Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October Grocery Shopping Week 3

After saying I didn't need any groceries, I went grocery shopping yesterday (Monday), after all!  I didn't need any of the items I bought (except perhaps the butter, as I was down to less than half of my last stick of butter), but they were things I wanted!  And like to have on hand.  I bought them now because I had money in the budget.  If I didn't have the money in this month's budget, I would have waited for the majority of these items until next month, and made do with what I had on hand.

October 24 Groceries

I bought:
1 saltines-type crackers (unsalted tops) = $1.49
1 lb. butter, regular price $4.49, on sale this week for $2.99, less $.40 coupon = $2.59
1x 4 ct. fruit cups, $1.99, less $.40 coupon = $1.59
4 cups 6 oz. yogurt, regular price $.50@; on sale for $.39@ = $1.56
2 boxes hot cocoa mix (6 envelopes per box), $.99@ = $1.98
.63 lb. beef steak @$4.99/lb. = $3.14
1x7oz. container roast beef cold cuts = $3.49
2 bread rolls, $.25@ = $.50
Total = $16.34

October 24 Grocery Receipt

The grocery store receipt total shown above includes non-grocery items, which I deduct from my grocery totals because they come under different budgets (household; toiletries, etc.); I like to keep track of my spending by various categories.  But I left the total showing because I know some others include household products and pet food, etc., in their grocery budget.

I also bought some non-grocery items from both the grocery store and the dollar store:

Non-food Shopping

The dollar store receipt:
October 24 Dollar Store Receipt

October grocery/prayer gathering budget = $261.59

Total spent on groceries in Week 1 = $73.23
Total spent on groceries in Week 2 = $126.93
Total spent on groceries in Week 3 = $16.34

Amount spent on groceries in October = $73.23 + $126.93 + $16.34 = $216.50
Amount left in budget = $261.59 - 216.50 = $45.09

I had a roast beef sandwich made with one of the bread rolls for dinner last night, along with a yogurt.  Another roast beef sandwich with the other bread roll for lunch, today.  Dinner was part of the steak which I pan fried, and a boxed rice/wild rice mix; yogurt for dessert.

How is your grocery budget coming along?


  1. Our butter here is priced at $2.99/lb at Aldi, I'm going to stock up if/when it goes back down to $1.99, hopefully around Thanksgiving. I will melt it before freezing it if that's the only way I can get it to fit in the freezer, LOL!

    Well done on your shopping! Your frugality allows you to "splurge" when you feel like it. Isn't that a great feeling?

    1. Ha, ha, that's too funny - melting the butter if you need to, to make it fit! :D I'd be stocking up on it, too, if it goes down to $1.99/lb. I usually stock up on butter at Costco, but I haven't been there since last year! Should plan on going just before daughter comes home next, so she can enjoy some of the goodies, too.

      Yes, being frugal in general definitely allows me to splurge as and when I feel like it, although I find myself feeling reluctant to pay full price for certain items! I prefer to splurge when things are on sale! :D

  2. I was under budget this month.. but went and bought some pantry stock up stuff. So, I am now right on budget..will not go back until the next $$ for budget comes..
    The roast beef sandwhich on the bread sounds really goo..
    Have a great day.

    1. Judy, that's great you came under budget and you were able to use it for pantry stock up. I am debating between pantry stock up, myself, or buying the ingredients to make a special cake called Love Cake that my daughter and I love (it's made with semolina, cashews, a type of preserved squash, eggs, etc.)

    2. OH my...make the Love Cake..sounds wonderful.

  3. I did not keep a record of my budget this month but I really should do that again. Even with stocking up on a few things, we still spent less than normal though.

    1. Sounds like you did well, Debbie. Any time you stock up and still spend less than normal is a good month! :)


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