Saturday, October 22, 2016

October Grocery Shopping: Week 2

I did more grocery shopping, on Thursday, October 13 :

October 13 Groceries
I went to two stores, both located in the same strip mall, one at each end.

Store 1:
- 1 loaf of bread = $1.29
- 1 container half and half = $1.79
- 1.98 lbs. bananas @ $.69/lb = $1.37
- 18 eggs = $1.29
- 4 2-liter bottles of soda @ $.98 (includes redemption value) = $3.92

Total = $9.66

Store 2:
3 trays of chicken thighs @$.79/lb; $3.80, $3.82, $3.76  = $11.38
6 cans tuna @$.59 = $3.54
1 6-ct. frozen beef tamales (not pictured) = $6.39
1 box tea (80 tea bags) = $3.59
2 x 10lb. bag of cane sugar, @ $4.99 (not pictured) = $9.98

Total = $34.88

The box of tea is for my friend who likes this particular brand.

On Friday, October 14, I did the rest of the grocery shopping for the week:

Half of the October 14 Groceries

Rest of the October 14 Groceries

(the 2 air fresheners were included in the picture, but not included in the grocery budget)

October 14 grocery spending:
2x1 lb. strawberries @ $1.99 = $3.98
2 cucumbers @ $.50 = $1.00
1.94lb. red lentils @ $1.29/lb. = $2.50
4x100g. packets chestnuts, @ $.99 = $3.96
2.24 lb. bananas, @ $.49/lb. = $1.10
1 Papaya, @ $.49/lb. = $.79
1.58 lb. tomato @ $.99/lb. = $1.56
1.68 lb. onions @ $.20/lb. = $.34
1.20 lb. Gala apples @ $.49/lb. = $.59
1 3 oz. package plaintain chips = $1.99
 2.1 lb. red grapes, @$.99/lb. = $2.08
0.69 lb. red onion, @$.49/lb. = $.34
.43 lb. garlic, @ $2.49/lb. = $1.07
.21 lb. ginger, @$.39/lb. = $.08
3 lb. jar honey = $16.99
38 oz. ketchup = $2.50
6 oz. sesame oil = $2.19
2x6 oz. blackberries, @$.99 = $1.98
2 frozen mini chocolate cakes, @$1.00 = $2.00
6 pack beer = $6.19 + $.30 CRV + $.58 Tax
Total = $54.11

On October 15, I bought ice and soy sauce:
7 lb. bag of ice = $.99
1 bottle soy sauce = $2.29
Total = $3.28

And I paid for the meat curry ($20) and container of curry powder ($5) my friend made for me = $25

Week 2 grocery totals = $9.66 + $34.88 + $54.11 + $3.28 + $25 = $126.93

October grocery/prayer gathering budget = $261.59

Total spent on groceries in Week 1 = $73.23

Total spent on groceries in Week 2 = $126.93
Amount spent on groceries in October = $73.23 + $126.93 = $200.16
Amount left in budget = $261.59 - 200.16 =$61.43

Some of the grocery items I bought in Week 2 were for my daughter to take back with her  (one of the bags of sugar, the packets of chestnuts, etc.)

I haven't gone grocery shopping so far this week, as I have so much food leftover.  There is nothing that I need, but I might buy some yogurt and cold cuts, next week.

How is your October grocery shopping coming along?


  1. I had to do a double take because my brain read that you had bought 42 bottles of soda (instead of 4 times 2-L bottles)! I was thinking that you had developed an addiction to a particular drink, lol!

    That's an excellent price on papaya! I've only started eating fresh papaya this year and I love it. The cheapest I have found it, though, was $0.69/lb. I shall have some for lunch today.

    You're doing very well with your budget, especially if you won't need to shop this week with all the leftover food that you still have!

    My grocery budget is going well again this month but my Eating Out expenses are through the roof. That's what we get for treating ourselves several times this month. Not all the meals were great, but it was nice to go out with Greg and not have to cook on several occasions!

    Enjoy your Sunday, Bless.

    1. LOL, 42 bottles of soda would be a bit much, wouldn't it? It reminds me of a story my mother used to say about buying soda for our household.

      Mother used to say that she would order several dozen bottles of soda at the beginning of the month, intending them to last for the month. But they'd all be gone by the middle of the month! Apparently, some members of the household helped themselves to several bottles of soda a day!

      Eventually, she began to give each step-child 30 bottles of soda at the beginning of the month to keep in his or her room to drink during the month. If they drank their allocation before the end of the month, that was their problem.

      She said my youngest half-brother would drink all his soda before the month ended; the one just older to him would hold off drinking his until later in the month and then taunt the youngest with his stash of soda! :D Which probably caused the youngest to cry and father to tell my mother to give him soda from the household stock! (My father had the reputation of over-indulging his children.)

      In the meantime, my mother would say, my maid would raid the soda stash and donate to the temple, saying we had too much! :D

      I could write whole blog posts about the stories my mother used to say about her life as a young wife and step-mother. :)

  2. You do some awesome shopping. Your first photo reminded me of father. He always insisted that he had 7up with his whisky and not lemonade. He got a taste for it before it was sold in England as he tried it when he served in Egypt.

    I'm impressed that you got so much for your money, you must have shopped with skill. x

    1. (((Hugs))) Lyssa. It's funny how certain things remind us of our loved ones, isn't it?

      I'm pleased with my grocery shopping this month. Although I budget a certain amount for the prayer gathering dinner and the almsgiving, I really don't worry too much if I go over the budgeted amounts. These are special occasions and one of the few times when I make the menu ahead of time and shop based on the menu, rather than shop based on what is on sale that week. I will probably have money left over at the end of the month. I will use it to stock up or towards Christmas.

  3. I noticed that you got a very good price on eggs. What part of the country do you live in? I always find it interesting to compare prices in different regions.

    1. I live in So. California. The eggs were on sale. The regular price for 18 eggs, according to the receipt, is $3.19.

  4. You do so well with grocery budgeting, Bless! And it's interesting to see how you typically determine your weekly meal menus by the types of items that are on sale. So frugal! Do you and your daughter use the 20 pounds of sugar for jam making? With the holidays approaching I recall that you make jam as gifts.

    1. Carolyn, I will be using some of the sugar I bought for jam making and holiday baking. This year, I am planning to make strawberry jam and maybe lemon marmalade. :)


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