which to stock up.

  5. You got a very nice selection for your money. You should be eating very well with what you have on hand.

    After church service I went to the Dollar Tree for Scotties,tissues, six boxes in the cart along with 2 Healthy Choice tinned soup, Snyder's unsalted mini pretzels, disinfectant wipes, 8 mini Baby Ruth, Werther's original hard candy and to take to son oven mit, tea towel and 2 microfiber scrubbers. I was not expecting them to have the pretzels and now wished I purchased more because I buy most weeks at the regular price of $2.99 - so quite a savings. I am trying to wait until Tuesday to do my weekly shop.

    I remember the sugar sandwiches and broken bread in a bowl with hot milk from post war Britain when things were still rationed or on short supply.

    Egg salad sandwiches sound very nice.

    1. Sandy, I hope you'll be able to go back to the dollar store for more pretzels when you next go shopping. One never knows what one will find at the dollar stores! Some weeks, there are all kinds of good bargains, aren't there?

      I made the egg salad sandwiches for dinner, tonight. There's enough for tomorrow's lunch, as well. I'm looking for soft foods that are easy to eat after my tooth extraction.

  6. Best wishes on your shelftember month.. Great start/good bargains on veggies/fruits.

    I haven't bought anything but sugar free cool whip and bananas. I too, am using what I have as far as meat, pantry supplies. I had plenty of fruits and veggies to last awhile.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Going to see how it works out. You are doing great with needing to buy only cool whip and bananas! Sounds like there might be a banana cream pie in the making?

    2. You guessed right, my friend. ha I am using sugar free banana pudding mix [trying to get desserts that are low in sugar an fat..eeek]. I use to see sugar free vanilla wafers. but went to several stores and could not find any.. I will make a graham cracker crust, made with splenda- will see how that works??

    3. I'm sure it will be just as delicious with a graham cracker crust! Enjoy! And have a slice for me, too, OK? :)


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